Traffic and road safety

Traffic and Road Safety NGO in India

As a road safety NGO in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is working on various projects concerning traffic and road safety issues. We are using a unified, community-centric strategy for sorting out the issues pertaining to the realm of road safety. The team members who have become an integral part of the Hindrise Foundation are advocating for issues that ensure road safety improvement. Also, we actively participate in several activities related to road safety committee meetings.

Road safety is a significant issue that affects one and all as every day we need to walk or travel by the road for one or the other reasons. If one has to go to school, hospital, office, parlor, or anywhere, using the road becomes a mandatory thing. Moreover, in professions like driving, individuals can't avoid traveling by road and that too on a daily basis. Thus, the issue of road safety has become vital in today's time.

With our concrete and tireless shots in the direction of creating road awareness among the masses, we have organized awareness programs and campaigns to let the maximum number of people get familiar with rules and regulations concerning traffic and road safety, the impact of traffic violation rules on the society, and other information related to road safety.

Road safety awareness campaigns have become important these days due to the increasing number of cases related to accidents and mishaps. It's a moral responsibility of all the citizens of the nation to abide by the traffic and road safety rules and avoid fast and furious driving on the road, which has taken many lives untimely. Ignorance of traffic rules is not a smart act at all, as many unfortunate lives have become victims of it and even becoming victims today.

Traffic and Road Safety Awareness Campaign by Our Road Safety NGO in India

Our road safety NGO in India, Hindrise Foundation, is thriving in terms of spreading the message of road safety and traffic awareness amidst the significant fragment of the population. Through our out-of-the-box methods, we are making people familiar with road safety and traffic rules as we realized the need for sensitizing youngsters as well as older ones on road safety guidelines.

The best way to boost the safety level of yourself and others while driving on the road is by following the rules and guidelines related to traffic and road safety and never trying to violate them and not let others violate the road safety rules. Our team members have also emphasized the importance of traffic lights and how obeying traffic lights can become a medium of protection and safety through which accidents would get prohibited or at least cases would get reduced in number.

In our road safety and traffic awareness campaign, our active participants hold safety placards, banners along with making an appeal to people to wear seat belts, helmets, and strictly follow the traffic rules. Our road safety NGO in India is promoting road safety campaigns through numerous initiatives in order to prevent road traffic injuries, especially among today's youth. Through our campaigns, we are pleading people to slow down and save their lives as well as the lives of others.

Facts and Figures Concerning Road Safety

  • As per the reports, 11% of the deaths due to accidents in the world happen in India.
  • On a more comprehensive note, accidents caused by overspeeding vehicles on roads have taken the lives of more than 97k people in India in the year 2018.
  • The most prevalent violation in terms of road accidents is driving on the wrong side.
  • According to the Annual Government Report, in the year 2018, 53 road crashes and 17 deaths happen every hour.
  • Road traffic injuries have become the eighth principal cause of deaths in India.
  • Total deaths of Minors in road crashes in India account for 6.6%.
  • The pace at which cases of road traffic dates are increasing year by year, one of the recent studies reveal that the numbers are likely to go beyond the mark of 2, 50,000 by 2025.

Initiatives of the Government concerning Traffic & Road Safety

  • In 2020, the Ministry of Transport has assured that Rs. 14,000 crore state support scheme is in the pipeline to boost road safety within India. The funding for this program would get looked after by the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank. The prime objective of this road safety scheme is to bring a reduction in fatalities due to road accidents.
  • The introduction of an Act concerning road safety, i.e., the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act by the government of India is concerned with working dedicatedly towards the safety of roads.
  • The Indian government has strengthened safety law enforcement to assist the state government and other governments.
  • The Indian government has increased highway patrolling on State along with National Highways to implement and make the safety laws applicable properly.
  • Through publicity campaigns, education, and training, the Indian government is instilling knowledge about traffic and road safety among the masses.
  • The government is making the arrangement of emergency medical amenities for road accidents taking place.
  • The Indian government has launched a Road Safety Information Database to upgrade data collection and analysis quality.
  • In addition to this, the government is endorsing traffic and road safety awareness to pull down the number of rising incidents.

Being a Road Safety NGO in India, Hindrise Foundation is making Groundbreaking Efforts

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, a road safety NGO in India, is making strategies and framing policies in consonance with government policies regarding road safety with a goal of bringing improvement in road safety in India. We are advocating for the rights of road safety victims and road safety as well. As a road safety NGO in India, Hindrise Foundation is spreading the road safety message by organizing and conducting road safety awareness activities at the grassroots level.

Under the umbrella of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, the associate volunteers and members are planning to conduct an innovative program on road safety for communities as well as individuals. At the initial level, the volunteers are proactively working to unveil the causes of traffic crashes, and then only further plans for bringing things under control would get developed.

The road safety NGO in India, Hindrise Foundation, is designing the plans in such a manner to implement smoother traffic flow. Besides this, the humanitarian organization is readily supporting the victims of traffic crashes and reaching out to their families.