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The Vision of HindRise Foundation- An NGO for Social Welfare

The vision of Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for social welfare, is to uplift the sustenance conditions of less privileged ones battling against the cruelties existing in the society.

Besides this, our NGO for social welfare is-

  • Empowering all the economically backward people facing numerous challenges in the poverty-stricken societies
  • Ensuring active participation of underprivileged children in educational and cultural activities
  • Striving to become the chief support and platform for the development of marginalized communities
  • Engaging volunteers to work for the brighter future of people living under reduced circumstances
  • Dispensing all the necessary resources to the individuals to make them relish all the privileges of life
  • Endorsing human rights and most especially the rights of deprived children and youth
  • Upholding the rights of impoverished groups and populations so that they can tread the path that would help them restore their lives
  • Imparting meaningful education with the assistance of various educational bodies by providing classroom facilities, enhancing and developing the curriculum, and serving the different forms of learning opportunities to change the fortune of victimized and indigent children
  • Encouraging development in the area of healthcare and conducting regular health check-up as our NGO for social welfare, Hindrise Foundation believes that health is the deciding factor of a Nation's ascent at all the fronts
  • Enabling below the poverty line communities to access the government schemes benefits that they deserve to acquire
  • Creating a paradise for children down on their luck so that they can attain their right to advancement and survival
  • Envisioning a setting that would nourish entrepreneurship and innovative thought processes
  • Rendering assistance in the hours of disaster-related emergencies and providing long-term solutions to survivors of various types of natural calamities and disaster
  • Serving a better life to the disadvantaged elderly senior citizens & abandoned women by enhancing their vitality and well-being

An NGO for social welfare, Hindrise Foundation's vision is much beyond all these visions, as mentioned earlier. Hopefully, we can help the necessitous ones in living a flourished life.

Hindrise Vision


An NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation, gives wings to its mission of assisting the empty-stomach, underprivileged people in such a way that all the fundamentals of life would become accessible to them.

Further, the mission of our NGO for social welfare in India is mentioned below in brief-

  • To empower the economically disadvantaged people with an objective to make them self-reliant in the society governed by people with deep pockets
  • To provide a prospering and unbiased environment for those individuals who have always craved for equality in society
  • To extend hands of support to poverty-stricken families, societies, and communities and make them capable enough to raise voices against the cases concerning child labour and sexual abuse
  • To disrupt the vicious cycle of poverty and usher the poor and needy people on a path loaded with comfort and blissful moments
  • To extend humanitarian services across the geographical boundaries of India
  • To alleviate all kinds of sufferings of people under disadvantaged circumstances regardless of religion, color, caste, or sociological backdrop
  • To increase public understanding regarding the sufferings of people so that they come ahead to be a helping hand to our NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation and give power to our pledge of uplifting the people living under degraded circumstances
  • To emphasize on people's "collective efforts" for all-round development of happiness-deprived individuals seeking the pleasures of a lifetime since birth
  • To provide abandoned senior citizens and elderly mothers with all those facilities in life that would ensure a better future ahead
  • To make the underprivileged souls realize their rights leaving no room for discrimination between the privileged and the less privileged ones
  • To upgrade the living standards of individuals in need of a ray of hope living in slum or rural areas of marginalized sections of society with a life cycle approach to development
  • To assist the helpless and needy women in overcoming socio-economical as well as political barriers having its roots in the backward regions of India
  • To accumulate in-depth information about the number of unemployed rural women and transforming them in an employable manner
  • To create awareness regarding safety measures for accident prevention and help those who have fallen prey to road accidents
  • To increase cows' life span by supporting and nurturing them with love and compassion and helping them get out of the shackles of slaughterhouses
  • To render rescue services along with grant relief materials during natural calamities

Amid COVID-19 Pandemic, our NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation has taken giant steps to meet people's essential requirements due to lockdown by distributing ration materials, face masks, sanitizers as well as sanitary pads to women.

