Computer Literacy

Hindrise Foundation is All Set to Achieve 100% Computer Literacy in India

Marching ahead with the burning desire to achieve 100% computer literacy in India, Hindrise Foundation is gearing up with a well-equipped school, aesthetically designed with modern facilities. Our goal is to impart meaningful computer knowledge to underserved people from all age groups. Empowering underprivileged ones with digital skills as well as basic and advanced knowledge pertaining to the computer has become the urgent need of the hour.

In the current scenario of rapid advancement in technology, there are still thousands of marginalized ones in our country that neither have access nor can afford computer literacy and digital skills to transform their lives in a better way. Even though there are government schemes available online, people from under-served societies are unable to access them. At Hindrise Foundation, we are creating an education-based environment by starting our own school to serve the maximum number of less privileged ones of different age groups so that they can utilize the technology for their upgrading their lives and make the most of every opportunity coming their way.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is also endeavouring to organize computer literacy awareness programs to increase awareness among the folks regarding the demand for computer education and why it’s important to acquire at least basic computer knowledge in today’s times. We are planning to monitor classes live via the internet facility, and the performance of students will be measured periodically. On the basis of the knowledge and excellence attained by our students, we will be providing certificates considering their future growth in mind. Our classes will be for one and all, including undergraduates, postgraduates, children in school, and people from other age groups.

An Introduction to Computer Literacy

Computer literacy is all about familiarity with the terminology, concepts, as well as functions concerning fundamental computer use. It is basic knowledge that helps an individual operate a computer independently. In the digital world, it’s not wrong to say that enhancement in computer literacy in India has become one of the substantial need. The need is to increase the accessibility concerning computer understanding and knowledge in rural and less developed regions of India.

As per the arguments made by the computer experts, Computer literacy is not just an important element but extremely crucial. It must receive as much spotlight as providing food, shelter, and clothing because computer literacy is the pillar of a progressive and evolving nation. Including computer literacy in the category of basic needs is vital, looking at the growing demand for computer in all the fields. With the increasing need for computer literacy in India, we can include it in the basic needs.

Thus, in the current perspective, basic needs include four elements mentioned below-

Not only underprivileged children need computer education & digital knowledge, but women and elderly ones should widen the horizon of their knowledge concerning computer education. At Hindrise Foundation, we believe that if an individual is provided with effective learning tools, acquiring 100% computer literacy is easy without strict norms as well as formal training. Computer literacy will usher India on the path of global change, and it is capable of bringing significant changes in the picture of rural or less developed areas of India.

Constraints of Computer Literacy in India

There are many obstructions in the way of achieving 100% computer literacy in India. Digital technology has revolutionized the way we perform our tasks in all walks of life, communicate with others, spend our moments of leisure, and explore the ocean of social relationships and much more. Amid all the advancements made by the world over many years, computers have emerged as indispensable tools across all the fields. One of the reports by the world economic forum indicates that an estimated 75 million jobs are likely to get displaced by 2022, while around 133 million additional roles and responsibilities may emerge as well.

In India, power cuts and the problem of electricity exist in most of the backward regions, rural, and semi-urban areas of India. Due to the unavailability of the broadband facility in most of the regions, folks living in such places struggle to get even a proper mobile network, forget about internet connectivity.

Few major constraints of computer literacy in India are mentioned below-

Literacy Gap

The existence of a significant and huge digital literacy gap between male and female in India is a point of concern. NSSO’s 75th round national survey (2017-2018) report suggest that a significant gap between the male & female folks in rural and urban areas concerning the capability to operate a computer and use the internet. As per the reports, only 8.5% of women residing in rural India are able to use the internet in comparison with their male counterparts (17.1%). The percentage of users is significantly higher in urban areas, but the gender gap is a matter of worry.

This digital literacy differences among males & females is a vital structural constraint in the proliferation of digital and computer-based learning methods that carry several negative impacts on educational up gradation of women, skill development, and workforce participation.

No Access to Advanced Tools Required in Learning

Going by the ASER 2018 report, we concluded that 55.5% of students have never ever used computers. Students who belong to rural schools either have zero access or lack access to different advanced learning tools such as computer education, non-academic books, and digital learning. As they fail to get access to advanced tools required for all-around growth, their development becomes a matter of concern.

