Rural Entrepreneurship

Rural Entrepreneurship

Our NGO for rural entrepreneurship in India, Hindrise Foundation, is boosting the concept of rural entrepreneurship as it can tackle significant issues such as poverty and unemployment within India. Rural entrepreneurship is about establishing business units or entities in rural or remote areas. We provide entrepreneurship opportunities to less privileged women with the hope that after becoming entrepreneurs, these women would transform the future of the rural regions by generating employment opportunities for underprivileged ones, thereby eradicating poverty.

Our commitment towards the progress of the rural area always keeps revitalizing us from time to time. We believe that empowered rural women empowerment would become the source of development in rural areas. Our developmental plan concerning rural entrepreneurship encompasses preventing the outflow of people residing in rural regions and bringing them back to their villages who left their villages and migrated to urban areas to support their livelihoods.

At Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for rural entrepreneurship in India strives to put efforts with respect to rural development to attract people in the rural areas. It's important for rural residents, especially young people, to discover the opportunities of becoming an entrepreneur in rural areas. Despite having scarcities of resources and other essential aspects in rural areas, one needs to look at the possibilities of setting up a small or medium scale business in rural areas. The proper analysis of the rural regions and determining the strengths that would work in favor of rural entrepreneurs would give faith to more young male and female entrepreneurs in setting their venture in rural areas.

Why Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for Rural Entrepreneurship in India, is Promoting Rural Entrepreneurship?

Being an NGO for rural entrepreneurship in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has observed that-

  • Around 68 crore people reside in rural areas
  • A majority of the rural labor force has engaged themselves in agricultural activities along with allied activities

These observations made us reach the conclusion that the development of rural entrepreneurship and the growth of enterprises & entities have become the need of the hour.

Given below are the reasons why we are backing and promoting rural entrepreneurship in India are-

Poverty Reduction and Growth of Slum Areas

By promoting rural entrepreneurship in India, we are trying to uplift the economic conditions of people living in rural areas and ensure that they can earn livelihood in their respective village regions only instead of migrating to urban and suburban areas for survival. Rural entrepreneurship bolsters the development of the rural regions and reduces the level of poverty up to a great extent.

As we have experienced that rural areas carry vast opportunities for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, we felt that this is the best time to encash on the potential that rural regions hold. The clouds of poverty have surrounded rural zones for many years, and even the agricultural sector is no more a successful side for people living in villages and remote areas. Due to a decrease in productivity in rural regions, the scope of development has narrowed. However, we have geared up to overcome these issues by assisting in the natives of village areas starting their small and medium-sized ventures.

Planting the seeds of rural entrepreneurship will help the slum areas to develop and flourish well. Due to the establishment of enterprises and various types of firms in the nearest regions to the slum, there will be a creation of numerous jobs for those people entangled under the web of poverty and unemployment.

To Fill the Income Gap between Rural and Urban Natives

At Hindrise Foundation, we believe it's essential to fill the income gap between rural and urban natives by increasing the chances for rural residents unable to get privileges in their lives. Unequal distribution of income has destroyed the confidence level of rural natives, and they get the feeling of being worthless.

Despite having the potential to match the urban residents' pace, rural natives are waiting for the chances to showcase how they are not less than anyone in any department. By backing rural entrepreneurship through vocational courses and various programs, our NGO for rural entrepreneurship in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, is endeavoring to bring rural residents' income on the same line as the income of urban and privileged people.

Our NGO for Rural Entrepreneurship in India, Hindrise Foundation, is Awakening Youth

We feel the need to awaken the rural youth and create an awareness campaign in the rural areas so that the youth would get familiar with the importance of rural entrepreneurship and how it will be a beneficial prospect for them in the long run. Our NGO for rural entrepreneurship in India, Hindrise Foundation, has initiated the journey in the path of development of rural youth so that they can become capable enough to carry out entrepreneurial exercises in the rural regions.

Also, with the help of rural entrepreneurship programs, we would expose the rural youth to numerous avenues so that they can come forward to become an entrepreneur in the future. Though rural entrepreneurship development is a complicated matter, our efforts in the direction of rural entrepreneurship promotion would simplify the issue.

Improves the Literacy Rate of Rural Population

The development of rural entrepreneurship in India deserves attention due to the increasing literacy rate in India. With the improvement in literacy rates, rural residents are seeking jobs in urban cities far away from their villages. What's better than earning money while staying at home? Rural entrepreneurship serves the purpose of making money by becoming an entrepreneur.

Recently, we visited several villages and observed the conditions, whether small or mid-sized enterprise would prosper well in such places or not. There is a vast scope for rural entrepreneurship in rural areas, thanks to the evolution and development taking place every day.

Hindrise Foundation Endeavors to Make Rural Women Self-Reliant

Our NGO for rural entrepreneurship in India, Hindrise Foundation, is riding high intending to make rural women self-reliant so that they would get the liberty of living the way they have always wanted to live. We are working on innovative and brilliant solutions for solving rural challenges faced by women. Furthermore, we have taken the initiative concerning rural entrepreneurship by enabling rural women to become independent. For us, happiness lies in making women become social as well as business changemakers.

As we believe that women can perform beyond domestic tasks such as cleaning, cooking, etc., we expect women to participate on other fronts actively and show that their excellence is not limited to household chores. Besides this, we would readily assist the economically backward women in making their mark by preparing their hearts to become entrepreneurs.

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for rural entrepreneurship in India, is venturing to focus on working for rural transformation by technological development and spreading the vibes of rural entrepreneurship in various rural segments of India. With the help of rural entrepreneurship, people residing in remotest or rural areas will be able to nourish themselves as job-creators rather than joining the crowd by becoming job seekers. We hope that would usher the rural population on the path of transformative progress, especially rural women.