Margesh Rai / Oct 25, 2023

How Domestic Violence is a Threat to Economic Development Globally?

Domestic violence is a threat to economic development on a global level. Its boundaries are not confined to physical violence only. It entails a complex interplay of numerous forms of...

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Soumya Bajpai / Jan 20, 2021

Importance of Nutrition for Children Growth and Development

Good nutrition for children is essential to achieve their full developmental potential. Undernutrition has critical consequences for physical and cognitive growth and development. Malnutrition leads to failure in early physical...

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admin / Apr 08, 2020

“Helping people is not an obligation but a duty”- GoRiseAgain

It was all chaos after the declaration of lockdown. People were running towards ration and grocery stores as they wanted to ensure more and more rations at their home. It...

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admin / Mar 28, 2020

Employment: Expectations are very high!

Unemployment is a grave issue not only in India but in the whole world. There are hundreds and thousands of skilled people out there who do not have employment. The...

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admin / Mar 27, 2020

Could we convert crises into chances?- Project Aavahan

Hindrise Foundations held an outreach on 5th March 2020 near Khoda colony, Labour Chowk, Sector 62 Noida. The purpose of this outreach was to help people enrol in various Skill...

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