Blanket and Old Clothes Distribution

Beating the Chill with Blanket and Old Clothes Distribution Drive

As Delhi NCR is heading towards merciless winter this year, our volunteers at Hindrise Foundation has distributed high quality thick woollen blankets in slum or underdeveloped areas of Delhi and the Noida region to make the poverty-stricken people survive even in the harsher winters. The considerable volume of the blanket and old clothes distribution took place in different parts of Delhi NCR.

Wrapped in jackets and mufflers, most of us don't even have any idea about how millions of individuals and families living under reduced circumstances are making the arrangements of basic requirements to survive. Affording thick blankets and mufflers is not a possibility for many people. At night time, our volunteers were wandering across different areas of Delhi NCR. People were sleeping on the street without wearing any cloth on their bodies and without having any blanket to preserve their bodies as well. Few of the rickshaw pullers were sleeping on their rickshaws due to the fear that their rickshaws would get stolen. Thus, after understanding their needs, at Hindrise Foundation, we have taken quick steps in meeting the daily winter needs of natives living in marginalized communities. In our blanket and old clothes distribution drive, we have distributed thousands of blankets and old clothes better in terms of quality and comfort.

The volunteers associated with Hindrise Foundation are gearing up to deliver more blankets to rickshaw pullers and people sleeping on the Delhi NCR region streets.

Blanket and Old Clothes Distribution


The Condition of Delhi NCR Worsens Every Year in winter

In Delhi and the entire NCR, every winter chokes the life of more than 30,000 people. The increasing death rate in winter is not hidden from anyone. As warm clothes' prices get increased by hawkers and street vendors during the winter season, we feel that we should come forward and distribute warm clothes and blankets free of cost. People and livestock suffer a lot. Thus, planning things in advance should be on the wish list of NGOs and other organizations willing to support homeless people living under reduced circumstances. Every year, migrant workers, daily wage labourers, and rickshaw pullers face the challenges offered by the winter season that put their life at stake.

A hungry stomach is always a soul standing in the well of pain and loss. Millions of homeless and underprivileged individuals wandering on the streets of Delhi NCR are praying with the hope that they will be able to survive amid the testing time of the winter season. People spending their life on the streets and footpaths have become a common sight in recent times. Impoverished people who can't manage the budget to buy a roof over their head struggle to survive on the footpaths and flyovers of well-built metro stations in different areas of Delhi NCR.

Blanket and Old Clothes Distribution in Slum Areas

Our volunteers at Hindrise Foundation are eyeing blanket and old clothes distribution in different regions of Delhi NCR, including Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and other places too. The pleasure in fulfilling the basic requirement of people carries a different feeling that can’t be explained in words. Homeless people mostly reside in slum areas by constructing shacks and wooden houses with available materials. They don’t have clothes to cover their body, and they spend their winter without a blanket. And that’s the reason behind the death of thousands of people every year in the winter season. Whenever we visit such places with our volunteers, we get a question in our mind that isn’t our responsibility to assist such poor and needy people in living a life full of hope and opportunities?
In each shack, we come across several people and give them blankets along with clothes. Also, we distribute blankets to abandoned people living a hopeless life, and we are endeavouring to bring some shadows of hope in their lives. Through our blanket distribution activities this year, many poverty-stricken families have received the benefits that would eventually help them in surviving amid the cold and chilling winter. The core objective of the warm clothes and blanket distribution activity by Hindrise Foundation is to reduce the suffering of economically and socially backward people due to the cold wave.

Take Away

The objective behind blanket and old clothes distribution is to provide the old clothes and blankets to the needy by distributing them on streets, slum areas and providing Orphanages, Old Age Homes, etc. In addition to old clothes and blankets, we also distribute sweets, face masks, sanitizers, etc. Also, we are serving food with nutritional value through Aatmnirbhar Seva Kitchen and trying to reach out to the maximum number of hungry ones. If you are looking forward to donating any item, please reach our volunteer proactively working at Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation.

Your old warm clothes, blankets, and other items can be the reason for someone's fathomless happiness for who could put them to fair use.