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Creating Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination is the Need of the Hour

Raising awareness on COVID-19 vaccination importance in the current scenario has become the need of the testing time. The first & the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic led to a dramatic loss of human life all over the world and put forward an unmatched challenge to the public health system, food systems as well as the realm of work. The socio-economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is just devastating.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hitting the complete food system and has put bare its fragility. Trade confinements, Border closures, and restraint measures have been restricting farmers from accessing markets, entailing for purchasing inputs as well as selling their produce, and agricultural workers from reaping crops, therefore disturbing domestic as well as international food supply chains and decreasing access to healthy, reliable and distinct diets. COVID-19 outbreak has decimated jobs and put around millions of livelihoods at risk. As financial supporters and leading persons in the family lose jobs, fall ill and lose their life, the food security, as well as nutrition of millions of men and women, are under threat, with those in economically backward and less developed countries, especially the most marginalized groups, which cover small-scale farmers as well as indigenous masses, being hardest hit.

Despite all the sufferings caused by the virus, many people in our country are not ready to go for the vaccination as various myths have been spread over social media platforms. It’s important for NGOs and different State Governments to spread awareness on COVID-19 vaccination so that a major chunk of the population may get vaccinated, and we will be able to minimize the impact of this virus on the human body.



1.      Creating Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination is the Need of the Hour

2.      Third Wave from September?

3.      Why there is a Need to Increase Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination?

4.      Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is Planning to Run COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness Program

5.      Raising Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination is the Key

6.      Besides Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination, we are doing our bit in Serving the Unfortunate Ones

7.      The Crux of the Blog

Third wave from September?

  • Epidemiologists of India have clearly indicated that the third wave of Covid-19 is sure to happen, and it is likely to initiate from September-October.
  • Due to the low literacy rate, many people in rural and even urban areas are scared to take the vaccine. Reports suggest that the third wave will be more dangerous than the previous two waves.
  • Therefore, our country should focus on vaccinating a maximum number of people in the next 3-4 months.
  • Till now, we have done exceptionally well by being together and holding each other’s hand.
  • There is a significant reduction in the COVID-19 numbers, and it is due to the fact that we have managed the COVID-19 second wave very well.
  • There are few reports that show the third wave will impact children more than anyone else.
  • Preparation at ground level is important.
  • Central and State Governments must equip up with the plan in advance to conquer the third wave.
  • In the past course of time, around 4 lakh cases were being recorded every day in the country, but in recent time, the number of new cases of COVID-19 infection has come down below 95,000.
  • India’s management was beyond the level of excellence even throughout the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • It gave the nation the confidence and faith to control the COVID-19 second wave.
  • By embracing emergency management technique, the Central and State Government, with the support of various NGOs across the nation, did a fantastic job of monitoring the second wave of the pandemic.

Why there is a Need to Increase Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination?

There is a need to increase awareness on COVID-19 vaccination as people are not willing to accept the fact that this vaccination is the only way to protect the lives of people, and there is no alternative to it as the third wave is likely to come. Given below are points concerning COVID vaccine hesitancy and analysis of one study.

The context-specific, complicated issue of ‘vaccine hesitancy’ is clarified in terms of stay or refusal of vaccination, notwithstanding the availability of vaccine services.

  • However, 11 million beneficiaries were offered the COVID-19 vaccine in our country between 16 January 2021 and 20 February 2021. 
  • Nevertheless, proportionately, a low aggregate has been registered in several parts of the nation, probably attributable to hesitance or apprehension towards the prevailing vaccination.
  • Against this backdrop, we summarise the response (accumulated b/w Feb 1, 2021, and Feb 15, 2021) of around 358 voluntary respondents who get engaged in a questionnaire-based pan-India survey on an online platform, performed to evaluate their knowledge as well as acceptance towards the awareness on COVID-19 vaccination program[1] in its initial phase.
  • The survey questionnaire comprised demographic attributes of the respondents as well as queries concerning knowledge (7 items) and acceptance (3 items).
  • The exact overall rate, as well as the average knowledge record of the participants, was 78 % & 5.46 ± 1.4/7, sequentially.
  • The acceptance score was about 3.50 ± 1.6/5, while around 70 % of participants admitted against the 20 % of respondents who neither admitted nor opposed to taking the vaccine.
  • About 66 % concluded that the vaccines currently being served in India are reliable.
  • Concern about potential side effects (44 %) and insufficiency of extensive clinical trial data (29 %) appeared to be the main players in fortifying the vaccine uncertainty among the respondents, displaying negative acceptance.
  • Even though a major chunk of the respondents expressed a healthy level of knowledge (82%) as well as acceptance (88%), notable differences were witnessed among some demographic variables.
  • In general, a positive correlation was perceived b/w knowledge and acceptance against a negative correlation, recognised in distinct provinces.
  • Despite the genuine acceptance and knowledge, a substantial fraction of the participants (30%) showed hesitancy.
  • Counselling, mobilization, as well as feedback from vaccinated souls about safety, must be encouraged.
  • Nonetheless, due to the inadequate sample size, we need to be cautious when generalizing these conclusions.
  • Nonetheless, the major clarifications of this study may be used in planning vaccination campaigns in distant phases.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is planning to Run COVID-19 Vaccination Awareness Program

