Go Rise Again

Go Rise Again

The Go Rise Again Campaign, a campaign initiated by Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, holds the objective to serve underprivileged souls and fulfill their requirements to positively transform their lives. The humanitarian organization is tirelessly increasing its efforts to uplift the impoverished lives so that they can get all those things in their life in sufficient quantity that would let them live their lives with hope and happiness. As an NGO for social welfare in India, the Hindrise Foundation approach looks sound with the Go Rise Again Campaign.

The team members of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation have become more concerned during the tough time of COVID-19 by looking at the suffering of poverty-stricken individuals and families. Therefore, The Go Rise Again Campaign has gained momentum amid the COVID-19 outbreak as many underprivileged souls have nothing to eat, and they are facing hardship in surviving in the testing time.

Six months and cases crossing the figure of 10 lakh in India, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned out to be the worst public-health crisis to date. Most of the people throughout the world have learned to live with Coronavirus. However, individuals who are already battling against poverty, especially the migrant workers and daily wage laborers, are living the most problematic life after the Coronavirus outbreak; they even have lost all the necessary resources to survive.

Go Rise Again Campaign for COVID-19 Pandemic

Through the Go Rise Again Campaign, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation came forward to help the migrant workers and daily wage laborers by providing them with food packets, ration kits, sanitizers, well-designed face masks, etc. during the hours of difficulty amid COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of all the miseries and obstacles, the volunteers and active workers associated with Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation are making an immense contribution to the society within the hat of the Go Rise Again Campaign. Extending a helping hand to the laborers surviving on daily wages and migrant workers has become the need of the hour.

The name Coronavirus is enough to shake the soul of an individual in recent times. COVID-19 is an illness caused by a novel Coronavirus. It's a pandemic that has severely caused enormous human suffering and economic hardship than other types of contagious diseases throughout the world. The world as a whole is encountering the gravest effects of this pandemic.

The disease of Coronavirus is a new infectious disease. Breaking the term COVID-19, CO is for Corona, VI stands for Virus, and D stands for Disease. A virus belongs to that category of the organism that is not a living soul in the first place. Generally smaller in comparison to bacteria, Viruses are microscopic parasitoids. They are neither capable enough to thrive nor can replicate outside of the body of a host. Despite girding genetic instructions in a DNA form, Viruses can't even think of growing independently. They have got the power to overrun a host organism and hijack genetic directions concerning it.

How to Keep Yourself and Others Healthy?

The below-mentioned tips are the guidelines that one should follow to keep oneself and others healthy-

  • Prepare yourself for the trips that you would have to make to the closest available sink. After eating, blowing your nose, touching the door's handles, going to the bathroom, and performing other actions where you interact with probably affected areas, you need to wash your hands in an effective way. At least for 20 seconds, wash your hand properly with soap as well as water. Whenever you come from outside your house, make sure that you're washing your hand before entering the house. Skipping this step won't be a wise decision at all.
  • If due to any reason, you can't wash your hand with soap and water, opt for its superior substitute, i.e., hand sanitizer. Calling hand sanitizer a perfect substitute is due to the fact that an individual can carry it everywhere. However, even after using the sanitizer, washing hands with soaps ensure more protection.
  • The transmission of novel Coronavirus takes place usually because of unnecessary physical closeness with infected people. Therefore, it's highly recommended to refuse a handshake since nobody would feel bad in the dark hours of COVID-19. Say 'Namaste,' 'Hi,' or give a friendly wave, but maintaining distance is crucial. Also, avoid touching your nose, eyes, or mouth with unwashed hands and say goodbye to the nailbiting habit.
  • Try to hold yourself at home as much as you can when you are feeling unwell.
  • While coughing or sneezing, use a tissue for sure, and after using, you must throw the tissue in the trash.

Signs and Symptoms of COVID-19

I. There are several symptoms of COVID-19. However, COVID-19 affected individuals display varying symptoms-

  • Dry Cough
  • Fever
  • Shortness of Breath
  • Tiredness

II. Apart from these symptoms, other symptoms can be-

  • Sore Throat
  • Headache
  • Aches and Pains
  • Loss of capacity to smell or taste
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Skin Rashes

III. Severe symptoms such as pain in the chest, breathing difficulty, and loss of speech

When to Take Medical Advice?

  • Seek medical advice if your symptoms get developed.
  • Besides this, you can seek medical consultation if you came to close contact with an individual shackled within the nets of COVID-19 or have recently visited a place where there is an outspread of COVID-19. Before visiting a doctor's office or an emergency room, you must place a call to make them know regarding your symptoms as well as travel history.

Also, you can take preventive measures by following the points mentioned below-

  • Use a tissue in order to provide a cover to your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing. Resort to use your elbow for coughing if you don't have the tissue.
  • In the wake of the disease, avoid visiting those places where the mass gathering is very common.
  • Protect yourself and your loved ones by rinsing your hands often.
  • Staying at home is the best preventive measure amid Coronavirus surge.
  • Try to maintain at rock bottom 3 feet distance between yourself and other people.
  • Avoid touching your face frequently, and if you're wearing the mask, strictly avoid touching your mask with fingers.

Go Rise Again Campaign Has Just Begun

The volunteers at Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation have vowed to change the devastating scenario in marginalized communities or backward areas where COVID-19 pandemic has hit in the worst way. The positive intent to combat the reduced supply of food and loss of employment has pushed the Hindrise Foundation members to roar louder with their efforts under the roof of the Go Rise Again Campaign.

They believe that they have just initiated their trip and need to travel miles to bring the much-needed transformation of pictures in less privileged areas. The Go Rise Again Campaign demands more efforts from the end of members of Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation and the way things are going on, it seems as if the ball is in the court.