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Being an NGO for Injured Cow Rescue, Hindrise is working for Gauvansh

There are several abandoned, homeless stray cows roaming on the streets. Due to the frequent passing of vehicles and lack of conscious driving in most people, the cases of road accidents are more likely to increase the suffering of mother cows. Furthermore, when accidents happen, people hardly stop and support the injured cows. Being an NGO for injured cow rescue, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation strives to provide medical support to injured and ailing cows.

As an NGO for injured cow rescue and protection, Hindrise ensures a safe and secure living environment and conditions for mother cows where they can find themselves in a better position. Rash driving and speeding cars have pressed the button of trouble for stray animals. Thus, it’s important for an organization like ours to come forward and extend wholehearted assistance to innocent creatures in pain.

Amidst the busy working schedule and life moving fast at a bullet speed, people have become more self-centered. They are less concerned about the innocent animals and everything else that hardly matters to them. 2500+ cows die every month all over India due to negligence of vehicle riders. We are standing as the supportive pillar for mother cows. Our volunteers keep track of road accidents that take place on a daily basis, and we reach out to the location on time, offering healthcare support to mother cows. 10000+ injured cows have received timely medical support due to the proactive approach of our Gausevak wing members. We are extending our network so that we can reach more number of cattle in the forthcoming period.

As an NGO for Injured Cow Rescue, we are transforming the Lives of Cows

Being an NGO for injured cow rescue, we are taking all the necessary initiatives to uplift the living standards of mother cows. Whenever we come across a helpless divine creature, we offer wholehearted support. Given below are the ten ways by which we are serving the mother cows-

Medical Treatment for Injured Cows

Injured cows need medical attention in the form of medication, surgery, and rehabilitation. As an NGO for injured cow rescue, we ensure that mother cows make a complete recovery from their health issues.

Rescuing Helpless, Injured Cows from the Roadsides and Streets

Injured cows are often ignored and left to suffer; in some cases, they lose their valuable lives. We are rescuing helpless, abandoned and injured cows from the streets and roadsides. It’s a way we are working as a ray of hope in the lives of divine moo creatures to give them a chance to recover.

Educating the Public about the Importance of Cow Protection

Many people don’t have knowledge about the worth of mother cows in the current scenario. They are unaware of the religious and spiritual merits associated with protecting and serving mother cows. As an NGO for injured cow rescue, we are enlightening folks about the importance of cow protection through write-ups and video content. Also, we are organizing cow protection awareness camps in different parts of India so that people realize the need to support indigenous cows.

Providing Food and Shelter to Injured Cows 

Injured cows need a safe house-like heaven to stay in and nutritious, healthy food to consume daily until they fully recover from their respective injuries. Hindrise Gaushala, a unit of Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, takes care of this thing and meets the medical and housing needs.

Raising Funds for the Care of Injured Cows 

Managing injuries of a large number of injured cows is expensive, and thus, it requires joint efforts of the cow welfare organizations and enthusiastic donors. We are raising funds from diverse sources to maximize our spending in the direction of cow care. All the expenses incurred on food, shelter, and medical treatment for mother cows is managed by us with the help of a fundraised amount.

Encouraging Adoption of Injured Cows 

Injured cows seek a sweet spot where they can experience a home-like feeling. They need love and care and a sweet home. Thus, we encourage people to leap forward, adopt the injured cows, and give them a perfect place to live.

Advocating for the Right of Mother Cows 

There are numerous laws that protect mother cows and their interests, but these laws are usually not enforced. Being an NGO for injured cow rescue, we are advocating for the rights of most treasured moo creatures.

Encouraging Active Participation of Volunteers 

At Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we encourage volunteers’ active participation. Volunteers can assist with medical care, cow rescue, cleaning, and Cow feeding when they become proactive.

Religious and Spiritual Importance 

In the religious and spiritual sphere, there are several diverse virtues of mother cows. In Hinduism, the cows are treated as the mother and sacred. They are assumed to be auspicious and selfless givers in the Sanatan Dharma. There was a time when Bhagwan Shri Krishna and Balram together commenced the cow worship and conservation movement. In Hinduism, the mother cow symbolizes wealth, resilience, motherly love, calmness, and selfless giving. It is thought that by offering reverence and respect to mother cows, one can acquire happiness, riches, and liberation from the cycle of birth & death.