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for social welfare in India, is spreading its working areas across the Indian boundaries and endeavoring to succeed in accomplishing its noble mission.

What Drives Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for Social Welfare to Work Consistently for underprivileged ones in India?

Our NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation is proactively working for the backward societies and is craving to achieve even more driven by the facts and records mentioned below-

  • Although, as per the reports, India lifted around 27 crore people out of the well of severe poverty, nearly 36 crore Indians sleep hungry without getting three square meals to eat in a day.
  • According to one of the reports of UNESCO, over 35% of the illiterate population of the entire world stays in India.
  • As per the sources, 80% of children not more than 14 years of age have become the victim of child labor in rural parts of India.
  • According to NCRB data, 109 children have faced the heat of sexual abuse per day in India in 2018.
  • Around 120 Pakistani Hindu Nationals families, who visited India between 2011 and 2014 on pilgrimage Visa, are residing near South of Gurudwara, Majnu ka Tila in jhuggis and half-constructed structures.
  • Within every 10 minutes, a child goes missing in India.
  • In 2017, India lost near about 2,736 lives due to disasters.
  • In 2018, around 1.51 lakh people died due to crashes in a road accident.
  • According to NCRB, 10, 349 farmers went on to commit suicide in 2018.
  • Around 8, 00,000 cows get slaughtered for food per day on an average.
  • According to the Union Health Ministry, around 18,655 patients have died till the 3rd of July, 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the fight against COVID-19, the family members of Hindrise Foundation are working all day and night to provide relief and a ray of hope for a better morning full of life to people, especially the underprivileged ones. Our NGO for social welfare in India is adopting a multidimensional approach to accomplish all of its missions to heal the broken soul of impoverished people most effectively.

Hindrise Mission


The Hindrise Foundation came into existence on October 22, 2018, to bring a much-needed change in the society for rendering a better life to underprivileged individuals.

  • Necessitous people living in hardships have the potential to accomplish in their lives. All they need is the help and assistance to bring out their best.
  • Women lay the foundation of a country's successful ride to prove their worth. They must get equipped with various resources that would help them in setting the pillars for the nation's growth.
  • Volunteers are the driving force for any non-governmental organization.
  • With our determined volunteers, we would reach the pinnacle point of satisfying the needs of underprivileged people craving to get out of the prevailing darkness in their life.
  • Sharing of resources, information, and technology amid marginal communities would uplift the economically, socially, and psychologically backward individuals and make them stand not behind the privileged ones but besides them.
  • Our NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation believe in putting efforts to the fullest in the direction of upgrading the living standard of individuals residing in remotest areas where there is no indication of growth and expansion and where darkness exist all around putting hindrances in the lives of the poorest ones.
  • All the individuals irrespective of their color, creed, economic status, caste, etc. should be well aware of their rights, and when somebody forgets all the values and make an attempt to snatch their rights, they need to raise their voice. Hindrise Foundation is readily waiting to become the voice for those who can't take their stand, and therefore, our wholehearted support would help them march ahead without any fear and get their rights.
  • In addition to this, we have a deep belief that our consistent and greedless efforts would result in a positive turnaround in the lives of indigent people.
Belief Hindrise

Working Model

Working Model of Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for Social Welfare in India

The working model of our NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation, revolves around the notion of "Venture Philanthropy." Endeavoring to achieve philanthropic goals, we are addressing the most genuine issues that our nation and it's poor and unfortunate nationals are facing every day. As philanthropy plays an institutional role in sorting out the complex issues of marginalized communities and backward regions, we are consistently working on the Venture Philanthropy Model.

Venture Philanthropy concept is all about managing the financial resources and ample capital to seek into a wide range of issues concerning social, economic, and other aspects as well. We are readily putting our sweat and blood in transforming the lives of millions of underprivileged individuals by increasing the regular accessibility of food, shelter, water, healthcare facilities, meaningful educational assistance, and other critical issues existing in Indian society.

