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Being an NGO for Elderly in India, we are Helping Senior Citizens

At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for elderly in India, we are actively working for the welfare of the disadvantaged elderly people in India. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are different for all the socio-demographic groups. The COVID-19 disease has increased the problems for older adults as compared to other age groups.

In rural areas, several elderly are left alone after their children migrate to the cities in search of better job opportunities. Older adults are already struggling with underlying conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or respiratory issues — comorbidities that we now understand. After the arrival of COVID-19 in India last year, the elderly ones have started developing life-threatening complications, and some of them have even lost their lives throughout the pandemic till now. Most importantly, a likely weaker immune system makes it too difficult for older adults to fight off infection. Consequently, the impact on older adults is observed as notable.

The elderly ones ask for nothing but to live the rest of their life in peace. Helping underprivileged old people and bringing a positive transformation in their standard of living is the dire need of the hour as we know that old age folks constitute a significant portion of India’s demography, most of them are confronting different challenges, and their conditions are lamentable. That’s why it’s not wrong to say that it has become the major social issues in our country in the current scenario. With their diminishing health, their vulnerability against different health-related problems concerning every aspect of their lives escalates and adding to their developing burden is the negligence as well as stereotypes created by society.



1.      Being an NGO for Elderly in India, we are Helping Senior Citizens

2.      Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for elderly in India, is Running an Elderly Support Campaign

3.      Facts and Figures

4.      What are the Problems Encountered by Senior Citizens in India?

5.      Hindrise, an NGO for Elderly in India is coming up with Old Age Home in Bihar

6.      Hindrise, an NGO for elderly in India is endeavouring to address the Genuine Issues

7.      Sponsor a Senior Citizen in Hindrise Old Age Home

8.      Summing Up

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for Elderly in India, is Running an Elderly Support Campaign

Being an NGO for elderly in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation came up with an Elderly Support Campaign to support the disadvantaged elders who are living a secluded life, some of them are homeless while a few of them are staying in night shelters and old age homes. The volunteers at Hindrise are distributing family survival kits containing basic rations, healthy and hygienic meals free of cost, hygiene kits with hand wash as well as masks, medical support free of cost, healthcare facilities and hospital transportation support.

Senior citizens have become the major prey for the viruses as they are the most vulnerable, peculiarly those who have crossed the age of 70. These elderly citizens are generally at high risk for the infection caused to Coronavirus, and, in a few of the cases, they are also trying to keep themselves against the problems such as isolation, poverty and negligence by the younger members of the family.

Being an NGO for elderly in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is extending its eldercare services to the elderly ones in urban as well as rural areas, with all essential resources such as high-quality food cooked in a healthy environment, prescribed medicines, a wide range of information, counselling support as well as anything else they may be looking for during the lockdown.

Facts and Figures

  • In India, 39% of 103.9 million elderly ones are either abandoned or live alone.
  • People live with respect and dignity all their life, and eventually, one day, they are left with no choice but to roam and beg in order to survive.
  • According to an estimate, near about 40% of senior citizens staying with their family members are reportedly facing abuse in one or the other form, but unfortunately, only 1 in 6 cases comes to light.
  • One of the studies suggests that during the COVID-19 pandemic, around 71% of elderly people living in India concluded that ill-treatment toward them had increased during the lockdown.
  • As per the 2011 census records, there were about 103 million people older than 60, reckoning for 8.6% of the population.
  • The number, nevertheless, is anticipated to soar to 319 million by 2050, per government figures.
  • The need for old-age homes in India will hopefully increase rapidly, as per one of the modern survey.
  • Currently, 97,000 beds are available throughout the nation at these homes; In the upcoming ten years, around 9 lakh more beds will be needed.
  • Further, sources indicate that every second senior citizen receives ill-treatment. Also, they are degraded by members of the family, relatives, children, and others.
  • National Crime Records Bureau’s Report throws light on the fact that 32, 496 elderly have been slain & around 5836 cases of kidnapping, torture, as well as harassment, got recorded in India b/w the time range of 2001-2010.

What are the problems Encountered by senior citizens in India?

In India, the elderly population is one of the rapidly growing in the world. In the current scenario, India is rated as the 2nd largest global population of ageing citizens. As per the reports, it is assumed that the present number will further witness an increase by 2050. Nonetheless, India lacks the basic infrastructure as well as expertise to assist the health and welfare of the elderly ones.

According to several surveys across the Nation, for most Indian senior citizens, the biggest worry that exists is lack of financial support, seclusion, and Healthcare costs. Most importantly, a major chunk of the senior citizens is not accorded the dignity of care they deserve. Thus, caretaker for the elderly has become a matter of priority in recent time.

The problems encountered by senior citizens in India are-

Lack of Financial Assistance

  • There is limited public or private financial aid for the elderly ones.
  • Numerous researches reveal that the majority of the Indians who are actively working only a few are fit for the pension.
  • Usually, senior health insurance has very feeble penetration and has a notably meagre pay-out history.
  • Nonetheless, health costs keep climbing in old age.

