Our Initiatives

Our Initiative

Support Pakistani Hindu Refugees

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is working on providing healthcare, education, basic amenities, and legal assistance to Pakistani Hindu refugee families in India. We are performing our operations in the Majnu ka Tila camp. We have helped in constructing eco-friendly toilets and improved the quality of water supply in Majnu ka Tila camp thanks to our repeated petitions to the National Human Rights Commission. Our members conduct skill development training sessions in different parts of Delhi NCR. Moreover, we distribute ration kits, medical kits, and other essential items for the welfare of Pakistani Hindu refugees in India.

Door-to-door COVID Testing

Door-to-door COVID Testing is an initiative we took during the first and second waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. This strategy helped us reach 70K+ disadvantaged individuals. Our volunteers visited high-risk containment zones and conducted random COVID screening. A comprehensive health survey of almost every individual took place in Sitamarhi, Patna, and other parts of Bihar. The intent behind massive door-to-door COVID testing in villages was to identify and isolate hidden COVID cases in villages. Our NGO for healthcare initiated house-to-house active spotting of COVID cases in rural regions to contain transmission by testing people with symptoms for disease management, rapid isolation, and contact tracing.

Women Employment
CovidWAR Room

During the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of death cases witnessed a tremendous rise. Hindrise, an NGO for Healthcare, established the CovidWAR Room to control the situation and reduce the cases. With the help of the CovidWAR Room, we ensured that vital medicines would reach the Covid patients. We increased the accessibility of oxygen cylinders and ICU beds in different villages of Bihar. At CovidWAR Room, we examined patients' symptoms and past medical history and provided comprehensive support to them accordingly. More than 15000 underprivileged people benefited from our initiative.

Food Distribution
Blanket Distribution Drive

Under our blanket distribution drive, we distribute blankets to the happiness-deprived ones living on the streets every winter. At Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we run a Blanket Donation Campaign, where we take the initiative of providing high-quality warm blankets to poverty-stricken families residing on the streets of different parts of India. During the winter, there is no better gift than arranging warm clothes for the needy. With the help of active volunteers, we serve humanity by donating blankets to disadvantaged people residing in rural and semi-urban areas. We conduct blanket distribution drives in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Varanasi, Sitamarhi, Patna, and other parts of India.

Area Sanitization
Hindrise Pathsala

Hindrise Pathsala is an initiative taken by Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for education to impart basic and meaningful education to children. Besides this, we ensure that no girl child should be deprived of education and cover the maximum number of girls from underprivileged families. We follow the concept of ‘Shiksha Sabhi ke Liye’, and thus, we are striving to build a gender-equitable education system in order to empower girls and boys and ensure their equal participation in the growth of society and nation. Delivering holistic education to one and all is our motto.

Training Events
Rural Livelihood Mission

With the help of our partner organization, Aatmnirbhar Sena, we initiated the Hindrise rural livelihood mission to provide a roof to women from marginalized communities where they used to make face masks in order to protect thousands of people from Coronavirus and provide financial support to their families members during the lockdown. With the idea of ensuring that underprivileged families will not face any difficulty getting masks, the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation came out with the initiative of making handmade masks. During both waves of the pandemic, we provided a means of livelihood to 200+ women artisans.

Training Events
Women Empowerment Mission

Under our women empowerment mission, we trained women to make Diyas and guided them regarding how to sell them in the market. Our volunteers helped the diya makers by getting their 20,000+ diyas sold during the Diwali week. Our social enterprise brings out the artistic talents of less fortunate ones to the forefront and assists them with earning a livelihood. At Hindrise, we provide employment and skill development training to intellectually challenged folks and capable females who want to feel empowered in a male-dominated society. We train them in making and selling products such as candles, diyas, paper lanterns, recycled crafts, lamps, etc.

