Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India

Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India and Their Battle for Existence

There is a considerable number of Pakistani Hindu refugees in India. Most of the people might be aware of the Tibetan refugees but might not be familiar with this thing that Pakistani Hindu refugees in India are craving for love, respect, and acceptance. Various Pakistani Hindus and Sikhs have been encountering a lot of difficulties amid the cyclone of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many Pakistani Hindu refugees are trying to survive in various underprivileged areas like slum areas and jhopad Patti of Delhi NCR.

Nearly 400 Pakistani Hindu refugees are roaming without any means of survival across many Indian cities, a significant section of them are in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Delhi. The Indian government is becoming the helping hand for them by granting them facilities like housing, food, along with endeavoring to make them Indian citizens in a legitimate manner. Around 4300, Pakistani Hindu Refugees have got citizenship by 2015.

Expectations of Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India

The camps of Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India have been set up in close proximity to the Majnu Ka Tilla Gurudwara in North Delhi. A major segment of the population of Hindu Refugees lives there. More than 200 families have been surviving in huts constructed with the help of bamboo poles and reeds. You can't consider these huts as permanent shelters as they are nothing more than temporary arrangements. They are getting the facility of water and electricity connection, however, under the supervision of Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Kejriwal government, has done a praiseworthy job by providing toilet facilities, drinking water facilities, and electric generation, in addition to decorating the night with lighting.

Since River Yamuna is nearby the camps, mosquitoes have become a nightmare for those who are living somehow within the camps. Despite having minor issues, Pakistani Hindu refugees in India feel like they are staying in their homeland and are beholden to be in India.

Even though refugees have suffered a lot of trauma recently, they are pleased with the Ministry of Home Affairs' efforts in their favor. After receiving long-term visas, these refugees have attained the utmost happiness. However, presenting citizenship is not enough; they must also get bank accounts, PAN cards, Aadhaar cards, citizenship rights along with citizenship. India has developed a policy concerning Pakistani Hindu refugees and, therefore, granting asylum and shelter facilities to refugees. As refugees' eyes are all set to obtain permanent Indian nationality, things would become easier for them due to continuous government interference in the matter.

The Minority Groups in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there is the acceptability of religious apartheid as per the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Nobody raises questions on the disgrace or the differential treatment that Hindus living in Pakistan have to tolerate, and also, they are considered as unequal citizens over there. The Constitution of Pakistan is favorable only for Islam followers. Over the years, there has been a heavenward surge in religious fanaticism & extremism among Pakistanis. They are torturing several minority groups existing in Pakistan like Sikhs, Hindus, Shia Muslims, Christians, and Ahmadiyas.

After partition, various Hindu temples have been demolished, and the suffering of Hindus and other religious communities except Muslims have faced torture in different forms. Many temples have been transformed into government offices. Whenever riots or violence takes place in India, the repercussions become visible in neighboring countries. For instance, when communal riots took place in India in 1992, Pakistan fired back by destroying more than 100 Hindu temples located in Pakistan. Pakistani Hindus didn't have any connection with communal riots in India. Still, Pakistani extremists were moving ahead with their motto- Hurt a Muslim in any nation, and we will hurt the Hindus as well as Sikhs living within the boundaries of Pakistan.

In 1947, minorities in Pakistan were around 23%, and then there was an unfortunate decline in the percentage, and in 2011, it reached 3.7%. There is no official information regarding this decrease in number, and only God knows what they have been through. India's Union Home Minister Amit Shah has affirmed that the Modi government has granted citizenship to almost 4300 Hindus as well as Sikhs from Pakistan and Afghanistan in year duration.

In the past, the Indian government proposed a Citizenship Amendment Bill to extend citizenship to illegal immigrants from countries in neighbors such as Pakistan, Afghanisation, and Bangladesh. If Hindus, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, Christians, and Parsis who have put their feet in India in an illegal way prove their origination from Bangladesh, Muslim-majority Pakistan, and Afghanisation, then they can apply for citizenship.

How is Hindrise Foundation playing its Pivotal Role? 

Just think for a moment. Your current circumstances demand you to flee your nation as your safety becomes a matter of concern. You have to fly from your country. In case you're fortunate enough, you will get time to accumulate your stuffs and household items and put them in a bag, while there is a possibility that you will be leaving in a matter of hours without thinking about taking your things with you. However, many organizations have raised their hand to come forward for lending their hands to such refugees. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is one of the organizations that are readily serving the unfortunate lives who became victims in the country and are facing difficulty in survival.

The pro-active volunteers at the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation make face-to-face interaction with Pakistani Hindu refugees in India to comprehend their demands and requirements. Team members and volunteers at the humanitarian organization are adorning them with specific skills to help the Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India earn a livelihood and assist their respective families.

We believe that analyzing the real problems is crucial and giving suggestions to the policymakers sitting at the top level is equally important. Our joint efforts may change the fortune of Pakistani Hindu Refugees struggling hard to make their living and trying anyhow to find solace in economically and socially backward regions. As an NGO proactively lending support to Pakistani Hindu refugees in India, we are assisting displaced individuals and families and giving them appropriate solutions as well.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is extending direct aid to Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India in various forms such as food and supplies, and along with increasing the accessibility of sanitation and clean water facilities, safe spaces fit for living and areas free from pollution and other issues. Our responsibility is beyond this as we support education for those underprivileged children who are part of the Pakistani Hindu refugees. We believe that uplifting the level of education in refugee camps would turn out to be beneficial for their holistic growth.

Hindrise Foundation, an Organization, is Empowering Pakistani Hindu Refugees

Empowering Pakistani Hindu refugee children has become an integral part of our objective. We are working with a goal to equip them with proper educational upbringing, providing healthcare facilities so that they can keep themselves fit, and feeding nutritious and value-rich food to them in order to make them energetic and lively at the same time.

For us, the well-being of Hindu refugees has become a significant issue. Our NGO is actively rendering humanitarian assistance to Pakistani Hindu Refugees in India with a mission to serve their path with better opportunities to reconstruct their lives. By developing innovative solutions for Indian refugee youths and funding sustainable development projects, we are doing our bit in every possible way. We are too much concerned about the conditions of Pakistani Hindu refugees, and making them survive amidst all the hardship is our responsibility.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is striving to promote the rights of Pakistani Hindu refugees in India and ensuring the self-reliance factor for poverty-stricken families amongst the communities. We are lifting such people out of the well of poverty by managing all the required resources for them, considering the fact that their basic requirements must be met. When it comes to offering support via legal means, we are always there for them.

The lives and livelihoods of many Pakistani Hindu refugees have been shattered, and their life deserves to enter the tunnel of bliss and betterment. We feel that protecting the rights of extremely vulnerable Pakistani Hindu refugees is the need of the hour. We are striving to construct new lives of safety, pride, and self-reliance. Most of the Pakistani Hindu refugees in India have lost their connection with their family members. That's one of the most prominent reasons behind their solitude and pain that they are feeling on a daily basis. The feeling of belonging matters a lot to lead a joyous life. Isn't it?

The team members at Hindrise Foundation have developed a comprehensive layout to grant rehab support and immediate relief to Pakistani Hindu refugee families. Above all, knowledgeable members associated with Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation are endeavoring to approach the Ministry of Home Affairs to extend help in terms of schemes and tactics concerning granting Indian citizenship.