Absence of Physical Infrastructure

  • The absence of physical infrastructure constitutes a significant hindrance to granting comfort to senior citizens.
  • There are merely a few purpose-built elder care homes or public ramps that are open for older citizens who are incapable of moving, like those who require wheelchair access.
  • Shortly, with extending endurance and debilitating chronic illnesses, many of the senior citizens will require greater access to physical infrastructure in the subsequent years.
  • This plot is applicable in both their own houses and in public spaces, such as roads and malls.

Shortage of Emergency Response Infrastructure

  • In India, the emergency response infrastructure for senior citizens is actually ill-developed, entailing the availability of public ambulances for the purpose of hospitalization.
  • One of the principal fears for most senior citizens residing alone is how to go about obtaining an emergency means if needed, especially at night.
  • With more extended elderly care services available in recent time, it is moderately making their life more relaxed.

Accelerated Socio-Economic Change

  • The prompt socio-economic change primarily covers more nuclear families that are other determinants that are making elder care administration complex.
  • Chiefly in the case of busy NRI children accountable for the well being of elder ones in the family.
  • Managing home care for the aged is a cumbersome hurdle as various elderly home care service providers who usually do not interact with each other are engrossed in rendering that care.
  • These services primarily comprise nursing agencies, physiotherapists as well as caregivers, etc.

Understanding of Specific Diseases

  • There are very light information and information that exists with respect to particular geriatric diseases.
  • It is considered obvious that mental health issues are seldom discussed, and our nation is ill-prepared to deal with the growing incidence of depression, dementia, and Alzheimer’s amongst senior citizens.
  • There are only a few amenities like elderly home care services which can handle geriatric health efficiently, even in major metros.

Absence of Companionship

  • Most elderly ones who apparently live isolated and go through different forms of suffering because of lack of companionship sometimes worsened by lack of movement due to ill health.
  • Loneliness, as well as isolation, is unquestionably a matter of principal concern among elderly people in India who are beyond the age of 60.
  • Isolation essentially can lead to continuous depression and other mental complications in senior citizens.
  • When you attempt to promote a sound bond with older parents and include them in your present life, it could be quite advantageous for one and all.

It is early that India’s demographic interest of being a ‘young’ nation will turn into a demographic horror if the infrastructure, as well as the services, are not evolved fast enough for our senior citizens. Elderly care services will play a substantial role in bridging the huge gap between the investments and expertise required and what is obtainable from public and NGO roots.

Hindrise, an NGO for Elderly in India is coming up with Old Age Home in Bihar

Respecting and showering love and utmost care on the elderly, such as mother, father, and other elder ones, has been a part of our tradition. All the scriptures, saints, and gurus also establish a link between the service of the elderly and the service of God. However, many people get lost and forget their values in the changing environment. They show disrespect towards the senior citizens in their family and leave them in a helpless state. The outcome is that in the last stages of life, such unfortunate elders have to face mental as well as physical torture. It is viewed as a very dire situation in the current scenario. It’s unfortunate that such cases are rapidly increasing in Bihar also.

The situation of the abandoned elderly ones in Bihar is not necessarily due to financial issues. Many times children deny taking care of their parents because of family and other pressures. Such older adults are finding ways to survive somehow. For rendering support to such helpless and abandoned elders, our NGO for elderly in India have started the “Hindrise Old Age Home” construction work in Bihar, where we will be providing all the facilities to elderly people free of cost. From living, eating as well as drinking to their medical treatment, we will ensure a high level of management. Furthermore, we will righteously perform the last rites. Under the mentorship of Paripurna Anand Ji, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is all set to develop better old age homes for abandoned elder people.

You are being requested to participate in the development of the old age home. Your kindness, as well as love, will be the support of these elderly ones. With the blessings of these souls, God’s grace will always be your side.

Hindrise, an NGO for elderly in India, is endeavouring to address the Genuine Issues

As an NGO for elderly in India, we are striving to bring all form of problems and most genuine issues related to elderly people to the forefront as we feel that keeping eyes on the hindrances faced by the senior citizens in India has become the need of the hour. The emerging issues in the lives of the senior citizens have given birth to brand-new thoughts as well as a new kit of objectives in the heart of volunteers who have become an integral part of the Hindrise Family.

Sponsor a Senior Citizen in Hindrise Old Age Home 

Your noble sponsorship will help us to create a better platform for the neglected and less privileged elderly people in the Hindrise Old Age Home. Once you donate, we will grant the receipt, feedback summary on the money utilization as well as sponsored elderly person’s particulars to you.

Summing Up

Being an NGO for elderly in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is gearing up with old age homes in Bihar under the mentorship and guidance of Swami Paripurna Anand Ji with a vision of bringing positive transformation in the lives of elderly people residing in Bihar. From arranging healthcare facilities to providing wholesome food, delivering prescribed medicines, to serving other essentials, we are proactively working to help the less privileged senior citizens of India. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for elderly in India, is leaving no stone unturned in creating a better world for older adults in Bihar and other parts of India.