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Gau Daan

Among all donations in the Vedic Scriptures, Gau Daan is deemed as the supreme satisfying service that holds immense value. The term ‘Gau’ refers to a cow, and the term ‘Daan’ refers to a gift, donation, or charity. Thus, the term ‘Gau Daan’ represents the gift of a cow. For more than 10,000 years, the financial condition of a person was evaluated by how many cows they have kept. In ancient times, during Vedic days, the bartering of goods was done using cows, not currencies. The cows were viewed as a storehouse of wealth. Kings used to donate cows to Brahmins and others.

In Vedic Shastras and Hindu scriptures, there are 7 mothers for every human.

  • The real mother
  • The wife of a Brahmana
  • The wife of the spiritual master
  • The cow
  • The wife of the king
  • The nurse
  • The earth

The milk provided by a mother cow is similar to the milk provided by a mother. Every product of cow, such as Milk, Ghee, Curd, Gaumutra (Cow urine), and cow dung, is known as Pancha Gavyam. It is considered very substantial in a person’s life to get a pure as well as chemical-free life.

In the 47th chapter of the Preta Khanda in Garuda Purana, there is a reference to the Vaitarna or Vaitarani River. After leaving the body, the soul needs to cross this River after death. Folks who have been involved in good deeds and performed daans in their lifetime won’t face any difficulty crossing the River. Also, it is believed that folks who perform Gau Daan never fall into this Vaitarna River after death.

Importance of Gau Daan

The spiritual and religious importance of Gau Daan is mentioned in the Vedic scriptures and religious textbooks. Gifting cows is considered one of the most significant ancient rituals in the current scenario. As soon as one marches toward the next phase of the journey beyond the boundaries of this world, gifting a mother cow is a crucial step. It is mentioned that at least one cow must be donated in a man’s lifetime.

One must perform Gau Daan once in a lifetime to cross River Vaitarna (Vaitarani), the River of hell. Those involved in doing so are considered to be taken across the River in a limited time. Furthermore, those who do not perform the Gau Daan even once are made to swim in the River of urine, blood, and pus and loaded with deadly animals and crocodiles. Gau Daan should be done along with the calf.

In Hinduism, Kali Yuga is the fourth and considered worst among the four Yugas in a Yuga Cycle. Following Dharma is a major challenge in this Yuga. Thus, we are doing a good number of sins that we are unaware of. Also, it is mentioned that all Gods reside in mother cows. Therefore, in the Kali Yuga, Gau Daan should be performed. It falls under the category of Maha Daan. Gou Daan entangles gifting a milking mother cow along with the calf. Cows are worshipped and honoured through pooja using all sacred items and flowers as well as fruits before the daan ritual and then gifted to the Brahmins along with other significant things at the end of the Pooja.


The word Daan is concerned with the act of gifting or donating. In the Hindu traditions and religious textbooks, Daan is considered a supreme activity an individual can perform with utmost devotion. The concept of Newton’s third law applies to the concept of Daan. To every action, there is an equal & opposite reaction. In a similar way, there is a popular saying that “What goes around comes around”, showcasing that the more one gives; we are likely to receive more in return for the same. It is assumed that Gau Daan, besides the Daan of silver, gold, food grains, emeralds, milk, and land, is collectively known as Maha Daan.

Way of Daan

The person involved in performing the Daan must face the east side. On the other hand, the person receiving the Daan must face the north side. This practice can be helpful in increasing the lifespan of the donor and the receiver. Generally, Daan is performed on sacred occasions and auspicious days. It’s better to consult a Pandit or Astrologer before performing Gau Daan.

Benefits of Gau Daan

Gau Daan is a sacred activity that helps an individual get rid of the consequences of sin made by him.

The significant benefits of Gau Daan are mentioned below-

Attracts Positive Energy

Gau daan is considered the source of attracting positive energy for the donor. Performing it can lead to a wide range of benefits, such as good luck, joy, peace, prosperity, and bliss.

