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We are moving ahead with our mission of Protecting Cows and Preserving the Indian Gau Tradition. As an NGO for cows, we protect discarded cows and calves and make cow shed arrangements to meet their housing needs. Our motto is to rescue cows from slaughterhouses, protect them from smugglers at the Indo-Bangladesh border, provide feed to them, and revive Gau-Sanskriti. Besides rehabilitating mother cows, our core working areas include skill development, women empowerment, and disaster management.

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Our Upcoming Initiatives in the Kitty

As we are blessed to have a network of 500+ veterinary doctors, we are all set to form a Gau-chikitsa Samiti to provide medical treatment to desi Gauvansh all over India. Also, we are planning to construct a Gau Mata Mandir to inculcate the feeling of love and respect towards cows in the heart of youth. Also, we are engrossed in developing a Gau-ecosystem through which we are planning to extend support to dairy farmers and help them in selling the products and byproducts obtained from cows. The creation of job opportunities and skill development training programmes are a significant part of our initiatives. Campaigns related to dairy farming training, cow conservation awareness programs, and other initiatives will help us revive the organic culture. We are marching ahead with our goal of establishing 100+ Gaushalas in the next five years.

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Join us and be a changemaker in the lives of innocent, unheard cows.


Our Activities

For Cows, With Cows, Forever

  • Cow Protection (Gauraksha)

    Cow Protection (Gauraksha)

    We are providing protection to destitute, injured, and abandoned desi Indian cows and providing shelter to them. Furthermore, we ensure the round-the-clock availability of veterinary doctors.

  • Awareness Drives & Camps

    Awareness Drives & Camps

    We are conducting awareness drives and camps to educate people about the importance of cows and the significance of their products & byproducts.

  • Self-sufficiency Training

    Self-sufficiency Training

    We are providing self-sufficiency training to women. Through vocational training, we teach them how to manufacture products such as cow dung diya, cow urine shampoo, eco-friendly rakhi, cow dung soap, cow dung wood, cow dung cake, and other items.


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An Effort to Make Cows Life Better

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An Effort to Make Cows Life Better

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An Effort to Make Cows Life Better

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