Enhancing the Lives of Underprivileged Women

NGO for Underprivileged Women

An NGO for Underprivileged Women, Hindrise Foundation is Empowering Women to Succeed

Being an NGO for underprivileged women, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has been striving to move mountains in the direction of empowering and providing privileges to the less fortunate women living in backward regions and rural areas of India. Primarily, we are focusing on increasing the capabilities and enhancing the skills of resource-poor women living in marginalized communities and rural spheres of the nation and equip them with all the resources to make them the fortune changer for India.

Being an NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation grants more power to women living under reduced circumstances by facilitating them with all the essential means and skill development skills in order to help them climb the ladder of self-reliance. It's a disheartening fact that people have milked the theory of women empowerment. However, it's a profound concept that embraces points such as the access to literacy, providing women with the freedom to make decisions in the critical hours, increasing awareness among the female population regarding their rights, help them in raising their voice against any ill-treatment they receive and various other necessities of life.

The society should look for uplifting the status of less privileged women and burn their old school thought that women are commodities as it's the sole way to usher the nation on the track of prosperity and accomplishments. We all know that women's empowerment can immensely contribute to the country's progress in all the departments. Various stats and figures related to countries in which a significant section of empowered women resides indicate that countries with a higher percentage of empowered women are rapidly rising every day on all the fronts at the global level.

Heart-Rending Facts

  • In the last few years, women's literacy rate in India has tremendously elevated since it has passed the mark of 65%. However, the numbers must improve for the development and progress of the country.
  • As per the Census 2011, around 20-25% of India's female population between the age bracket of 7 and 29 are illiterate. Near about 35% of the illiterate population of the entire world lives in India.
  • As per the Annual Status of Education Report of 2018, in 2006, near about 10% of girls, b/w the ages of 11 to 14 were not going schools. In the year 2018, 13.5% of girls’ b/w the ages 15-16 were outside the school.
  • Only 25% of the labor force in India is women.
  • In the country's GDP, Indian women's contribution is just 18%- one of the lowest figures on a global level.
  • As per NCBI (National Crime Bureau of India), 7000 deaths associated with dowry got reported in 2017. Earlier in 2011, the total no. of dowry-related death cases was 19 every day. In 2016, the figure touched 21 per day. As per the updated reports, 20 women die per day in the name of dowry in which either they commit suicide due to pressure or even they are killed.
  • More than 13 crore households lack the water filling facility in their houses, and therefore, they have no other option in place of moving outside every day to manage water.
  • Recent survey reports assert that in India, around 27% of women go through violence as well as physical torture at home since the age of 15. The increase in domestic violence cases in India has attacked women’s survival and makes their lives a happiness-deprived one.
  • One woman raped every 30 minutes in India.
  • India's overall rate of unemployment is 7%, but the problematic part is that it is as high as 18% among women.

Role of our NGO for Underprivileged Women in Achieving the Goal of Equality for Women in India

After fixing its roots in India, our NGO for underprivileged women, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is providing an equitable platform for women in the society ruled by men so that they can encash on the equal opportunities to prove their worth in today's time. We are also endeavoring to address the root cause of gender inequality and strive towards empowering underprivileged women and girls living in backward regions of India. We are addressing the violence-related issues against women, conducting victim assistance programs, and rendering the helping hand to old age women and women neglected by society.

The core working areas of our NGO for underprivileged women, Hindrise Foundation ensure that women lead, actively participate in community-based activities and take advantage of government schemes, women would have great job opportunities and job security as well, women and girls would have a positive influence in the society, etc.

Being an NGO for underprivileged women, Hindrise Foundation is driven by the vision of a world where women from marginalized communities and less privileged backgrounds will be earning the livelihood with pride and bundles of self-respect, will be enjoying full citizenship, and will be generating value for a not only society where you live but make a contribution to the growth of the nation.

We are equipping the resource-poor women with knowledge of various subjects and skills so that they can become a catalyst of change for one and all. Our NGO for underprivileged women, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, aims to create a structure in which women can be safe and respectfully live their life. We believe that our dedicated efforts would enhance the economic and social status of underprivileged and poverty-stricken women living in rural areas or brightness-deprived parts of society. As a humanitarian NGO for underprivileged women, Hindrise Foundation, we enable the disadvantaged women to understand their purposes and responsibilities towards the society and the country.