Injured Cow Rescue

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for Injured Cow Rescue, saved the Lives of 200+ Desi Cows

Being an NGO for injured cow rescue and protection, Hindrise Foundation ensures protection and safety to indigenous cow breeds living in Hindrise Gaushala and also works to enhance the lives of stray and abandoned mother cows. Cows in India hold religious and spiritual values and are worshipped by folks residing in different parts of India.

In Hinduism, the cow is valued as a sacred living creature on the earth and symbolizes strength, motherly love, and real wealth. It is assumed as the earthly representative of the nourishing and ever-nurturing Mother Goddess. In Hindu mythological books, the deep connection and strong bond between Lord Shri Krishna and mother cows are portrayed. Recently, the team of Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, in association with National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) has rescued more than 900 animals, including dogs, goats, rabbits, cows, and a Pritam bull worth Rs 1 Crore, from the flood-affected regions of Noida and Delhi in July 2023. The total number of cows, calves, and heifers rescued by our Hindrise team is more than 200.

Founder of Hindrise Gaushala, a unit of Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, Narendra Kumar said, “The entire rescue operation ran for 4 to 5 days. Our involvement is not confined to rescuing our own cows and bulls, but we also actively participated in the evacuation of livestock and people who were stranded in the flood. We are thankful to the National Disaster Response Force team members as they also extended their support. Furthermore, we are thankful to our team of passionate volunteers and team members of Hindrise, who left no stone unturned in protecting cows from the unfortunate flood-like situation. At Hindrise, an NGO for injured cow rescue, our team is actively involved in picking the injured cows from the different spots and providing them with the required treatment.”

About Hindrise Gaushala, an NGO for Injured Cow Rescue

Hindrise Gaushala is an excellent initiative taken with the intent to protect mother cows from all the odds and evils of society and help them in enhancing their way of living. Being an NGO for cow rescue, we take different initiatives to save mother cows from slaughterhouses and safeguard them from the chains of natural disasters such as floods, tsunamis, wildfires, etc.

Under the roof of Hindrise Gaushala, an NGO for injured cow rescue, 300+ desi cows reside like family members, and we provide them with the appropriate living conditions keeping their health and well-being in mind. We are the only organization involved in rehabilitating and transforming the lives of desi cow breeds by protecting them from smugglers at the Indo-Bangladesh Border. Since June 2017, we have successfully rescued and saved 20K+ cows.

Being an NGO for cows, we commenced the Save Gaumata campaign last year with a desire to rescue the cows from the hands of slaughterhouses. We are marching ahead with a vision of establishing 100+ gaushalas throughout the geographical boundaries of India to help the mother cows survive and earn the respect they deserve, as they are the most nourishing creature after mother on earth.

We are striving to recreate the scenario of the increased number of desi cows all over India by preserving the cows and working on breed conservation and breed multiplication programs. Hindrise Gaushala is a remarkable initiative taken to extend protection and provide shelter to stray, abandoned, and ailing desi cows. We feel that a significant percentage of mother cows are homeless, and they deserve a house to live a better life. Keeping this reality in mind, we started three gaushalas in Delhi NCR and made residential arrangements for cows. Our noble intent is to enlighten the lives of desi moo creatures and bring a ray of hope and positivity into their lives.

Religious and Spiritual Importance

There are numerous virtues of mother cows in the religious and spiritual space. A cow is not just like an ordinary animal for Hindus. It has always been named the sacred mother. In Hindu Dharma, the mother cow is assumed as the auspicious and the ‘selfless giver.’ There was a time when Lord Shri Krishna and Balram together initiated the cow worship and preservation movement. In the world of animals, cows are termed as special and supreme. In the past course of time, cows were held in esteem and valuable by society, and thus, some days of the year were fixed in the calendar for worshipping mother cows.

  • Govatsa Dwadashi is a Hindu festival dedicated to worshipping mother cows. This auspicious day is also termed Nandini Vrat.
  • Nandini Vrat is a thanksgiving occasion devoted to mother cows and cute calves for their immense contribution to sustaining human life. The term ‘Nandini’ stands for divine cows in Hinduism.
  • During Nandini Vrat, folks decorate the respected cows with ornaments as well as clothes & apply vermillion on their foreheads.
  • In many regions of India, green fodder is served to cows, and they are worshipped on the auspicious day of Dhanteras.
  • On the day of Govardhan Pooja, the bulls and cows are bathed during the morning time and garlanded with fresh bundles of flowers.
  • Pola is a thanksgiving festival celebrated in India dedicated to indigenous cows and bulls.
  • It’s the last day of Shravana.
  • Killing or harming the cows will usher an individual on the path of painful next birth, as per the Vedic textbooks.
  • When shifting to a new house, a mother cow is first made to put her feet in the house. It depicts that Goddess Mahalakshmi is visiting the house.