Hindrise is planning to run a COVID-19 vaccination awareness program with respect to awareness on COVID-19 vaccination. The third wave of Corona is all set to create troubles, and thus, it’s important to gear up for COVID third wave. Founder of Hindrise, Narendra Kumar, said that NGOs should come forward and extend support to the government in the sphere of COVID vaccination.

Further, he added that we have to vaccinate at least 60 % of the people till September 30. In addition to this, he said that at the current pace at which the Covid-19 vaccination drive is going on, we could say that we are running very slowly. Low literacy rate and lack of awareness on COVID-19 vaccination is a significant reason why people are scared to go for taking the vaccine. Also, social media platforms have created a bucket of myths in recent time.

Raising Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination is the Key

It is the responsibility of the administration, public representatives as well as NGOs to conduct a COVID-19 vaccination awareness program in order to inform and educate the community about the importance of vaccination drive. Hindrise Founder Narendra Kumar Ji said that “we will run an awareness programme. We have started making the plan concerning the same, and we are likely to visit from one house to another.”

COVID-19 vaccination awareness program by our Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation will change the mindset of folks in Bihar, and they will come forward for the vaccination drive by the government and take the vaccine as soon as possible. Even though the COVID-19 vaccination won’t offer lifelong protection but at least it will strengthen your immunity level, and the severity associated with the infection caused by COVID-19 will be reduced or prevented. Creating awareness on COVID-19 vaccination is important for one and all. In addition to this, awareness about COVID-19 vaccines will lend courage to people.

Besides Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination, we are doing our bit in serving the Unfortunate Ones

The entire team of Hindrise has played an important role in fighting against Corona by continuously distributing sanitizers, oximeters, medicines, masks, thermometers etc., among the needy ones in Sitamarhi, Bihar. Under the leadership of the Hindrise team, about five thousand ration packets have been distributed among the less privileged ones in Madhubani and Madhopur Roshan, Paroha, Badi Bazar, Amghatta, Garhiya Tola, as well as in villages & basti of Runnisaidpur.

Besides Awareness on COVID-19 Vaccination, we are doing our bit in serving the Unfortunate Ones

On behalf of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, co-founders Devchandra Mishra, Omprakash, Vinay Mishra, Suman Jha, Sadanand Jha, Mukesh Yadav, Sunil Mishra, Balbodh Jha, Rohit Sharma, Aditya Anand, Amarendra Kumar, Rajababu, along with Swami Paripurna Anand Ji shared the distribution site with their partners. Needy ones were identified. Necessary food items entailing 50 kg rice, 100 kg Flour, 100 kg of potatoes, soybeans, 2 tins of mustard oil, sanitizers, and masks have been distributed to the volunteers living in Anand Marg Jagriti Sansthan by Hindrise.

The Crux of the Blog

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is striving to raise awareness on COVID-19 vaccination in rural and backward areas in Bihar, Delhi, NCR, and other parts of India. Breaking all the myths connected with vaccination should be done as vaccination of a maximum number of people will be helpful in controlling the upcoming wave. Before 30 September, at least 60% of people must get vaccinated in order to transform the situation in the country. At Hindrise, we are creating awareness on COVID-19 vaccination, and we are endeavouring to reach a maximum number of people in Sitamarhi, Bihar, Delhi NCR, and other parts of our country.