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Hindrise Foundation - Privacy Policy

Your privacy and other personal information you provide us is highly secure and respected. Your name, contact number, address, as well as e-mail address will not be shared, sold, or given to any individual or companies, and it will be kept strictly confidential. We provide this notice elucidating our online information exercises and the selections you can make about the manner your information gets obtained and used as well. Your privacy is of the greatest importance to us.

Security of Debit/Credit Cards

The security of your personal information is of supreme importance to us. Also, we are

grateful for the donations that enable us to proceed with our noble work. When you make an online donation to Hindrise Foundation, your credit card information is protected by a reputable bank. Besides this, your credit card number won't get stored and is used only for that specific transaction.

In the lower portion of your browser screen, while staying on our secure pages meant for donation, you will see the "closed" lock symbol. In the website address bar, you will observe that the domain name begins with an "https" on donation pages. It implies that the information provided on those pages is encrypted because of your security reasons. It makes secure than utilizing a credit card in physical form at any shop, mart, or any other place. If you have any concerns with reverence to the security of your online donation via credit card, please contact us at [email protected]

Use of Cookies

A cookie refers to a small number of data that is delivered to your browser from a web server and stocked on the hard drive of your computer. Periodically our websites utilize cookies in order to accumulate personal user information merely for our own reference.

Individual Information

Our website might obtain the name of your domain, i.e., IP address. However, we gather individual information related to you solely for our reference purpose, and we ensure that we won't share this data with any other company or organization.

Recognition of E-Mail Address

We ask for your e-mail address on several pages within our site as our website fails to recognize your e-mail address automatically.

Other Personal Information       

Hindrise Foundation will never get involved in selling or trading information related to the donor with any other organization, nor will Hindrise Foundation send mailings on behalf of others. You are not imposed to furnish personal information of any type on our website unless you opt to do so. We inquire about your personal information on our donation pages online to enable donation transaction processing properly and efficiently. We utilize the information gathered by us in acknowledging receipt of the donation made by you, which is also needed for tax rebate objectives. If you give a gift to Hindrise Foundation, your name, along with your address, will be credited on our mailing list. In case you are donating in honor of or remembrance of an individual, we will not use their private details for any motive other than delivering the card of acknowledgment.


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