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Could we convert crises into chances?- Project Aavahan

Hindrise Foundations held an outreach on 5th March 2020 near Khoda colony, Labour Chowk, Sector 62 Noida. The purpose of this outreach was to help people enrol in various Skill development courses that will be arranged by the foundation, to generate employment and also to help them be self-reliant. Working as a volunteer under this outreach, we went to the premises intending to touch as many lives as we can.

The first thing we had to do was to make them believe in our Noble cause. Taking the environment into consideration, people were very suspicious about the NRC activity. As it was a dominant Muslim area, the inherent fear about NRC was in the air. But once we made them aware of the purpose of our outreach, they begin to take an interest. This Area was in a typical Mohalla setting, where most of the people had even to buy the drinking water because the government fails to provide them with clean drinking water.

We started to reach out on one to one basis and Targeted people engaged in small, petty chores. We went to daily hawkers, children working in carpentry shops, Youth working in mobile repairing shops, middle-aged Women stuck in their homemaking activities. We let them know how important it is for everyone to be self-reliant and self-dependent in terms of employment and how it helps in the growth of society as a whole.

The Youth was very interested in learning NEW SKILLS and wanted a chance to somehow break out of the shell of poverty and dead aspirations. Most of them wanted to learn IT related courses and footwear related work. Women around the Area were interested in learning Stitching.

Reaching one to one was the right way. But that way we were not able to cover a lot of areas and people’s inhibitions also became an obstacle. Hence a camp setting will be suitable for that purpose near the Area because now they are familiar with us and will want to see this project to become an actuality. We will also be needing Pamphlets and Visiting cards, to leave a lasting impression on them.

All in all, this outreach proved to be a fantastic experience as we got to see the real challenges of the oppressed, and we got an idea of how we have to move ahead with this project.

Jyoti Gautam