Old Age Homes

Old Age Homes

Craving to establish ourselves as an NGO for Old Age Homes/senior citizens in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is endeavoring to uplift the socio-economic status of abandoned and neglected senior citizens residing in various parts of India. We are moving ahead with the belief that our efforts would help them live a noble and respectable life.

We have done the ground-level research, and we have identified the requirements of older adults suffering due to the complications concerning changes in the environment and life-related challenges. In the last few years, the concept concerning nuclear families has overshadowed the joint family concept. This thing has given birth to differences in the families on various matters that eventually disturb the peace of mind of elderly individuals. A vital proportion of the senior citizens living in the country are facing hardships in spending their remaining life in a peaceful way.

All the older adults or senior citizens who have gone through heaps of traumas and sufferings deserve a better place to stay where they can find the fragrance of love and respect for them. Attempting to hold our ground as an NGO for senior citizens in India, Hindrise Foundation is expanding its network and connecting with old age homes to serve the senior citizens with their paradise to make them live their life composedly and gracefully at the same time.

Importance of the NGO for Old Age Homes/Senior Citizens in India

The necessity for the NGO for senior citizens in India has increased lately due to the increased ill-treatment and suffering older people have to endure after they become incapable and helpless. After becoming old, the mental and physical health of an individual deteriorates. Since they are not served with essential healthcare needs, they are not much familiar with the information and knowledge concerning the types of diseases and illnesses with respect to their physical and mental health.

It's unfortunate that in a progressive country like India, senior citizens do not get much-deserving respect in their respective families, and also they didn't get the healthcare facilities, healthy and nutritious food, clothes for protection as well as covering the body, etc. After crossing the age of 50 or 60, people look forward to emotional support more than anything, and when they lack this aspect in their life, they feel neglected and ignored. As an enthusiastic NGO for senior citizens in India, Hindrise Foundation is drafting the plans keeping in mind the desires and expectations of the senior and elderly citizens.

Being an NGO for social welfare in India, we are all set to serve the older people and senior citizens who live their lives away from the privileges they must get for their efforts that they've made in the past for their children and grandsons. We would serve them food with nutritious value and high quality, healthcare and medical facilities to ensure them with an increase in longevity, clothes to wear and protect their bodies, place to live without any pressure or without any fear of getting disparaging remarks or ill-treatment by the younger ones, and other life-sustaining factors as well.

The best thing about old age homes that would change the living environment for senior citizens and elderly mothers is reverberating ambiance loaded with laughable, blissful moments. Several senior citizens and volunteers from different age groups discuss various topics and keeping the positive vibes alive. Not only this, but also the senior citizens would get pleased with the love and respect they would get by being there.

Why is Government and NGOs Intervention Important?

The government and NGOs' intervention became important due to the rising cases of disgrace and harassment for senior citizens and elderly ones. Their continuously increasing sufferings have made us uplift our humanitarian activities for senior citizens of India by establishing ourselves as an NGO for senior citizens in India.

  • According to the survey reports, around 71% of senior citizens living in India become the victim of harassment due to the relentless thoughts ruling the minds of families, children, and even relatives in some cases.
  • Further, sources suggest that every second senior citizen gets mistreated or degraded by members of the family, children, relatives, and others.
  • Amid COVID-19 pandemic, 71% of senior citizens from the 7800 respondents based on a recent survey said that there is an increase in elder abuse throughout the lockdown and post-lockdown.
  • National Crime Records Bureau's Report indicates that 32, 496 elderly have been slain & 5836 cases of kidnapping, torture, and harassment got recorded in India between the time range of 2001-2010.
  • The official form of abuse in India is neglect, along with physical, verbal, and financial abuse.

After analyzing the reports indicating the victimization of senior citizens by most of the groups of society in India, we concluded that we would walk ahead to fulfill all the chief requirements of every day lives of senior citizens and fill their lives with the ocean of peace and pleasure so that they can cherish their beings to the fullest. The way we are formulating our strategies and fully-baked policies concerning the betterment of senior citizens' lives, we hope that our worth as an NGO for senior citizens in India would increase and would also drive us to bring back the lost respect and soul of dignity in their lives.

Agenda of Hindrise Foundation by Being an NGO for Senior Citizens in India

As an emerging compassionate NGO for senior citizens in India, Hindrise Foundation is listing various healthcare activities and programs and feeding hunger activities for senior citizens struggling to reach into the sunlight from the darkness. Providing medical aids to the ailing senior citizens is not an obligation but a massive responsibility for us. Being a social welfare NGO, we look after the physical and mental health of elders and senior citizens and make them interact more with younger generations so that they can forget all the hatred and negligence that they have received from their families, especially the children.

Hindrise Foundation is Too Concerned about the Senior Citizens Issues

As the Indian government has introduced masses of policy-oriented programs for the senior citizens, we are also gearing up to assist the government in sorting out the crisis faced by the older generation due to decaying behavioral patterns of gen-next. We are aiming to bring the problems and most genuine issues of senior citizens on the forefront as we understand that keeping eyes on the complexities of senior citizens has become the need of the hour.

Earlier, the joint family system has boasted of the way children used to take care of their elder ones in all the departments of life, but with the advent and applicability of nuclear family theory, situations have become unfavorable for senior citizens in all the way. The alarming condition of the elderly population has drawn our attention. Thus, we got the vibes in our minds regarding the upliftment of senior citizens' living standard trapped within the layer of negativities.

The myth of the joint family system met its end, and in the real scenario, various research reports imply that most of the elderly population or senior citizens get neglected and uncared by the so-called family members. The rising issues in the lives of the elderly population have given birth to new thoughts and a new set of motives in the heart of members associated with Hindrise Family. Therefore, we braced ourselves to become the NGO for senior citizens in India, and thereby, we would change the entire picture for the senior citizens in the days to come.