Transforming the Lives of Cows

Being an NGO for injured cow rescue, our team of gausevaks and Gaurakshaks can feel the pain of cows that are injured and bleeding. Our veterinary doctors are proactively working to provide a healing experience to the injured mother cows and calves and reduce their suffering. Amid the Yamuna Flood in July 2023, the Hindrise team rescued 200+ desi cows from the Yamuna floodplains. Our Gau Rakshaks left no stone unturned in protecting cows from drowning in the Yamuna river's massive flood and moving them to a safer place.

During the entire rescue operation, several cows were injured and bleeding. Most of them were unable to stand and walk properly. Our Pashu-chikitsaks provided much-needed treatment to the cows and helped them walk properly. They assisted in reducing the pain and suffering of mother cows. We are striving to enhance the lives of mother cows.

Objectives of our NGO for Injured Cow Rescue


The objectives of our NGO for injured cow rescue are showcased below-

Medical Care- We are striving to provide immediate medical attention to injured cows. Also, we ensure on-site medical support and treatment facility and transportation aid to injured and ailing mother cows.

Emergency Response Aid- We are immersed in developing an efficient and rapid emergency response system in order to reach out to the injured cows on time and extend them first aid support. With the help of local communities and a dedicated team of Gau-chikitsaks, we are providing support to cows during tough times.

Educational Outreach- We are conducting educational programs to create awareness among the masses regarding cow welfare and the significance, religious and spiritual importance of assisting mother cows.

Collaboration with Veterinary Professionals & Gaushalas- We are collaborating with seasoned veterinary professionals as well as reaching out to small gaushalas across the country. We are ensuring the supreme medical treatment for injured as well as ailing cows.

Community Engagement and Participation- We are involved in discussions with local communities in order to promote the feeling of compassion toward the holy moo creatures and push people to take complete ownership of their cows. We are also motivating gaulovers to come forward and join movements and rescue operations for cows.

Promoting Ethical Treatment- Being an NGO for injured cow rescue, we are advocating for the rights and ensuring the ethical treatment of cows. We make sure that unethical treatment, cruel transportation and handling of cows should not take place.

Deployment of Veterinary Units- Being an NGO for injured cow rescue, we are engrossed in the mobile deployment of veterinary units so that they can reach those areas where cows are stranded and need urgent medical attention.

Shelter and Rehabilitation- Being an NGO for cows, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation facilitates shelter and provides rehabilitation aid to injured cows and takes care of them till they completely recover from their injuries and come back to their normal state.

Legal Advocacy- We are working in coordination with animal welfare agencies, Gaurakshak communities, and local authorities to develop and strengthen cow protection laws and assist in their implementation. We have formed a group that will take legal action on behalf of cows who have been tortured or harmed by cruel-hearted folks.

Lifetime Care- Being an NGO for injured cow rescue, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation ensures that both milking and non-milking cows will be taken care of by our Gausevaks, and they will receive love and support throughout their entire life.

8 Activities that fall under an NGO for Injured Cow Rescue

1. Rescue: The first and most important activity is to rescue injured cows. It can be done by responding to calls from the public, patrolling areas where cows are known to be injured, or working with local animal shelters.

2. Rehabilitation: After injured cows receive medical care, they may need to be rehabilitated. They may involve providing them with physical therapy, training them to walk again, or helping them to adjust to life with a disability.

3. Provide medical care: Once an injured cow has been rescued, it is important to provide them with medical care. It may include providing pain medication, treating wounds, or providing surgery.

4. Rehoming: Once an injured cow has been rehabilitated, they need to be rehomed. It may involve finding a new owner, placing them in a sanctuary, or releasing them back into the wild.

5. Advocacy: An NGO for injured cow rescue can also advocate for the rights of cows. It may involve lobbying the government for better laws protecting cows, working with businesses to improve their treatment of cows, or raising awareness of the issue of cow abuse.

6. Education: An NGO for injured cow rescue can also play an educational role. It may involve educating the public about the importance of cow welfare, teaching people how to spot injured cows, or providing training to people who want to volunteer with the NGO.

7. Fundraising: An NGO for injured cow rescue needs to raise money to support its work. It may involve fundraising events, applying for grants, or seeking donations from individuals and businesses.

8. Volunteer management: An NGO for injured cow rescue relies on the help of volunteers. It means that the NGO needs to have a system in place for managing volunteers, ensuring that they are trained and have the necessary skills, and providing them with opportunities to get involved.

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