Day Begins with a Meal

Day Begin with a Meal - Hunger in India

Proving its mettle as an NGO for hunger in India, Hindrise Foundation is bringing a reduction in hunger among the underserved section of societies within the geographical borders. We ensure regular meals on a daily basis for hunger-stricken children so that they can evolve in a fit and healthy manner and become the precious assets for the nation's development.

As an NGO for hunger in India, we envision a world where nobody will sleep empty-stomached as all the Indians should have access to necessary pulses and cereals, in-depth knowledge about the worth of healthcare and nutrition and hygienic food that would increase their longevity.

As per the global reports, more than 820 million people are facing hunger-related issues all over the world. According to the study of the World Food Programme, one in every nine people sleeps without getting a daily meal. Although India's growth has been nothing less than phenomenal in the last two decades along with the increase in food grain production, unfortunately, a notable section of India's population can't manage three square meals for themselves.

The largest undernourished population residing in the world belongs to India.

Given below are the critical facts concerning hunger in India-

  • According to the FAO 2019 Report, near about 14.5% of the Indian population falls under the undernourished category.
  • In India, around 194 million people survive under the shackles of undernourishment.
  • National Family and Health Survey estimates exhibits that 38% of children below the five years of age fall under the category of stunted ones, and 36% of children are underweight.
  • According to the FAO 2019 Report, 51.4% of women between the ages of 15 and 49 are anaemic.
  • According to the UNICEF report, 8.8 lakh children under five years of age lost their life due to starvation in 2018.
  • Over 20 crore Indians sleep empty-stomach every day.
  • More than 7000 Indians die per day due to hunger.
  • As per the reports concluded from the recent data, 25 lakh Indians die every year because of hunger.

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for hunger in India, is heading towards Zero Hunger

Earned the repute of an NGO for hunger in India, Hindrise Foundation has a team of highly passionate individuals concerned about the capabilities of gen-next. We have created a systematic plan concerning the mobilization of food from a wide range of sources to make food accessible to all those poverty-stricken regions and backward communities where necessitous people struggle to survive without getting meals on time, and even those who get access to meals but have to eat unhygienic food for survival.

Taking steps ahead with the sustainable development goals together with a hunger-free nation motive, Hindrise Foundation is striving to transform the picture of underprivileged regions in different parts of India by offering food to each household. Our volunteers are the hunger heroes that provide pace to our mission of serving the maximum number of hungry lives residing in marginalized facility-less societies.

Since we believe that food is for everyone irrespective of social and economic status, we are rapidly making strides in the realm of serving hungry individuals. With the dedication and wholehearted support shown by our Hindrise members, we can say that our dream of zero hunger is inching towards becoming a reality.

Significant Causes of Hunger in India

The significant causes of Hunger in India are-

Food Accessibility-Related Problem

In India, most of the crisis pertaining to food and nutrition doesn't occur because of the scarcity of food, but the plight of such type occurs due to lack of access to food. In marginalized communities, there is the problem of transportation due to which food fails to reach an ample quantity. A major section of the vulnerable population faces insecurity related to food due to food unavailability in the market.

Being an NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is endeavoring to increase the accessibility of food in underprivileged communities with a target to serve the starving lives.

Poverty in India

According to the Indian government, 6.7% of India's population is under its official limit of poverty in 2019. Poverty is one of the big reasons behind the failure of underprivileged people to purchase rations and foodstuffs. Therefore, the increasing malnutrition cases in India are up to some extent related to the seeds of poverty deeply unrooted in Indian soil. Near about 15% of India's population lives beneath $1.25 per day on PPP (Expanded as purchasing power parity).

An NGO for hunger in India, Hindrise Foundation, is proactive in alleviating poverty from India by increasing the accessibility of fundamental resources in those underserved areas where there is a lack of life-supporting facilities.

Our NGO for hunger in India, Hindrise Foundation is Combating Climatic Change

In the last 30-40 years, the cases of devastating natural disasters such as floods, droughts, cyclones, killer heat waves, and others related to climatic change have increased more than ever. An abrupt change in the climatic conditions has caused immediate impact along with long-term effects. As a result of climate changes, infrastructure gets destroyed in a worse way, raising livestock becomes a matter of concern, the spread of diseases on a massive scale takes place, etc.

