Rising Milestone

Rising Milestone

Rising Milestone


Incorporated in the year 2018, Hindrise Foundation has strived to create a self-sustained system in order to empower the less privileged people of poverty-stricken regions of various parts of India. From the very beginning, our humanitarian organization has wholeheartedly supported low-income or people below the poverty line from backward communities by equipping them with valuable tools, the proper training to upgrade their skills, and imparting meaningful education to underprivileged children and girls. We conducted food distribution campaigns in which we distributed food boxes, biscuits, sweets, snacks, and other eatables in deprived regions.

Luckily, we have an unshakeable bond of team members comprising volunteers, representatives and interns to assist us in accomplishing our desired objectives of rendering support to the needy lives across the geographical boundaries of India. With the mindset to establish a better environment for the suppressed ones in society, Hindrise Foundation, a social welfare NGO, has been giving its best in every way.


In the year 2019, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, our humanitarian NGO, organized socio-legal awareness programs at several places by presenting Nukkad Nataks in association with the Anushthan Theatre and Drama Society. We extended support to Pakistani Hindu Refugees in order to reconstruct their lives. From arranging healthcare facilities to meeting their residential and daily food requirements, we manage everything.

Hindrise Foundation has been distributing groceries in underdeveloped regions of Delhi NCR, such as Majnu ka Tila and other parts of India. We have organized skill development camps to upgrade abandoned and helpless women's skills to make them self-reliant. Also, we have organized blood donation camps for those underprivileged individuals who fail to manage blood for themselves in their hours of need. In addition to this, we have been organizing food distribution campaigns to satiate the hunger of empty-stomached lives.

Rising milestone
Rising Milestone


Hindrise Foundation, a social welfare NGO, distributed around 5 lakh+ food packets in several parts of Delhi NCR amid the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, we have distributed around 3 lakh ration kits to support the migrant workers until now. At police stations in Noida and Greater Noida, we have installed 325+ foot-operated sanitizer dispensers and automatic sanitizer dispensers. Furthermore, we have distributed more than 20,000 designed reusable face masks to Up Police as we believe that the safety of Corona Warriors should be the priority. Furthermore, our social welfare NGO, Hindrise Foundation, has donated more than 11 lakh Rs. to the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund.

In the last week of June, Hindrise Foundation donated ration kits to feed around 500 poverty-stricken families amidst the COVID-19 outbreak on the 21st death anniversary of the late Captain Vijayant Thapar, who was the epitome of valour. Also, we have donated face masks, ration kits, and other relief materials to daily wage workers going through the toughest time during the pandemic.


During the second wave of the pandemic, the death cases witnessed a massive rise. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for Healthcare, started CovidWAR Room to control the situation. Through the CovidWAR Room, we ensured that essential medicines would reach the Covid patients and easy availability of oxygen cylinders and ICU beds in Bihar. At CovidWAR Room, we analyzed the symptoms and past medical history of patients and extended support to them accordingly.

We started Aatmnirbhar Seva Kitchen to accomplish our mission of zero hunger. By taking this initiative, we served nutritious food to the families of 5000+ daily wage labourers. Under this initiative, migrant workers, daily wage labourers, rickshaw pullers, and other needy people get organic and fresh food for only Rs. 5 with utmost respect and pride. Aatmnirbhar Seva Kitchen, a Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation’s initiative, turned out to be a rainbow of fortune and possibilities in the lives of unfortunate ones.

Rising Milestone
Rising Milestone


Hindrise Gaushala is an initiative Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation took to serve and protect mother cows. Driven by the desire to bring back the lost glory of mother cows and ensure a secure future for them, Shri Narendra Kumar initiated the journey with one Gaushala and eventually started the second one. Currently, we are leaping forward with our vision of establishing 100+ Gaushalas all over India. We are working passionately on a breed improvement programme. Besides this, we are determined to boost the milking capacity of the cows.

In the second half of 2022, the lumpy skin disease outbreak resulted in the death of 1 lakh+ desi Indian cows. Thus, we formed a team of 500+ Pashu Chikitsaks across India to support divine moo creatures. 5000+ cows were infected in our partner Gaushalas and In Hindrise Gaushala, around 20 to 30 cows were infected due to the virus, but due to our holistic healthcare approach, we successfully saved their lives and prevented the spread of the virus.


We continued our journey of preserving mother cows and formed a team of 100+ Gausevaks and Gaurakshaks across the country. Now, we are connecting with the dairy farmers and helping them sell their dairy products to make their dairy business sustainable. Also, we are increasing awareness among the masses about the religious importance of cow protection and care and the scientific value of the desi cow milk products and byproducts. Furthermore, we are running a cow protection movement with the help of our volunteers.

In July 2023, the Yamuna River water submerged the floodplains, and 1000+ desi cows were trapped in the flood water. Along with our team members, we have successfully rescued 800+ mother cows, including 200+ desi cows, from our own Gaushala with the help of the NDRF team. Recently, we purchased cow ambulances to extend medical support to moo creatures during challenging times.

Rising Milestone

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