Get Rid of Sin

It is one of the auspicious and proven ways to get rid of sins made by an individual. By donating a cow in the name of a Brahmin, the most heinous sins can be forgiven, and the donor will be set free from the chain of sins.

Purifies the Mind and Body

Nobody can question the purity of indigenous cow breeds in India. They are viewed as the purest souls of the earth. By donating a mother cow, you can purify your mind as well as your body. It will eventually lead to a significant number of benefits such as improvement in health, boost in happiness level, and spiritual well-being.

Helps to Attain Moksha

The ultimate goal of Sanatan Dharma is Moksha. It represents the freedom of the soul from the web of materialistic things and the mortal world. By performing Gau Daan, one can achieve the state of Moksha. The process of donating a cow entails the gifting of the most sacred creature in Hinduism. This act of kindness liberates the donor from the cycle of birth and death.

Helps to Gain Knowledge and Wisdom

Mother cow is the symbol of knowledge and wisdom in Sanatan Dharma. By performing cow donation, one can gain knowledge and reach a new height of excellence.

Assists in Repaying Karmic Debts

We all know we have our karmic debts from our past lives, as per the Vedic books. Performing Gau Daan is the act that helps in repaying karmic debts of past lives.

Brings Good Luck and Prosperity

Performing Gau Daan is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the Gau Daan performer and his family. Donate a mother cow to a Brahmin, and let good luck enter your life.

Promotes Peace and Harmony

Performing cow donation is a way to promote peace & harmony in the lives of the donors. Since the cow is a peaceful animal and is known for maintaining calmness and peace in its environment, donating it will make the donor’s life peaceful.

Helps to Accomplish Success in Life

If you want to accomplish success in all the realms of life, such as finance, career, relationship and health, you should perform Gau Daan once in your lifetime. It’s a way to seek the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna and mother cows.

Increases Longevity

A donor can increase his lifespan just by performing Gau Daan. In Vedic textbooks, it is quoted that the mother cow is a symbol of vitality and longevity.

Protects from Harm

Since the cow is a very powerful animal in Sanatan Dharma, it can offer you protection from evil spirits. By performing Gau Daan, a donor can be protected from spiritual and physical harm.

Helps to Overcome Obstacles

Since the cow is a strong as well as resilient animal, it has the ability to support others in overcoming challenges in their life. By performing Gau Daan, you can overcome obstacles in your life easily.

Highest Level of Eternal Bliss

Those who perform Gau Daan once in their lifetime attain the highest level of eternal bliss. Negative vibes stay away from the donors and keep them in a blissful and better state.

Aids in Leading a Pure Life

It is believed that those who perform Gau Daan once in a lifetime get the opportunity to live a pure life away from the clouds of unholiness.

Do’s and Don’ts while Performing Gau Daan


  • Donate a moo creature (cow) with a calf.
  • Quote the purpose of cow donation.
  • Donate a pair of cow and calf who can together withstand adverse weather conditions and climatic changes and stay longer as well as healthier.
  • Reach out to a knowledgeable and qualified Brahmin and take his help for donating.
  • Besides Gau Daan, donate for cow food.
  • Follow all Vedic rituals and standards in the presence of an astrologer or pandit.


  • Do not donate a sick cow.
  • Do not donate only cows.
  • Donate an Indigenous Indian cow, not a foreign cow.
  • Do not donate a cow which is old.

Types of Gau Daan

The common types of Gau Daan are showcased below-

Karj Mukti Dhenu Daan

Karj Mukti Dhenu Daan is the donation of the cow in order to get rid of debts. By donating a cow, the donor can easily repay all his debts and march ahead for a fresh beginning without financial worries.

Prayaschit Dhenu Daan

Prayaschit Dhenu Daan is the donation of a cow in order to seek forgiveness. By donating a cow, the individual donor can ask for forgiveness for sins made by him and begin a new life with a fresh approach.