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for social welfare in India, is taking the initial steps by weighing up the existing problems in our societies especially in those zones where there is a scarcity of life-surviving factors and then finding out the ultimate solutions to those problems so that all the problems would come to an end and a better future together with the scope of brighter prospects would make the needy ones feel the worth of their existence. It is a company that went on getting itself registered under section 8 of The Company Registration Act of 2013. As provided in the segment, this company holds charitable goals and work on the fulfillment of those purposes.

How Hindrise Foundation, NGO Working for Social Welfare in India, Find the Relevant Solutions for Problems of Underprivileged Ones?

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO working for social welfare in India, follows the steps given below to discover the appropriate solutions for numerous problems existing in the lives of underprivileged and neglected souls of backward areas in Indian societies.

1- Locate the Area- The working model of the Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for social welfare in India, initiates with determining the area that requires change and development. In the first step, we determine the various concerned areas where there is a significant requirement of transformation for the upliftment and betterment of the prescribed areas to the core.

2- Conducting Community Outreach Programs at the Determined Areas- After determining or locating the concerned areas, we move ahead for conducting community outreach programs at those determined quarters or regions. These outreach programs are the ways through which we start the process of implementing our development initiatives for impoverished people from slum, village, or urban slum regions trying to survive amidst the fog of pain and hardships. With the help of outreach programs, Hindrise Foundation brings a massive number of intervention projects on the board through which focus will be entirely on the healthcare, education, feeding the hungry souls, skills development, women empowerment, and so on.

3- Identification of the Issues- Identification of the numerous issues concerning the underprivileged lives is crucial for the changes required in the underdeveloped and poverty-stricken areas of various spheres within Indian boundaries.

4- Project Development- After identifying and analyzing an entire lot of issues, project development is the next step to get followed. We frame the different structures for different projects and work accordingly. When it comes to funding for NGOs, the project's effective development has a crucial role to play. The NGO project includes the mission, vision, beliefs, and working methodologies of NGOs.

5- Assigning the Project to Appropriate Individuals- In the last step, projects get assigned to appropriate persons on the basis of their capabilities along with their respective interests towards any area that demands development as well as transformation. Furthermore, if the right person takes charge of the right projects, final outcomes would come in favor of our NGO working for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation.

The working model of the Hindrise Foundation is high in terms of principles and values where social, economic, and all sorts of development and transformation matters but not at the cost of any shady means. Being an NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation is all set to bring positive reforms in the areas of scarcity and serve a path of happiness to the underprivileged lives.

Core Objectives of Hindrise Foundation

  • To create a development base for underprivileged children, women, abandoned elderly adults and others who can't manage their livelihood by their efforts
  • To adopt an intensive approach towards the betterment of Indian farmers along with their socio-economic progression so that they can proceed ahead in their life in a positive way
  • To assist financial support to those underprivileged individuals who holds a lot of possibilities within themselves but due to scarcity of necessary resources they have been facing the challenges of various types in their lives and to give wings to their enthusiastic ideas that would eventually usher India on the path of development
  • To encourage impoverished women and youth to come up with novel thoughts and different perspectives
  • Create a joyful learning environment for disadvantaged students from slum, village or semi-urban zones so that they can learn to widen their sky of knowledge and match pace with the privileged students living in urban areas and elite societies of India
  • To show the right path to the less privileged citizens craving for all the privileges in order to make them self-reliant in the long run
  • To bring the marginalized areas on the right track where there will be easy access to quality primary education for poverty-stricken children yearning to get educated and become a better citizen of society
  • To provide old age home facilities to stranded senior citizens and satisfy all their requirements such as healthy and hygienic food, a place of comfort to live, clothes offering protection to their bodies, and other facilities as well
  • To organize several awareness campaigns and various life-changing events in different marginalized areas
  • To render medical assistance to underprivileged souls unable to make the payment of their medical bills
  • To combat against natural calamities and COVID-19 pandemic

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