Hunger NGO in India

Hunger NGO in India

Satiating the Hunger of Underprivileged Children

Being a hunger NGO in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is committed to uprooting hunger from the poverty-stricken regions in marginalized parts of India. In the entire world, hunger has become the most significant problem that demands the immediate attention of one and all who can come up with better solutions to meet the daily food needs of underprivileged children and serve them lifelong happiness.

Most of us enjoy the delights of preparing mouth-watering food at home, along with going out for dinner. Unfortunately, millions of Indians are starving due to the scarcity of food for them, and they have to sleep empty stomach. The positive point associated with this matter is that issues pertaining to hunger are fixable.

Being a known hunger NGO in India, Hindrise Foundation is continuously striving to pull down the graph of hunger among the economically and socially backward section of societies within the Indian boundaries. We make sure that hunger-stricken children would get regular meals on a regular basis so that they can develop themselves in a fit and healthy manner and become the valuable resources for the nation's upliftment in all the spheres at the global level.

As we have analyzed by going through global reports, more than 820 million people are facing hunger-related issues throughout the world. According to the World Food Programme study, one in every nine people sleeps without taking a daily meal. Although India's growth has been nothing less than remarkable in the last two decades along with the boom in food grain production, unfortunately, a specific segment of India's population can't manage three square feasts for themselves.

As an NGO for hunger in India, we envision a society where nobody will be going to bed for sleeping without having food. All the Indians should have access to needed pulses and cereals, in-depth familiarity with the merit of healthcare and nutrition, and hygienic food to increase their longevity.

Causes of Hunger in India

There are numerous factors that contribute to the state of hunger in different rural regions of India. The reasons carry complexities, but they are somehow connected.

The points listed below are the significant causes of hunger in India-

Poverty- The Matter of Worry

No matter whether people reside in rural or urban parts of India, the level of poverty in rich and poor countries is almost similar. Poverty has become one of the major causes of hunger across the world. The largest society of people in the world in severe poverty is smallholder farmers in growing countries.

They do not have the land to produce enough food to supply themselves with sufficient to eat year-round, and they earn such limited income from what they sell that they cannot manage to buy food from distinct sources once their supply runs out.

Poverty is one of the heavy reasons behind the collapse of underprivileged people to acquire rations and foodstuffs. Hence, India's growing malnutrition cases are up to some extent associated with the roots of poverty intensely rooted in Indian soil. 6.7% of India's population is under its official boundary of poverty in 2019. Near about 15% of India's population survives underneath $1.25 per day on PPP (Extended as purchasing power parity).

Proved its merits as a hunger NGO in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation aims to end food poverty and increase the accessibility for nutrition-rich, affordable food items for underserved segments of rural or marginalized parts of India. Our hunger NGO in India is proactive in mitigating poverty from India by improving the accessibility of requisite resources in those underserved regions where there is a scarcity of life-supporting means. Besides this, volunteers at Hindrise Foundation are collecting uneaten food from different functions, events, banquet halls, and corporate canteens and packing it to distribute thew foodstuffs among underprivileged children feeling the pain of being hungry.

Climate Change

  • The cases of devastating natural disasters such as floods, killer heat waves, droughts, cyclones, and others related to climatic change have increased more than ever in the last 30-40 years.
  • An irregular change in the climatic tones has caused on-the-spot impact along with long-term consequences.
  • As a result of climate changes, infrastructure gets damaged graver, boosting livestock becomes a matter of concern, the expanse of diseases on an extensive scale takes place, etc.
  • Since too much or unforeseen rainfall ruin harvests, hunger becomes a matter of affair. Radical climatic patterns have a negative impact, mostly on the disadvantaged regions where there are ineffectual facilities.
  • All these storms affect the hunger level in a particular community or section.
  • Examining this, our NGO for hunger in India, Hindrise Foundation in India, has equipped up to bring useful solutions to win the hunger-related clashes amid the natural calamities and emergencies.
  • In addition to this, we organize food distribution camps in areas troubled by disasters and distribute foodstuffs and relief materials to make the miserable lives survive in the testing courses.
  • Food Wastage is a Curse in Disguise

    Many people are craving for food as they can't manage their daily meal needs, and this food wastage is doing nothing but killing their anticipations. It's vital to create awareness regarding wastage of food and its negative consequences. It's unfortunate that 40% of food never reaches the needy ones. Look at Indian weddings, social functions, hotels, etc., and you will witness the disheartening condition prevailing in our society. Thus, our humanitarian NGO for hunger in India is making several decisions regarding food wastage control by accumulating foodstuffs from various functions and distributing it in less developed regions.

  • Conflict

    Conflict often excavates people from their houses and land, so food production lessens or ceases completely. Conflict also agitates economies, so markets become unbalanced. It leaves people who are already weak and vulnerable in the marginalized communities to face the problems associated with malnutrition.

  • Poor Nutrition

    A lack of nutrition is primarily vital for pregnant and breastfeeding women and growing children: Nutrition assistance during pregnancy and up to five can help preserve children for their entire lives. Hunger isn’t merely a shortage of access to food; it lacks access to the appropriate nutrients. To thrive, humans need a series of foods presenting a diversity of necessary health gains. Low-income families oftentimes rely on just one or two staple foods (like corn or wheat), which implies they’re not getting sufficient significant macronutrients and vitamins, and may still suffer the impressions of hunger. Proper nutrition subdues the possibility of disease, poor health, and cognitive impairment.

Facts Concerning Hunger in India

  • UNICEF report shows that 8.8 lakh children below five years of age lost their lives because of starvation in 2018.
  • In India, near about 3000 children die due to hunger on a daily basis. Over 20 crore Indians go to sleep empty-stomach every day.
  • FAO 2019 Report reveals that around 14.5% of the Indian population falls beneath the underfed category.
  • In India, around 194 million people withstand under the shackles of undernourishment.
  • National Family and Health Survey reckons that 38% of children underneath the five years of age fall under the section of stunted ones, and 36% of children are underweight.
  • As per the assumptions from the current data, 25 lakh Indians die every year because of hunger.
  • As per FAO 2019 Report, 51.4% of women b/w the ages of 15 and 49 are anaemic.
  • 30% of newborns die due to a lack of nutrition.
  • India ranks 102nd out of the list of 117 qualifying nations in the 2019 Global hunger index.

Hindrise Foundation, a Hunger NGO in India is Serving Underfed Children with Nutrition and Care

After hitting its chord as the best hunger NGO in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is striving to end hunger all over the Indian boundaries, especially in India's marginalized spheres. Besides this, we are endeavoring to eradicate classroom hunger for serving a healthy life to underprivileged children studying in village schools and battling to gain access to food on a daily basis.

We are uplifting our efforts in the direction of mobilizing action to end hunger all over India while educational programs and campaigns concerning its devastating effects on underprivileged ones. Through our several programs, we keep our eyes on reducing food wastage and utilizing the remaining food lots in serving the hungry and underfed individuals living in backward communities. We are proceeding ahead on the trip to equip less privileged children with sustainable hunger solutions with a hope that the accessibility of quality-based food in marginalized parts of Indian societies would increase.

Being a hunger NGO in India, Hindrise Foundation is advocating for ending hunger by joining hands with policy creators and discussing hunger-related issues and finding out the appropriate solutions. We are actively assisting the most vulnerable population residing in India. As a hunger NGO in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation serves life-changing resources like food, potable drinking water, medical assistance, and vocational and educational training. By consistently working on the root causes of hunger and analyzing the problems that underprivileged children are facing, we will come up with desired solutions that would make the situation better.