Paap Dhenu Daan

Paap Dhenu Daan is the donation of a cow in order to get rid of sins. The donor of a cow can eradicate all his sins and begin a new life where there is no room for guilt.

Moksha Dhenu Daan

Moksha Dhenu Daan is the donation of a cow in order to attain Moksha. The donor liberates himself from the cycle of birth and death after performing this type of Gau Daan.

Vaitarna (Vaitarani) Dhenu Daan

In Hindu mythology, the Vaitarani River (River Vaitarna) is deemed as the River of hell and death. By performing this form of cow donation, the donor can easily cross the Vaitarani River, and he won’t have to fight against crocodiles and deadly animals.

Relevance of Donating a Cow (Gaudaan) in Scriptures

Mahabharata Anushasna Parva 78

On his deathbed, Bhishma narrated a story from a much earlier age-old period when King Saudasa questioned Rishi Vasishtha about what in the three worlds was the most sacred. There Rishi Vasishtha preached upon the mystery pertaining to the mother cow: “Donation of cows is considered superior to all others. Cows are Supreme Being on the earth and are sacred.”

“Those who perform Gau Daan succeed in getting free from all sins which they may have committed in the past course of time and all kinds of misfortunes into which they may fall.”

(Mahabharata, Anushasna Parva, Section 80 - 83)

“There is no treasure/gift in this world superior to the gift of a mother cow.”

“Men of wisdom flourish in reaching to Heaven by making gifts of cow.”

(Mahabharata, Anushasna Parva, Section 83)

Of all types of gifts, the gift of a cow is hailed as the higher and supreme. Cows are the greatest of all things.”

It is said that the Sun, Moon, Brahma, Vishnu, Varuna, Agni, and Shiva salutes the individual who donates cow benevolently and happily.

Garuda Purana (Chapter 2)

One needs to travel across the Vaitaraṇi River (Vaitarna River). It is also known as the River of hell and Death. In order to cross this River effortlessly, one must perform Gau Daan or Gift a Cow to a Brahmin during his lifetime. Those who do Gau Daan once in their lifetime are believed to be taken across the River quickly. However, those who do not perform Gau Daan even once are made to float in the River of pus, urine, blood, and deadly animals as well as crocodiles moving in the River.

One must eventually pass this River anyhow to meet Lord Yamraj, where the deeds or Karmas of one’s past life are evaluated and judged.

Gau Daan Before and After Death

Karj Mukti Dhenu Daan falls under the before-the-death case. Moksha Dhenu Daan falls under both categories before and after death. Vaitarna Dhenu Daan falls under after death category.

Importance before Death

To ensure a hurdle-free life for yourself, members of the family and upcoming generations.

Importance after Death

To attain a certain level of Moksha for a known departed soul, to seek the blessings of our ancestors, and to ensure the welfare of the family members.


Time Duration: 3 to 5 Hours

1. Gau Cleaning- It refers to the process of cleaning the mother cow that will be donated.

2. Alankaram- It refers to the process of decorating the cow. It is the second step in the journey.

3. Gau Pooja- It refers to the Hindu ritual of worshipping a cow.

4. Anna Daan Seva- It stands for the process of serving food.

5. Gau Arpan- The cow is offered to a Brahmin in the last step.

Gau Daan Charges: Cost

1. Charges of offering good milk yielding Cow- Rs 55000- Rs 1, 50,000 depending on cow breeds.

2. Fodder Charges

  • 3 months - Rs 1500
  • 6 months - Rs 3000
  • months - Rs 6000

3. We perform cow donation at Hindrise Gaushala.

Mode of Performing Gau Daan at Hindrise

1. Physical Presence of Donor- Visit our Hindrise Gaushala and choose a cow and a calf of your choice. You will receive the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna and Prasad.

2. Live Video Call in the absence of Donor- Our Brahmin and Gausevaks will perform all the rituals on your behalf if you fail to reach our Gaushala.

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