Donate Program for Development

Adopt a Cow Program

Adopt a Cow program refers to a program or initiative where individuals or a group of individuals support the well-being and care of a cow

39 %

Raised: 5900000

Goal: 1,50,00,000

Donate for Cow Ambulances

We are all set to purchase 10+ cow ambulances. The cost of each ambulance would be 25 lakhs.

43 %

Raised: 6499999

Goal: 1,50,00,000

Donate for Gau Seva

Receive blessings from Lord Shri Krishna by donating for Gau Seva and celebrate fresh beginnings.

47 %

Raised: 7099998

Goal: 1,50,00,000

Cow Shed Construction

We have rescued 20k+ mother cows from slaughterhouses. More than 30 sq. ft of area is required by one cow.

51 %

Raised: 7699997

Goal: 1,50,00,000

Medical Treatment of Gauvansh

Injured and sick cows receive medical treatment & vaccines that keep them healthy and safe.

55 %

Raised: 8299996

Goal: 1,50,00,000

Gau Daan( A Divine Daan)- An Initiative of Lifetime

Donation of desi cows to saints & tapaswis is a Vedic ritual of Sanatan Dharma.

59 %

Raised: 8899995

Goal: 1,50,00,000

Feed a Cow Movement

50,000+ Cows Die Every Year due to Scarcity of Food, Seeks Help

63 %

Raised: 9499994

Goal: 1,50,00,000

Feeding Abandoned Cows

Millions of daily wagers and other fellow citizens who have gone back to the villages or are stuck somewherein India

67 %

Raised: 10099993

Goal: 1,50,00,000

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