Margesh Rai / Jun 11, 2021

Creating Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination is the Need of the Hour

Raising awareness on COVID-19 vaccination importance in the current scenario has become the need of the testing time. The first & the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic led to...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 10, 2021

Being an NGO for Elderly in India, we are Helping Senior Citizens

At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for elderly in India, we are actively working for the welfare of the disadvantaged elderly people in India. The challenges of the...

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Margesh Rai / Jun 07, 2021

Hindrise is all Set to initiate a 100-bed Hospital in Sitamarhi

Many people have succumbed to the COVID-19 severity in the hospitals of North Bihar amid the second wave of the pandemic. The unavailability of beds and oxygen cylinders has snatched...

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Margesh Rai / Feb 01, 2021

Horticulture Sector in India: The Sky is the Limit

Horticulture is the science, art, as well as business of cultivating vegetables, fruits, flowers, ornamental plants, and herbs. In other words, it is known as the exercise of garden cultivation...

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Soumya Bajpai / Dec 22, 2020

Analysis of Policy Gaps in the Health Infrastructure in India

Health infrastructure in India is an important indicator for understanding the country's health care policy and welfare mechanism. It signifies an investment priority with regards to the creation of health...

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Soumya Bajpai / Dec 11, 2020

Discrimination and Oppression of Women in Context to Indian Society

In the 21st century, India is rising as a global power, but half of the population, i.e., women who are still facing issues and struggling for life and dignity. Women...

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Margesh Rai / Dec 04, 2020

Laying the Groundwork to Eradicate Social Injustice in India

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for social welfare in India, is striving to eradicate social injustice in India. The organization is serving the marginalized, vulnerable, and the ignored ones by providing...

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Margesh Rai / Nov 10, 2020

Poverty Alleviation Policy – Extirpating Poverty to the Core

Poverty Alleviation Policy aims to reduce poverty by providing access to food, monetary help, and bare essentials to the households/individuals belonging to the below poverty line.Approximately two-thirds of India's people...

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Margesh Rai / Sep 18, 2020

Hindrise Foundation, an NGO for Social Welfare, is uplifting the poverty-stricken families

Being an NGO for social welfare in India, Hindrise Foundation is striving on a continuous basis in order to uplift the poverty-stricken families living under the shackles of difficult circumstances...

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admin / Apr 08, 2020


ये लड़ाई किसी एक क़स्बे, ज़िले या राज्य की नहीं है, न ही किसी एक देश तक सीमित रह गई है| ये एक वैश्विक संकट है! जिसमे हमें,आपको और विश्व...

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