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Importance of Economic and Social Equality for Women in India

Equality is known as the state of being equal on all the grounds in the basic definition. Based on a widespread debate on matters pertaining to equality, we can argue that we have never witnessed equality since the presence of mankind. Nevertheless, since the development of divergent opinions from a wide range of perspectives based on certainly recognised viewpoints of human nature: equality can be described properly only concerning the approved perspective in the understanding of fundamental principles of humanity. This blog will let you know about the importance of economic and social equality for women.


1.      Importance of Economic and Social Equality for Women in India

2.      Economic Inequality in Brief

3.      Social Inequality in Brief

4.      Accelerating Economic and Social Equality for Women in India

5.      Sowing the Seeds of Equality

6.      Hindrise is Raising Awareness about Economic and Social Equality for Women

7.      Accomplishing Economic and Social Equality is the Goal!

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Economic Inequality in Brief

  • Economic inequality is all about the unequal & uneven distribution of income as well as opportunity b/w several groups in society due to different factors.
  • It is a major concern in a major chunk of the countries all over the world, and usually, folks are confined in poverty with a limited chance to soar up the social ladder.
  • However, being born into scarcity doesn’t automatically imply you stay impoverished.
  • Education at all levels, heightening skills, and training policies can be utilised beside social support programs to help souls out of poverty and pull down the graph of inequality.
  • When you walk or drive around any city or town, you may witness varied sized houses, several types of cars in shape and look, and different form of activities going on in the society.
  • These variations can be signs of economic inequality, which is the significant difference between individuals or groups in terms of their income, wealth, or valuable assets.
  • Although generally you notice variations in economic levels around your society, economic inequality is applicable on a giant scale to the countries of the world.
  • Economic inequality is the outcome of specific sections of society enduring persistent shortage as well as a disadvantage and lack of opportunity to grow.
  • It can affect anything from the health of people and communities to the fervour of social union.

Social Inequality in Brief

Understanding the importance of economic and social equality is important. Here, we are going to mention brief points related to social inequality in India. Social inequality has been prevailing in India for a long time.

Several measures were initiated to subdue these inequalities. Some of the significant inequalities are-

  • Regional disparity grew in the 1990s, with southern as well as western parts doing better in comparison with eastern or northern parts.
  • The economic disparity further rose within states.
  • The persistent inequality in India is in the realm of income & distribution of income as well as resources among folks.
  • It is because of factors such as family influence & inheritance etc.
  • There exist a vital difference b/w individuals employed in the formal & non-formal sector.
  • People earn less money in the informal sector, and in formal sector, people get a handsome amount.  
  • Various communities in the country have suffered inequalities.
  • It has usually led to multiple conflicts within individuals, groups or b/w one social group and the other.
  • Still, people are fighting on the basis of religion.
  • There survives inequality b/w these societies on numerous fronts like education and employment.
  • The caste system in India has been eliminated but solely on paper.
  • People yet follow the same.
  • There exist vast inequalities b/w upper caste folks and lower caste folks.
  • In brief, India is handling social inequality in the present scenario as well.
  • The government took numerous steps, such as reservations for particular groups.
  • Nevertheless, these steps have not managed to anything to a great extent.
  • Rather, it has led to more disputes among the various communities.
  • Even further land reforms & redistribution of wealth couldn’t help eliminate the nation’s existing income inequality problem.

Accelerating Economic and Social Equality for Women across India

  • Accelerating economic and social equality for women has become the need of the hour.
  • Every child endeavours to reach her or his utmost potential, but the presence of gender inequalities in their lives as well as in the lives of those who respect and value them hinder this fact.
  • Wherever they dwell in India, girls, as well as boys, see gender inequality in their respective houses and communities on a daily basis – in movies, in textbooks, in the media, as well as among the men & women who present their care and assistance.
  • Across India, gender inequality creates a scenario of unequal opportunities, affecting both genders’ lives.
  • However, reports suggest that girls are the most disadvantaged ones in a male-dominating society.
  • On a global level, girls have more eminent survival rates at birth, are likely to be progressively on track, and just as anticipated to participate in preschool.
  • However, India is the only major nation where more girls lose their lives than boys.
  • In addition to this, girls are likely to drop out of school.
  • Girls, as well as boys, encounter adolescence differently in India.
  • While boys tend to feel greater freedom, girls are likely to suffer extensive constraints on their capacity to move smoothly and make decisions influencing their education, marriage, work, as well as social relationships.
  • Invigorating the upcoming generation to focus on economic and social equality is crucial, and it’s important to maintain the balance for the all-round growth of a country.

