Be a Gausevak

Be a Gausevak

The word ‘Gausevak’ is derived from the combination of two impactful words ‘Gau’ and ‘Sevak.’ The ‘Gau’ depicts cows, the most revered, worshipped, and deified animal of Hindu mythology. The ‘sevak’ depicts the one who is a caretaker working with utmost dedication to serve someone. In a joint form, the word Gausevak means a caretaker who is deeply involved in the service of mother cows. Gauseva refers to the service of divine cows.

As per the religious books and holy Vedic scriptures, people who get the chance to become a Gausevak are very fortunate and blessed. Hindrise Gaushala, a unit of Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, is home to 200+ gausevaks who works all day and night to take care of the 500+ mother cows and heifers, including cow breeds such as Gir, Tharparkar, Sahiwal, Rathi, etc., and keep pain and unhappiness away from their lives.

The Lord who instilled the Belief of Gaupooja and Gauseva in the Hearts of People

We all know that Lord Shri Krishna was fond of mother cows. He used to spend plenty of time in the company of cows. He is often portrayed as a cow lover and true Gausevak who used to play the flute to pull mother Cows' attention. The cows very close to Lord Shri Krishna are Ganga, Mangala, Pisangi, Hamsi, and other cows.

The bond between Mother Cows and Lord Shri Krishna was admired and appreciated by one and all. In the stories, a central Hindu deity, Lord Shri Krishna, was referred to as cowherd and some sacred books were used to present him as a Gausevak or a true cow lover. As per the scriptures, Lord Krishna used to know the names of all the cows. If any cow went missing, the Lord used to chase after the missing divine cow and call her by name. If we want to express our love and respect for Lord Krishna and seek his blessings, we should love cows from the bottom of our hearts.

Meet Shri Narendra Kumar Ji, the Gausevak who dreams of forming 100+ Gaushalas in India

The above-mentioned gausevaks are a member of the Special Cow Care Unit established by Shri Narendra Kumar, the far-sighted Gausevak behind Hindrise Gaushala. He started Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation to provide food to the hungry and malnourished ones and meaningful education to the less privileged children, strengthen the healthcare infrastructure of the country, conduct vocational training programs for young girls and women, develop disaster management plans and organize relief camps for the disaster victims, etc. The organization came to notice by working for COVID-affected families and establishing COVID War Room to provide healthcare assistance to the sufferers. By observing the reduction in the number of cows, the Gausevak within him decided to serve the cows. He started Hindrise Gaushala to provide residential facilities to abandoned and stray cows and improve their lives by providing them with veterinary support and organic fodder.

“As per the report released by Union Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying based on 20th Livestock census during 2018-19 session, there is a decline in the number of indigenous cattle by 6%. As per the report, in 2012, the registered number of indigenous cattle was 15.12 Crore. In 2019, there was a substantial downfall and the number stood at 14.21 Crore. Amid the total population of cattle, their share fell to 73% from 79% which is a sign of worry. We are striving to increase the number of cows and our goal is to revive our Gaurashtra that is necessary for the good health and well-being of people. Also, we want people to recognize the spiritual, religious, and medicinal benefits associated with mother cows, their products, and byproducts. We initiated with one Gaushala and with the support of our team members, we are successfully running 3 Gaushalas. One of our Gaushalas is developed as a breeding centre while other Gaushalas are started to protect and serve mother cows. Our goal is to run 100+ Gaushalas all over India, and we believe that still we have a long way to go,” Shri Narendra Kumar said while one of his recent visits to the Gaushala.

Criteria to be a Gausevak

Given below are the criteria that must be fulfilled in order to become a Gausevak-

  • The desire to serve mother cows and fulfil their needs
  • If you get immense pleasure in the process of working for mother cows without harming or hurting them, then you deserve to be a Gausevak
  • If your heart cries when you see tears in the eyes of cows, then you can be a true Gausevak
  • If your heart cries when you see tears in the eyes of cows, then you can be a true Gausevak
  • When you are away from your house and experience the home-like feeling in the company of cows, you can be a Gausevak
  • If you are looking for true companionship and consider yourself a cow lover, you can be a Gausevak

Key Points of Differences between Gausevak and Gaurakshak

No. Point of Difference Gaurakshak Gausevak
1 Definition Gausevak refers to an individual who is devoted to serving mother cows and spreading love and happiness in their lives. Gaurakshak refers to an individual involved in activities related to cow protection.
2 Cornerstone Gausevaks mainly focus on taking care of cows and fulfilling their needs. From feed management to shed management and medical aid, these cow caretakers look after all aspects. Gaurakshaks mainly focus on protecting cows. They are engrossed in restricting illegal cow slaughter and saving mother cows from cattle mafias.
3 Role in Society People consider them as servants or caretakers of the cows. People consider them as proactive members of cow welfare movements or cow saviours.
4 Religious Connection They follow their religious beliefs and work all day and night to serve mother cows. They attain the blessings of Lord Krishna by serving mother Cows. They focus primarily on the religious significance of the divine cows and their protection. They attain the blessings of Lord Krishna by protecting mother cows.
5 Legal Standing They are most often associated with Gaushalas as well as religious institutions and perform their tasks as per their religious practices & beliefs. They may get involved in their services within legal frameworks or as an element of authorized organizations.
6 Activities They immerse in numerous activities, such as cleaning cow sheds, feeding cows, monitoring the requirements of Gaushala and the needs of the cows, and ensuring their good health and well-being. They perform activities, such as initiating cow protection movements, conducting cow rescue operations in different regions, and advocating for stringent laws in support of cows and against running slaughterhouses illegally.
7 Skillset They may require diverse skills in cow shed management, animal husbandry, veterinary care, and general farm management potential to perform their tasks. They may require different skills pertaining to Gau-activism, or legal advocacy to manage their tasks in an efficient manner.
8 Approach They embrace a nurturing and compassionate approach and meet the daily requirements of moo creatures. They proceed with confrontational, aggressive or direct techniques to safeguard the rights of mother cows and extend protection, such as interposing cattle smuggling at the India-Bangladesh Border or minimizing the scope for illegal cattle transportation.

If you want to join our Hindrise team as a Gaurakshak, reach out to us at- 7303409010

एक सच्चा गौसेवक वही है जिसके ह्रदय में गाय के लिए प्रेम, करुणा, एवं सम्मान का भाव है और जो गौसेवा करके असीम सुख की अनुभूति करता है।