Lack of Awareness about the Importance of Computer Literacy in India

  • Having poor, limited, or no access to the digital devices used in the current time, especially computer learning, is a significant challenge to enhance digital literacy in rural folks.
  • People from different age groups are still now aware of the importance of computer literacy.
  • They take it very lightly, and thus, they never feel the need to work on it as well.
  • As the whole world is going digital, people must understand that they need to embrace digital and computer literacy in India to stay in the game. 
  • Computer literacy is deemed as a very vital skill to possess.
  • Nowadays, employers are expecting their workers to gain access to fundamental computer skills as their company becomes ever more dependent on computers.
  • Most employers strive to use computers to help operate their company faster as well as cheaper.
  • Computers are used as basic requirements as pen and paper for writing & for several applications – particularly communicating – computers are getting preferred by the employers in the organization over pen and paper due to their multitasking ability and potential to duplicate as well as retain information & ease of editing.
  • Increasing awareness about computer literacy is certainly needed along with grasping computer literacy and master the basic understanding in order to reach the peak of digital literacy.
  • Acquiring computer literacy grants the opportunity for rural & urban people in the domain of education, financial inclusion, and gaining access to the best health services, attaining employment opportunities, selling their goods as well as services etc.
  • Computer competency is essentially required in order to establish oneself as per the current market demand. 

Financial Constraint concerning Computer Literacy in India

  • Families from rural or backward areas in India are always under financial burden because of numerous reasons.
  • For them making their children digitally educated or making efforts to transform women in the house as self-dependent individuals become the second priority, that's why they are bound to stick to income generation activity keeping their survival in mind.
  • It is one of the key reasons families in the well of poverty or economically fewer sound families give importance to computer literacy or any other things that are required for growth and progress.
  • As we all know that, taking computer lessons require proper training conducted in the institutes.
  • It can be an expensive affair that every family can't bear, especially in rural or less developed regions in India.
  • There are families who value computer literacy, and people from all age groups who are willing to work endeavour to develop the computer skills get demoralized after knowing about the fees of computer institutes in the nearby towns or cities.
  • The need of the minute is to break the financial constraint and let them soar high in the sky of computer literacy in India. 

What is the Importance of Computer Skills and why it deserves everyone’s Attention?

  • Computer literacy refers to the knowledge as well as the ability to perform the tasks using computers and related technology in an efficient manner, with a wide range of skills encompassing levels from elementary use to programming work as well as advanced level problem-solving.
  • Basic knowledge of computer and developing computer skills have become important due to the increased demand for computer for accomplishing tasks in most of the organizations actively working these days. 
  • In the digital era, computer literacy should be everyone’s first choice.
  • Rural people can prove their mettle in the realm of education, financial inclusion, reaping employment opportunities in different fields, soaring high in the sphere of business, accessing the best healthcare facilities, and much more.
  • Computer skills are important as it empowers an individual in the current scenario to survive and beat the competition.
  • After improving computer skills, individuals can become knowledgeable in the use of computer applications and thereby, their demand will increase in the market.
  • In every job segment, computer proficiency is increasingly indispensable.
  • Computer skills are of utmost importance due to their worth in empowering women in rural areas and help them become self-reliant. 
  • Girls should be equipped with a robust set of computer skills to become a part of a competitive workforce.
  • Without basic computer skills, the chances to become employable are greatly reduced. Computer technology is advancing at a lively pace than ever before, and the chances are high that you will be left behind if you don’t strive to become at least semi-literate in the sphere of computer literacy.
  • Gaining computer skills will increase your value for office jobs.
  • Thus, everyone should focus on developing computer skills as it’s the only way to become employable amid all the hardships and the existing competitive environment. 

