Margesh Rai / Oct 25, 2023

How Domestic Violence is a Threat to Economic Development Globally?

Domestic violence is a threat to economic development on a global level. Its boundaries are not confined to physical violence only. It entails a complex interplay of numerous forms of...

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Margesh Rai / Oct 12, 2023

17 Sustainable Development Goals for A Compassionate Tomorrow

Sustainable development goals are all about a set of policies and targets for ensuring sustainable progress in all spheres of life. These goalswere embraced by the United Nations in 2015...

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Margesh Rai / Sep 11, 2023

Being an NGO for Injured Cow Rescue, Hindrise is working for Gauvansh

There are several abandoned, homeless stray cows roaming on the streets. Due to the frequent passing of vehicles and lack of conscious driving in most people, the cases of road...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 28, 2021

Importance of Economic and Social Equality for Women in India

Equality is known as the state of being equal on all the grounds in the basic definition. Based on a widespread debate on matters pertaining to equality, we can argue...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 24, 2021

Supporting Poor Child Education through Mission Digital Literacy

Mission Digital Literacy is a national level movement of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for poor child education which is dedicatedly working on rendering facilities such as basic...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 23, 2021

How Donating to Charity can boost your Health Level?

We are well informed of the fact that helping the underprivileged ones by donating to charity enhances the lives of people living in marginalized societies. Do you know that it...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 21, 2021

Importance of Hygiene and Sanitation in Current Scenario

It’s a known fact that hygiene is very crucial for all Human Beings. Healthy habits covered in the definition of hygiene consists of bathing, taking care of the mouth by...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 16, 2021

Donate Dry Ration Kits through Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation

Millions of daily wage earners & migrant workers went through major suffering due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last year, the lockdown due to COVID...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 11, 2021

Creating Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination is the Need of the Hour

Raising awareness on COVID-19 vaccination importance in the current scenario has become the need of the testing time. The first & the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic led to...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 10, 2021

Being an NGO for Elderly in India, we are Helping Senior Citizens

At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for elderly in India, we are actively working for the welfare of the disadvantaged elderly people in India. The challenges of the...

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