  • Govatsa Dwadashi is a popular Hindu festival that revolves around worshipping mother cows. This auspicious day is also called Nandini Vrat.
  • Nandini Vrat is a thanksgiving event devoted to mother cows and incredibly charming calves for their amazing contribution to sustaining human life. The term ‘Nandini’ depicts divine cows in Hinduism.
  • During Nandini Vrat, the individuals decorate the respected mother cows with ornaments as well as gracious clothes & apply vermillion on their foreheads.
  • On the auspicious day of Dhanteras, green fodder is served to cows and the amazing moo creatures are worshipped in many regions of India.
  • On the sacred day of Govardhan Pooja, the bulls and mother cows are bathed during the morning hours and garlanded with fresh bundles of fragrance-rich flowers.
  • Pola is a thanksgiving festival celebrated with devotion and enthusiasm in India dedicated to indigenous cows and bulls.
  • Vedic textbooks indicate that Killing or hurting the mother cows will usher an individual on the path of a painful next birth.
  • At the time of making a shift to a new house, a mother cow is first made to place her feet in the house. It reflects that Goddess Mahalakshmi is visiting the house.
  • Gopashtami Festival is the coming-of-age celebration in which cows and bulls are rendered sincere worship.
  • The cattle sheds are cleaned and decorated, and mother cows are worshipped on the occasion of Pasuvula Panduga.

Why the Mother Cow?

The Cow is the mother in Sanatan Dharma. It is conveyed that before getting a human birth, an individual must pass through a cow’s yoni. Furthermore, after leaving the human body, the soul must again enter the body of a cow before marching ahead on its journey beyond or below as per individual karma. Whenever someone dies in a house, you will always find a desi cow or a bull straying around for this reason only. It is also why gentle offerings are made to the mother cow for propitiating one’s ancestors.

Why the Cow? Because the sacred Cow preserves within it the power and strength of Gayatri, the mother. Have you ever witnessed the hump of a desi Indian cow? It possesses a specific Nadi called the Surya Ketu Nadi. The Cow is the only divine living creature with a Surya Ketu Nadi (vein linked to the sun) passing via her backbone. Thus, the Cow’s milk, butter, as well as ghee hold a golden hue. It is because Surya Ketu Nadi, in interaction with solar rays, delivers gold salts in her blood. These salts are found in the Cow’s milk and Cow’s other bodily juices, which miraculously cure several diseases. Killing or harming this innocent being, consuming its meat, has the opposite impact – breeding disease and paving the route for less painful births. All religions, as well as cultures of the world, and even modern medicine, state that cow beef spells disease in a human. It’s better for humanity to serve mother cows and seek the holy blessings of Lord Shri Krishna.

How Hindrise, as an NGO for Injured Cow Rescue, is Taking Care of Cows and Bulls?

The volunteers and Gausevaks at Hindrise are taking care of abandoned, stray, sick, injured, and rescued cows. We have three Gaushalas, where we are keeping abandoned and rescued cows in a blooming environment. We are also preserving no milking cows and bulls in a safe residential condition. Furthermore, we are saving cows from cow smugglers and butchers. Our animal rescue helpline board stays active round the clock to extend support to struggling innocent moo creatures.

We all know that abandoned cows roam and sometimes consume plastic waste by accident. Their digestive system undergoes a lot of health due to overconsumption of plastic. Due to continued ingestion of plastic waste, their stomach gets loaded with unwanted substances that deteriorate their health in the long run and may even lead to the death of many innocent cows. Thousands of cows die every year due to plastic waste consumption. As an NGO for cows, we take care of such cows and ensure their timely treatment. At Hindrise, we prioritize serving cows that cannot move or trauma-struck cows. With the help of proper massage, personal care, and sling-lifting machines, we are striving to make mother cows move. Furthermore, we ensure prosthetic limb replacement in cases that require surgery. Our Hindrise team conduct cow awareness programs in colleges, institutions, and schools. With a mission of making the Gaushalas self-sustainable, we encourage products made using cattle wastes.

Being an NGO for injured cow rescue, we organize disaster relief camps to extend support to mother cows that are entangled in the web of natural disasters. We are building a team of passionate Pashu-chikitsaks who are always ready to meet the healthcare needs of mother creatures. Through social media platforms, public education campaigns, as well as other outreach efforts, we are raising awareness about animal abuse. Recently, we have rescued 200+ mother cows during the Yamuna flood of 2023 with the joint efforts of the NDRF team and Hindrise volunteers.

We are the only organization in India that is nourishing as well as rehabilitating the cows saved from cattle mafias and smugglers at the Indo-Bangladesh border. It’s our responsibility to take care of mother cows and equip them with the best environment to reside in.

The Final Words 

As an NGO for injured cow rescue in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is actively working to enhance the life of Gauvansh. From protecting mother cows to offering them emotional and medical support, our volunteers leave no stone unturned in transforming the lives of moo creatures. Our cow warriors successfully rescued 200+ mother cows with the support of the NDRF team during the Yamuna floor in July 2023. We are connecting with the Gausevaks and Pashu-chikitsaks to support mother cows.

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