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“Helping people is not an obligation but a duty”- GoRiseAgain

It was all chaos after the declaration of lockdown. People were running towards ration and grocery stores as they wanted to ensure more and more rations at their home. It was all sudden, and nobody was expecting it. Businesses were shifted from offices to homes. It was miserable, particularly for the workers who were dependent on daily wages. They found themselves helpless. They were out of money. They were even not able to buy essential goods.

As the transportations were closed, these jobless workers forced to return to their homes by walking. Thousands fled on foot to their villages. People were flowing on Highways hungry and unprotected.

Helping people

Director-General of World Health Organisation Mr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus tweeted that “the lockdown to limit the COVID-19 transmission had unintended consequences for the poorest and most vulnerable. I call on countries to ensure these populations have food [and] life essentials during the crisis.”

A Community outreach was conducted by Hindrise Foundation at Labour Chowk and Khoda Village, Ghaziabad, on 5th of March, 2020, to implement the Skill Development project ‘Aavahan’ at the ground level. In this outreach, Volunteers have found that the maximum working population was either a contractual working-class or were involved in the daily payment base job. One could easily imagine that lockdown might be a horrible dream for these poor people.

Helping people by mask

In this condition of Crises, Hindrise has started a Campaign namely ‘GoRiseAgain’ with the mission and intent to provide support through the distribution of essential relief items such as Masks, Sanitizers, Clean drinking water, Cooked food and Raw materials like 1 kg Potatoes, 5 kg Wheat Flour, 1 kg Seasonal Vegetable, 1 kg Salt, ½ kg Soybean, etc. to assist less fortunate people who have been dramatically affected by the spread of the COVID-19.

Our goal is simply to provide assistance in this hour of need by making our contribution to society. We are currently extending our relief programs in the region of Noida, Sector-63, and Sector-72 by undertaking the aforementioned distribution of relief packets.

This Campaign was started from 31st of March, 2020; till now, more than 8000 people have been fed, and more than 100 families provided with raw cooking material packets.

Helping people for foods

In our campaign GoRiseAgain, more than 30 volunteers have participated, including the Director of Hindrise Foundation. The entire office-bearers have also been working tirelessly to serve the underprivileged. Uttar Pradesh Police has given us as much as possible support to maintain Law and Order.

“Helping people is not an obligation but a duty,” says Narendra Kumar, Founder Hindrise. In his opinion, Nation should always be in the first position in the priority list of Individuals.

Helping people by sanitizer

During our Campaign, it came into our attention that despite the Government’s extensive initiatives, there are certain areas and populations which are highly vulnerable and may be prone to infections as the areas are unclean, not up to the basic standards of sanitation. There was a shortage of electricity and clean water supply also. We have written letters to appropriate Government Authorities to look into this matter, and we are hoping for a quick response from them.

Helping people

This pyramid clearly shows that no policy can be framed without taking citizens or common people into consideration because they are the one who provides the base to Policymaking and implementations. How Government agencies and other stakeholders can succeed without the active participation of mass? Therefore the cultivation of Awareness, Balance, and Consciousness (ABC) is the foremost condition of the growth of any Country.

Aspirations are arising, and after our ongoing campaign ‘GoRiseAgain,’ we are receiving calls, E-mails, and messages from all over India. People wanted to participate in our noble initiatives. They are eager to know more about us.

So Hindrise Foundation is successfully moving ahead to conquer its objectives of creating a change and making a sustainable world where Equality, Liberty, and Justice prevail and Harmony nurtures!

Report by,

Lata R. Agarwal