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Hindrise steadily working to aware members of the society not only about their rights but also about their duties. More Rights give you more responsibilities. Responsibilities against human rights violation and to protect the dignity and integrity of Human Life. Hindrise is taking this fact into the notice that awareness will Trickle Down to the next generation if the present generation is enlightened well. To conquer this objective, Hindrise has been organizing Awareness Camps, Nukkad Nataks, Community Outreaches etc. We believe our hard work one day surely will pay off.


If you want to empower someone, provide him/her appropriate work opportunities. Financial inclusion is also an important aspect to take into consideration. Hindrise has started a project namely “ Aavahan” to train to community members in various skills. This skill development program is based on their interests and capabilities. This initiative not only will increase employment but also it may build a strong network of the workforce too.

Financial inclusion
Woman empowermen

Woman empowerment

Half of the population whom we call women are still living in the discriminatory environment of our society. Yet they are fighting for equal opportunities, equal rights and equal responsibilities. They have been passing from a phase of identity crises. Their least role in Decision-Making is making them more vulnerable. Hindrise is trying their best to empower them financially, economically, socially, culturally and psychologically.

Food distribution

Hindrise has distributed groceries of 2.5 lakh rupees till now among the various groups of people. Pakistani Hindu Refugees are one of them. At Majnu ka Tila (Delhi) area more than 150 families have benefitted by food distribution. One month’s raw ration has been dispensed among them. This area is allegedly under the influence of Drug Mafias. Because of one of these reasons, a chain of welfare programs is needed to be conducted there. We are trying to give our best for the development of this area.

Food distribution
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