On the Way to Progress via Computer Literacy in India

  • If a chain of computers is established in the rural areas or less developed areas or schools and institutes are started for the economically less privileged ones, people will be able to gain access to computer usage and thereby widen the horizon of their computer knowledge. It can accelerate computer literacy in India as well as assist individuals for better jobs opportunities along with employment facilities.
  • Computer literacy in India can help children and adults improve, upgrade, and hone their skills in mathematics, basic calculation, as well as make them more familiar with the English language and basic terminologies used.
  • Many children fail to follow what is being rendered to them in the village schools. Most of them face issues in understanding English, the medium in which they are being taught. It has led to a significant number of cases of dropouts. As per the surveys, computer literacy has pulled down the dropout rates at the primary education level.
  • Education related to computer subject has been proven to build up the interest towards learning and acquiring knowledge in children of 6 to 15 years of age. It has led to better and improved attendance in schools as well as education centers.
  • In most of the villages, girls are still not allowed to learn and even if they are allowed, hardly there are parents who let them acquire additional education or computer skill-based training apart from primary education. They are supposed to stay at home & lend support to their mothers in the kitchen or work in the fields. Initiatives that pay attention without discrimination on a gender basis are the only way for these capable girls to acquire education.
  • Basic education, counseling programs, and computer literacy also aim towards enhancing the mindset of the children and can restrict them from walking in the direction of crime and malicious activities. 

Development Model concerning Computer Literacy in India

At Hindrise Foundation, we are working on the development model with respect to computer literacy in India. We are building a school through which we will be catering to the advancement needs of children, women, unemployed youth, and adults with the hope that things will take a positive turn in their favour. We are initiating at the bottom of the pyramid with a mission to empower those who have no hope or zero expectation of attaining the status of computer literate in the near future.

Our trainers will be taking the lead to impart meaningful education and computer skill-development based training for one and all. Arrangement of hardware to computers and trainable resources, we are gearing up with everything. In order to promote digital literacy in India, we are planning to work in the same direction. In regard to this, we are designing and implementing several programs with the core objective of capacity building in a wide range of development areas to upgrade the quality of lives of millions of people.

Building School to Maximize the Number of Computer Literates

  • Moving mountains to promote computer literacy in India, Hindrise Foundation has taken the initiative of building a school with a major focus on enhancing the computer knowledge of folks from all age groups and transforms a major chunk of our population into computer literates.
  • Computer-literate connotes little more than the capacity to use several specific applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Excel, typing skills, Internet, Microsoft PowerPoint, mails, and much more for different types of well-defined simple tasks.
  • The purpose behind starting school under Hindrise Foundation is to bring an increase in the number of computer literates and open the world of information for them.
  • If computer literacy in India increases, the progress speed is likely to gain momentum. There is a burgeoning need in our country to make the women population self-dependent.
  • Thus, the demand for computer knowledge arises.
  • After receiving basic and advanced level knowledge about the use of computers and other related technical aspects, they will be receiving job opportunities and will become self-reliant.
  • Hindrise Foundation’s vision of coming up with a school is concerned with the empowerment of women, children, unemployed youths and adults.
  • The creation of employment opportunities is also a part of the plan.
  • We are following the multi-layered approach of digital advancement to help souls from different communities and usher them on the route of accomplishments.

Upgrading Skills, Creating Job Opportunities

Basic computer knowledge, computer training, and advanced certification courses related to computer will upscale the skills of talent-rich youth aspirants and determined young women and will help them in getting career opportunities in diverse domains such as data entry, digital marketing, web designing, graphic designing, computerized accounting, social media, retail, hardware & networking, etc. Such jobs will enable and strengthen the marginalized ones to contribute up to a great extent in their family income and showcase active participation in decision-making processes.

At Hindrise Foundation, we are aiming to reduce the computer illiteracy rate by imparting in-depth knowledge regarding fundamentals of computer and advanced computer skills under our new initiative, Hindrise School. We are striving to deliver computer software training to rural, semi-urban and urban masses to uplift their personal capabilities and talents. Here, the intent is to prepare the masses for jobs and eradicate unemployment. Being an NGO for social welfare, Hindrise Foundation is aiming to lower down the graph of poverty. Thus, we can say that achieving 100% computer literacy in India can turn out to be advantageous in several ways.

Making digital learning accessible is our priority, and we are looking forward to reaching a major chunk of the population with our well-structured plan. 100% Computer literacy in India is the only way through which our people can make their mark in times of mechanization & globalization.