Sowing the Seeds of Equality

  • As boys & girls age, the barriers concerning gender proceed to expand and stretch into adulthood, where we get to observe a quarter of women in the formal workplace solely.
  • Many Indian women are global leaders and influential voices in distinct fields.
  • Still, most women, as well as girls in India, do not thoroughly relish most of their rights because of intensely entrenched patriarchal beliefs, standards, traditions and arrangements.
  • India will not completely grow unless both girls, as well as boys, are equally encouraged to boost their level up. 
  • Placing the seeds of equality in the hearts of people living in rural, semi-urban and areas will eradicate inequality, and things will be better in the forthcoming period.
  • There are uncertainties, ruins and vulnerabilities girls suffer just due to the fact that they are girls.
  • Most of these uncertainties are undeviatingly linked to the political, social, economic, as well as cultural limitations girls deal with in their day-to-day lives.
  • It becomes critical during the hours of crisis and disasters.
  • With the pervasiveness of gender distinction, and social patterns and systems, girls become exhibited to the probability of child marriage, child domestic work, teenage pregnancy, sexual abuse, poor education and health, exploitation & violence.
  • Many of these indications will not alter unless girls are esteemed more.
  • Parents should push their girl child to engage themselves in learning new skills and gaining proper education so that they can see beyond the windows of inequality and then only, they will able to experience economic and social equality.
  • Furthermore, NGOs must focus on the evolution of economic and social equality within the boundaries of India. 

Hindrise is Raising Awareness about Economic and Social Equality for Women

Hindrise is Raising Awareness about Economic and Social Equality for Women

Through various campaigns, awareness programs, and workshops, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is making people notice the importance of economic and social equality for women. Hindrise is providing livelihoods with dignity for less privileged and resource-poor women residing in rural and urban parts of India.

At Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we are driven by the mission of fabricating a place where all women, especially women from backward communities, cherish full citizenship, mint money with dignity as well as generate wealth & value for one and all. We are a social welfare organization working across religious as well as social divides to empower needy women with essential resources. 

More than 10,600 women have received benefits from getting training in – women’s rights, English speaking; effective communications; self-defence; sexual and reproductive health; grooming and map reading, first aid; and gaining insights on key roads and tracks. Our goal is to secure balance in the employment field for penniless and hopeless women by rendering bold livelihoods choices that will be helpful in uplifting women’s economic status, dignity, and decision-making within their households. To accomplish this, our women empowerment programme empowers women with the required economic as well as social capital to become professionals in different fields.

Accomplishing Economic and Social Equality is the Goal!

Through community programmes, we invite women to participate in different activities and match pace with the men. Hindrise Founder Narendra Kumar has started Aatmnirbhar Sena, through which many underprivileged women have initiated their small-scale business. At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we advocate for women’s social concerns in livelihood programmes.

Through our consistent efforts in the direction of women empowerment, we contribute to accomplishing economic and social equality for women up to a certain extent in some parts of India. Better condition of women in the country will ensure the progress and development of the nation on all fronts.


For the development of any society, it’s important to set up the base of economic and social equality for women. Nowadays, the Indian Government is focusing on the empowerment of women residing in backward communities. They should make efforts to become self-reliant and live a life without any fear or restriction. Earning a livelihood with dignity will be the ultimate solution for poor and needy women who belong to marginalized communities. At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we believe that women grab the position of catalyst of change in society after becoming socially and economically empowered. We are making them aware of a safe and respectful environment to work in. Economic and social equality for women will bring significant transformation in the mindset of people and uplift the status of society as well.