Since too much or unexpected rainfall destroy harvests, hunger becomes a matter of concern. Extreme climatic patterns have a negative impact, mostly on the underprivileged regions where there are inadequate facilities. All these disturbances affect the hunger level in a particular community or area. Observing this, our NGO for hunger in India, Hindrise Foundation in India, has geared up to come up with useful solutions to win the hunger-related battles amid the natural calamities and disasters. Furthermore, we organize food distribution camps in disaster-struck areas and distribute foodstuffs and relief materials to make the underprivileged lives survive in the testing times.

Wastage of Food

According to the UN Development Programme, 40% of food produced in India gets wasted. It is the responsibility of one and all to understand the value of food and take actions from individual end to put a bar on the food wastage. Instead of wasting food unnecessarily, we can accumulate food from various households and can proceed ahead for distributing food to the hunger-stricken families and fulfill their requirements of food for survival.

Many people are craving for food as they can't manage their daily meal needs, and this food wastage is doing nothing but killing their anticipations. It's vital to create awareness regarding wastage of food and its negative consequences. It's unfortunate that 40% of food never reaches the needy ones. Look at Indian weddings, social functions, hotels, etc., and you will witness the disheartening condition prevailing in our society. Thus, our humanitarian NGO for hunger in India is making several decisions regarding food wastage control by accumulating foodstuffs from various functions and distributing it in less developed regions.

Lack of Safe Water Access

The proper growth of crops is next to impossible in case if safe water is not accessible. In most of the slum areas or economically underprivileged areas, there is a scarcity of potable water fit for human consumption, improper sanitation facilities, along with unhygienic habits make the people living under the reduced circumstances prone to water-borne diseases as well as various forms of infections, which can be the reason behind malnutrition.

By drinking unsafe water, people's health will start deteriorating, and their survival will also become a matter of worry. In order to treat malnutrition, managing safe drinking water becomes mandatory. Concerning this, our NGO for hunger in India, Hindrise Foundation, is operating in various under shadowed regions of India where the light of happiness never reaches.

Let's Fight Against Gender Inequality and Accomplish Zero-Hunger Mission

In male-dominating societies that exist mostly in India's rural or semi-urban areas, girls and women have to hear a lot of taunts in terms of their weight gain, shabby looks, eating habits, and more. Sometimes, these taunts hit directly in their mind in such a way that they prefer to maintain distance from food. Gender inequalities existing in societies have worsened the malnutrition condition among young girls and women living in rural or semi-urban areas.

Taking these aspects into the light, an NGO for hunger in India Hindrise Foundation is consistently craving to change the mentality in backward societies and upgrade the respect level of women and girl children living under the hardships. Being an NGO for social welfare, we are trying to provide all-round benefits to young girls and women by distributing foodstuffs to them as they have the potential to become the fortune creator of India.

Hindrise Foundation is Moving Ahead with its Agenda

Being an NGO for hunger in India, Hindrise Foundation is eradicating poverty along with hunger so that underprivileged people would become the privileged ones. We are extending support to weaker communities of different parts of India by serving essential micronutrients and conducting activities through which we can fulfill the requirements. As an NGO for hunger in India, we strive to protect the dignity of underprivileged ones and uproot the seeds of hunger and malnutrition from India.

We are all set to bring improvement in the level of nutrition in our country and ensure food security across India's geographical boundaries. Being an NGO for hunger in India, we are continually searching for effective solutions to increase the accessibility of high-quality food with better nutritional value. We are serving wholesome food to maximum children living under the roof of sorrow and scarcities through our programs.

Recently, in the lockdown period, we have served ration kits and food in the backward areas to help the underprivileged ones in emerging victorious against the COVID-19 pandemic. Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for hunger in India, has circulated 4 lakh food packets in various parts of Delhi NCR amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Also, we have distributed approximately 2 lakh ration kits to assist the migrant workers and make them fight hard against the pandemic's negative consequences. As we have created a strategy to ensure the essential needs of low-income families of migrant workers and other individuals living under reduced circumstances, we have issued more than 2 lakh face masks for making them sustain the hurricane of COVID-19. Still, we have to maximize our efforts to contribute daily meals in the house of every impoverished family.