Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Being an NGO for women empowerment in India, Hindrise Foundation is providing more power to women by enabling them with all the resources and development skills so that they can live a self-reliant life. Nowadays, people have squeezed the concept of women empowerment. However, it's a broad concept that encompasses things beyond the access to education, liberty of making a choice, and much more than all these things.

A nation can only prosper in the long run if the society would uplift the status of underprivileged women and also stop treating them as commodities. The contribution of women empowerment in the development and success of a country is enormous. By going through the stats and figures concerning countries where a significant section of women get empowered, you will find that countries wherein the concept of women empowerment is highly applicable in society are progressing at a rapid pace.

Our NGO for women empowerment in India, Hindrise Foundation, is bringing volunteers and donors under the same roof with an objective to change the work for the welfare of women and help them in establishing their identity in the male-dominating society. Talking about the sex ratio in India, it seems to be 930 females per 1000 males, according to the UN report.

When we look at the stats and records of molestation and rape cases, we found that streets are not safe for women in India and several other countries. The horrific gang-rape and exploitation at the workplace and in different spheres of life make the women live a life full of fear. We are making efforts for the underprivileged women to give them heaps of faith regarding their rights such as the right of expression and movement as well as other rights.

Our NGO for Women Empowerment in India Ensures that Education should be for everyone

Being an NGO for women empowerment in India, Hindrise Foundation ensures that education is the right of every individual, and we are endeavoring to uproot the seeds of inequalities planted for ages so that exploitation of girls and women would come to a stoppage point. Also, we are aiming to build a progressive society where education will be available for everyone, be it a girl or boy. The exploitation of women is not confined only to the educational sector as this section suffer exploitation by facing the heat of harassment, mental torture, and taunt made in society as well.

It's an undeniable truth of any society that education is the most vital and influential catalyst that is capable of bringing revolutionary changes on social grounds in society. Firstly, it's imperative to spread awareness regarding the worth of education and healthcare, and this air of consciousness will be the reason behind changes. Irrespective of gender, every child must go to school for learning as then only girls will become aware of their rights and fight against the odds done to them. Being an NGO for women empowerment in India, Hindrise Foundation is striving to transform the lives of daughters of our country.

Unfortunately, in most of the underprivileged regions of Indian societies, women and girl children have to face the harshness and discrimination existing in the community for them. Also, the perception of society towards them arouses the feeling of inferiority within them that makes them lose their confidence. Bestowing young girls with meaningful education will enable them to take their stand and uplift the conditions of backward communities.

Established as an NGO for women empowerment in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is enabling the girl children to make the toughest decisions that would bring the vitality, vibrancy, and prosperity in the economically backward communities. We are setting up the stage for girl children to participate in a list of extracurricular activities along with focusing on education to make them useful resources for the nation in the future course of time.


Serving the Gift of Empowerment

Our NGO for women empowerment in India, Hindrise Foundation, has started conducting programs and campaigns regarding women empowerment through education and other fundamental rights. Our target revolves around empowerment of every girl child so that when they enter the phase of becoming an adult, they must be capable individuals. We have planned our dynamic and hearty programs in such a way that the grooming of underprivileged young girls would take place appropriately.

If girl children living in underdeveloped rural communities will start getting opportunities to learn new things and explore themselves, they won't have to encounter lower socio-economic status in their respective societies. Considering this point, our NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation, is planning out the things regarding the education of girl children so that their rest of life would be a smooth ride.

Hindrise Foundation is fulfilling the Requirement of Hygienic Food in the Lives of Rural Women

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for women empowerment in India, increases the availability of healthy and hygienic food in the backward communities of rural areas so that girl children would get the nutrient-rich food to eat and live a healthy life. We have perceived that due to the food low in quality and standard, girl children living in rural areas becomes victim to life-threatening diseases. Thus, it's our responsibility as a social welfare organization to assist them with food high in terms of quality as well as hygiene.

Some Disheartening Facts

  • According to the National Crime Bureau of India, 7000 deaths related to dowry got recorded in 2017. Earlier in 2011, the number of dowry death cases was 19 per day, and in 2016, the number reached up to 21 every day. As per the last updated reports, every day, 20 women die because of dowry-related issues in which either they get forced to attempt suicide or even murdered.
  • As per the latest survey reports, we have concluded that 27% of women have suffered physical torture and violence at home since the age of 15 in a country like India. It's not wrong to say that domestic violence is a form of the pandemic in India.
  • In the last few years, few signs of improvement are visible in the literacy rate of women in India as it has crossed 65% mark, but still, a significant turnaround would help in the progress of the country.
  • Around 13 crore households lack the facility of filling water by staying in their houses, and they have to move out per day to bring water.

Enough is enough!

Our NGO for women empowerment in India, Hindrise Foundation, is taking firm steps in accomplishing the objective of empowering the maximum number of young girls and women so that they can become mature and capable citizens of society whose decisions will start to matter a lot for everyone. Furthermore, we have begun including more people as volunteers in our family to bring a change by effectively implementing our plan regarding women empowerment in India.

To empower women, our NGO for women empowerment in India has taken several initiatives by providing livelihood training, organizing community awareness programs, and rendering microfinance loan facilities to rural young girls and women to initiate their ventures and become entrepreneurs. Let's join hands and work for the women empowerment with utmost enthusiasm.