Training Events
Plant a Tree Mission

Plant a Tree Mission is a fantastic initiative taken by Hindrise, one of India’s leading tree plantation NGOs, which aims to encourage employees of corporate firms and individuals to plant a tree and contribute to environmental health and sustainability. 20 to 40 thousand saplings are planted annually under our initiative in different parts of India. Our 50+ proactive volunteers are involved in bringing this noble initiative to life. About 5 to 10 billion trees are being cut every year due to the construction and development of public infrastructure projects and other reasons. Our Plant a Tree Mission revolves around reviving the ecosystem and nature.

Training Events
Aatmnirbhar Seva Kitchen

Aatmnirbhar Seva Kitchen is an initiative Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation took to provide healthy and nutritious food to souls with empty stomachs for just Rs 5. Through this initiative, we have served the families of migrant workers, daily wage labourers, and impoverished ones. Aatmnirbhar Seva Kitchen ensured that no one living in Noida, Ghaziabad and places near the Delhi NCR region would have to die due to hunger and malnutrition. As the leading hunger NGO in India, we are responsible for providing fresh and healthy food to hungry individuals. Till now, 35,000+ families have benefited from our initiative.

Training Events
Computer Literacy Mission

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation initiated the Computer Literacy Mission to provide meaningful and best-quality computer education to underprivileged boys and girls residing in villages and semi-urban areas. We have developed an ecosystem where free-of-cost computer classes take place. We aim to increase computer literacy in the villages of Bihar and Delhi NCR so that the maximum number of individuals can secure jobs in fields requiring computer expertise. Those who successfully complete a 6-month diploma in computer application or complete the training receive a certificate from the Hindrise team. This initiative is a ray of hope in the lives of people who reside in Sitamarhi.

Training Events
Birthday Celebration

Celebrating birthdays by feeding the unfortunate people is an excellent way of expressing love and care. Our volunteers and board members celebrate their birthdays by distributing sweets, biscuits, snacks, and other eatables to poverty-stricken families and beggars. Some of our volunteers visit old age homes to meet the abandoned elderly ones and widows. We also invite donors to visit our NGO and celebrate their birthdays with underprivileged kids. Furthermore, our Gaushala attracts a lot of visitors for the birthday celebration of their family members. The companionship of cows is enjoyed and cherished by one and all.

Training Events
Mission Zero Hunger

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is a hunger NGO that aims to accomplish the goal of zero hunger all over India under our initiative, Mission Zero Hunger. We are working on eliminating malnutrition among children, and we are striving to make sure that nobody will sleep on an empty stomach. Our meal packaging volunteers are readily working to distribute food items and ration kits in different parts of Delhi NCR and Bihar. Our policymakers prepare guidelines that cover nutrition and good food for less privileged families. Till now, 2.5 Lakh+ individuals have benefited from our initiative.

Training Events
Hindrise Gaushala

Hindrise Gaushala is an initiative taken by the warriors of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, who decided to serve as well as protect Mother Cows. We have already established three gaushalas in Uttar Pradesh, and now, we are moving ahead to reach the mark of 100 gaushalas in the forthcoming years. We commenced our journey with 10 desi Indian cows, and today, we have evolved as a family of 500+ Indigenous cows, including cow breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Lal Sindhi, Rathi, Tharparkar, etc. From providing organic fodder to mother cows and meeting their veterinary needs to protect them from slaughterhouses, we do our every bit.

Training Events
Mission Cow Rescue

Mission Cow Rescue is an initiative our community of Gaurakshaks and Gausevaks took to rescue mother cows from cow smugglers and illegal slaughterhouses. As an NGO for cows, we are consistently working to rescue mother cows from the India-Bangladesh Border. Till now, we have successfully rescued 5000+ cows, bulls, and calves of all age groups from being illegally transported and carried away to slaughterhouses across the border to Bangladesh. Recently, with the joint efforts of Hindrise volunteers and NDRF, 200+ Indian cows were rescued from the Yamuna flood in July 2023. We are protecting divine cows from inhumane acts and natural disasters.

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