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Throwing Light on COVID-19 Relief Work in Sitamarhi, Bihar

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is responding to the COVID-19 second wave by supporting families living under the roof of pain and poverty whose breadwinners are no more due to COVID-related complications, home care assistance for less serious cases, helpline based support to connect with hospitals, increasing the availability of oxygen beds for severe cases, helping families who face economic distress because of closing of workplaces and lockdowns, increasing availability of vaccines for rural regions and less privileged families, and providing ration kits. Through our COVID-19 relief work, we are aiming to transform the picture of Sitamarhi[1] and other parts of Bihar.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is working all day and night and making arrangement for oxygen beds to make patients survive amid the challenging situations in the areas of India that have been hit hardest. Our volunteers are marching ahead with existing local hospitals to deliver an instant, cost-effective solution by supporting their staff of medical professionals and converting unused hospital areas into wholly functional care centres.

The volunteers at Hindrise are immersed in COVID-19 relief work and are working on establishing a digital Helpdesk to produce critical information such as hospital bed availability, ambulance service, and blood and medicinal stocks to people. We are allocating essential item kits to poverty-stricken families, assisting many orphanages as well as senior care centers, and disseminate food and medicine as required.


The Outline

1.      Throwing Light on COVID-19 Relief Work in Sitamarhi, Bihar

2.      COVID-19 Relief Work and Recovery Actions

3.      Rendering Free Health Checkups to Helpless Communities

4.      COVID-19 Relief Work: Ensuring Security and Wellbeing via Hygiene Kits

5.      Grocery Kits and Meal Distribution

6.      COVID-19 Relief Work: Healthcare and Medical Assistance

7.      CovidWAR Room: COVID-19 Relief Work is on

8.      The Final Words

COVID-19 Relief Work and Recovery Actions

  • The COVID-19 pandemic second wave has drastically changed the lives of millions of people.
  • These are absolutely unprecedented times that have stirred the healthcare systems of our country, leaving millions at the risk of vulnerability and appending livelihood challenges for several people, including migrant workers. The COVID-19 relief work and recovery activities done by Hindrise has controlled the devastating situation up to a great extent in Delhi NCR, Bihar, U.P., and other states as well.
  • At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we need to do our part. We are devoted to collaborating, involving with societies and being an esteemed contributor to society.
  • Our principal role is to assure a steady energy supply to basic services such as food distribution, healthcare, and sanitization.
  • Besides keeping our contractors, employees, and customers secure, we safeguard access to significant products and make sure that the community has the means they need during this mess.
  • As the impact of Coronavirus grows, so does the requirement for social assistance.
  • We are particularly attentive to those undergoing hardship during this period and are reacting where we can to the evolving demands of the communities.
  • Along with our partners and staff volunteers, we have made an impact on the millions of lives starting from April 2020 last year, and we believe that still, we have to do a lot.
COVID-19 Relief Work and Recovery Actions

Rendering Free Health Checkups to Helpless Communities

The community health care established by Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation in Bihar is providing health checkups free of cost to all its patients. Lakhs of patients from economically weaker segments have been treated because of our tireless aid during the lockdown period. Throughout these unpredictable times, the medical facility has been much-needed COVID-19 relief work for the villagers to help secure their health & wellness.

COVID-19 Relief Work: Ensuring Security and Wellbeing via Hygiene Kits

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has distributed more than thousands of hygiene kits and assisted in shaping health awareness among small workers, street vendors, and hawkers who are rendering services to the communities during tough and testing COVID time.

Grocery kits and Meal Distribution

From migrant workers to drivers, several communities have lost their root of livelihood due to COVID-19 second wave; Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has distributed more than 2,00,000 grocery kits as well as 9, 54,800 meals via community kitchens to vulnerable inhabitants in order to assist them with essential health and nutrition. In a duration of two months, 27,500+ grocery kits were distributed by Hindrise staff to vulnerable folks/labourers, along with local authorities, in around 47 districts and villages. Our teams beyond cities and towns discussed with local authorities to recognise people who want this help the most. Hindrise’s team also reached out to almost 17,200 truckers and allied transport workers deserted at borders, with relief kits over different cities in India.

COVID-19 Relief Work: Healthcare and Medical Assistance

With healthcare infrastructures exploding at the seams & the accelerating number of Covid-19 positive cases, reaching treatment is increasingly becoming complex. In order to address this, the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation endeavours to render the basic Covid-19 suitable Homecare Kit for COVID patients who have received advice to undergo home quarantine with a prime focus on patients from economically less stable backgrounds.

The method of recognising such patients is being done in association with our on-ground partners as well as volunteers who are actively operating with Govt Hospitals, Healthcare Providers and nominated Covid-19 Helplines.

Hindrise COVID Relief Kit Consists of-

  • Tab Azithromycin 500 (5)/cap Doxy 100 (10)
  • Tab pantoprazole D
  • Tab Cetrizine
  • Tab Ivermectin 12mg
  • Tab. Paracetamol
  • Tab Vitamin C with zinc
  • Pulse Oximeter
  • Betadine gargle 1bottle
  • Thermometer
  • ORS 3 packets
  • Three-layered cloth masks
  • Hand sanitizer

CovidWAR Room: COVID-19 Relief Work is on

  • The goal of CovidWAR Room, a wonderful initiative taken by the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, is to boost the accessibility of Covid-relief work and activities.
  • Also, we are facilitating single window access to a wide range of information.
  • With the help of CovidWAR Room, we make sure that much-needed prescribed medicines will reach up to the Covid patients, and oxygen cylinders and ICU beds will be easily available in Sitamarhi and other places in Bihar.
  • At CovidWAR Room, we are observing the symptoms and going through the past medical history of COVID patients and extend them unconditional support accordingly.
  • We are rendering one-stop solutions for queries associated with COVID-19 via phone call.
  • Our mission is to deliver meaningful information with respect to the effective and dedicated treatment for COVID-19.
  • Also, we impart knowledge about the Do’s as well as Don’ts that one should follow.
  • We are developing a high-level network with clinics, hospitals, as well as ambulance services to push the growth of the healthcare system.
  • Through hospitals assistance, we are endeavouring to help the COVID patients in getting adequate treatment.
  • In order to support the sufferers of COVID-19 and assist them in coping with the COVID-19 crisis, we are dispensing medicines free of cost.
  • In furtherance of our obligations towards the community, we are distributing hand sanitizers along with well-designed face masks to individuals and needy families from backward communities in Sitamarhi, Bihar and different states of India.
  • We are consistently delivering nutritious food for patients staying in quarantine.
  • Additionally, we have mobilized our efforts to dispense PPE Kits.

The Final Words

The COVID-19 relief work performed by Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has pulled many lives out of the well of death. The organization is consistently raising the bar with its strategy towards overcoming the problems caused by the COVID-19 second wave. We are also helping children who belong to the financial poorest families and have lost their parents or breadwinner of the family. At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we believe that we have transformed the lives of COVID sufferers and bring a better morning to the lives of millions of people.