Healthcare Management

Healthcare Management

An NGO for healthcare in India, Hindrise Foundation is arranging healthcare facilities for people living under reduced circumstances in impoverished communities. Our team has deployed medical volunteers in diverse areas. They are responsible for overseeing the management of funds, performing routine health checkups to assess the health status of people living in marginalized communities, conducting health awareness programs, and offering sanitation products as well.

We are endeavoring to eradicate half of the healthcare issues by fulfilling the health needs of underprivileged lives yearning to get medical facilities from the support of humanitarian organizations like ours. In order to provide healthcare assistance in those areas where there is a scarcity of hospitals and even checkups are not possible, Hindrise Foundation is forming groups of medical volunteers.

Our NGO for healthcare in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Organization, is lending the highest level of healthcare support to less privileged men and women all over India's remotest regions. We have initiated many activities and programs related to healthcare in rural and undeveloped areas of the country.

By looking at the survey reports pertaining to healthcare issues in poverty-stricken areas, we noticed that most of the people living in healthcare-deprived areas suffer from severe health-related concerns. The pathetic condition in shanty localities and issues related to malnutrition existing in slum areas are the possible reasons behind health disparities. Due to the lack of healthy living facilities, health conditions of a considerable section of the backward regions have deteriorated to the worst. As all these factors have affected the quality of life in underprivileged areas, our healthcare NGO in India, Hindrise Foundation, encourages healthcare management programs and assists community volunteers in reaching out to the maximum number of destitute ones with healthcare solutions.

Our NGO for Healthcare Management  in India Has Initiated the Process to Implement Preventive Health Programs

Being an NGO for healthcare in India, Hindrise Foundation is working in ally with government authorities to provide immediate healthcare solutions to disadvantaged people facing the hardships concerning health in marginalized sectors of slum or rural areas. The importance of healthcare needs in less privileged areas has increased, and we are leaving no stone unturned to uplift the healthcare facilities in those areas.

Lately, we have speeded up implementing preventive healthcare management programs, and it is on the rising curve in India. Preventive healthcare is concerned with the prevention of diseases instead of going for the treatment. We have outlined our strategies so that a good quality of life would get showered on the millions of underprivileged lives. Our efforts, along with the government intervention, ensure the benefits of the government programs to the needy families struggling to get healthcare support.

Due to a lack of awareness and education concerning health issues, many disadvantaged families are deprived of healthcare facilities and assistance from their respective authorities. Through awareness programs, volunteers at Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation are imparting education to the needy families regarding the value of healthy living so that they can get a regular health checkup, effective treatment of health problems, and diseases along with medicinal and financial support.

One Doctor for 1,000 Patients

As per the current government estimate, there is only one doctor for 1,000 patients despite the accelerating growth of medical tourism in India. This fact is disheartening and a matter of shame at the same time. World Health Organization suggests that various Indian hospitals have a scarcity of staff, and there is an increased burden on them. As a result of such a calamitous condition, various healthcare establishments came forward to extend healthcare assistance at low rates. All these efforts should get an increase in bringing more progress in terms of health and medicinal support. As per the official records, the growth of the Indian medical tourism sector is at 18% CAGR.

Our humanitarian NGO for healthcare in India, Hindrise Foundation, has joined hands with numerous healthcare service providers to enable the healthcare facilities all over the remotest regions within Indian boundaries.

We Are Doing our Bit in Winning the Battle against COVID-19 Pandemic

Being an NGO for healthcare in India, Hindrise Foundation has chipped in to extend support to the COVID-19 patients and helping them in recovering along with providing them with relief materials and medical assistance. We are endeavoring to work towards strengthening the less privileged families who can't afford their medical expenses and other relief materials from their finances. Also, we are helping the migrant labors with everything that we can do for them.

Amid ongoing pandemic, we are actively working for the COVID-19 patients and the underprivileged ones by looking after their healthcare expenses in collaboration with government authorities. We are mobilizing the healthcare facilities to those disadvantaged areas where the hope for a better and healthy lifestyle is diminishing with time. Being an NGO for healthcare in India, we are giving wings to our mission of serving healthcare facilities throughout the geographical boundaries of India.

Hindrise Foundation is concerned about the health and hygiene of COVID-19 victims, and thus, we adhere to various safety and hygiene measures while serving food to the slum dwellers and needy individuals. Talking about healthcare management in India, most of the states are facing trouble in bringing the mortifying situation under control amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Therefore, we have formed a league of volunteers to assist the state and the central government of India, holding the grip over this pandemic. Our NGO for healthcare in India, Hindrise Foundation, aims to boldly reshape the lives of COVID-19 sufferers craving to soar high against the odds.

Let's Defeat the Specific Health Issues like Smoking, Drug Use, and Alcoholism

After shaking hands with social and rural entrepreneurs, Hindrise Foundation has made a grand decision regarding the education of the underprivileged people living in rural areas by organizing workshops, seminars, and awareness programs. Here, we impart knowledge about worrisome health concerns like smoking, drug use, and excessive alcohol consumption. Hopefully, we can change the mindset of a few lives regarding all of the previously mentioned devils for survival.

Establishing Network and Promoting Health Rights

Hindrise and its parent company, Enterslice, have established some great networks in the industry to bridge the gap between investors and various villages. Our panel consists of well-experienced business advisors who are capable of bringing heaps of investors together and thereby formulate a sound healthcare framework.

Being an NGO for healthcare in India, we are fostering provisions of necessary healthcare amenities along with supervising medical check-ups from time to time. Our 360-degree holistic healthcare development model is encompassing several community development aspects. We provide a safety net to all those living under extreme poverty or in reduced circumstances so that they can relish a healthier life in the days to come. In the end, we must say that we have started creating a positive impact on several lives through our healthcare management approach.