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Supporting Poor Child Education through Mission Digital Literacy

Mission Digital Literacy is a national level movement of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, an NGO for poor child education which is dedicatedly working on rendering facilities such as basic education and healthcare to needy and helpless children residing amid the walls of poverty. At Hindrise, we feel that whether you are addressing poverty, unemployment issue, healthcare, human rights, or population control, there’s no sacred spot to initiate than in the garden of education.

Education is the requirement for one and all to live a better life as it empowers folks to earn their livelihood and the end because it enhances one’s awareness concerning a wide range of subjects – from healthcare to allocate social response to knowing one’s rights and in the process emerge as a more useful and responsible citizen.

Since its initiation, more than 10 lakh less fortunate children have directly received benefits from our educational programmes and drives. No matter where they dwell or who they are, every child deserves access to a meaningful education.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation’s educational initiatives have benefitted children from backward regions of India, and we have also helped many women climb the ladder of success by making them self-reliant. It is an NGO for poor child education that is working persistently to uplift the standard of education in rural areas. We serve those who are staying under reduced circumstances, such as children of the most deprived of the parents, child labour, children struck and affected with HIV/AIDS, street as well as runaway children, children with unusual disabilities, disaster punched children, and children residing in slum areas. Special stress is given to girl education as well as women education so that they and their families may get empowered.



1.      Supporting Poor Child Education through Mission Digital Literacy 

2.      Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is Striving to Bring Transformation by Supporting Poor Child Education

3.      Women Empowerment

4.      How Donating to an NGO can be Helpful in Uplifting Poor Child Education?

5.      Enrolment of Children

6.      Management Committees: Encouraging Poor Child Education

7.      Awareness and Counseling Activity

8.      Skill Development Workshops to Strengthen Poor Child Education

9.      Meaningful Education

10.  Supporting Poor Child Education: Digital Literacy is the Next Big Thing!

11.  The Final Words

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is striving to Bring Transformation by Supporting Poor Child Education

  • Various state-level programmes and policy-influencing choices on a national level have helped us impart poor child education in 400+ villages in different parts of India, including Bihar, Delhi NCR, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, and more.
  • At Hindrise, we address the education crisis by arming children as well as adolescents for life, trade, and active citizenship.
  • The significant goal of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is to induce happiness and pleasure in the lives of folks who belong to an oppressed society.
  • Education is deemed the most beneficial tool to bring reformations and innovation to the community.
  • We are circulating meaningful education among those less privileged children who are deprived of knowledge and basic learning.
  • We render reliable education to them with a hope to uplift their skills.
  • Apart from rendering elementary education to underprivileged kids, we also deliver educational support at a higher level in professional and technical courses.
  • Furthermore, we build, run, and operate schools to spread education in the poverty-stricken region.
  • Hindrise, an NGO for poor child education, is supporting less privileged children for their health, education, Labour, Children Care, as well as Welfare in India.
  • In addition to this, we show active participation in community development agendas.
  • Our volunteers are building several programs such as Income-generation projects advancement and support, Toilets, trash pit and drinking water delivery and installation in local schools, and celebration in schools.
  • We believe that we will surely bring revolution in the lives of the downtrodden section of society with our honest efforts.

Women Empowerment

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is actively working for the empowerment of women living amid the hatred and torture in a male-dominated society. We are endeavouring to eradicate existing social evils against women as well as female children. We feel the need to eliminate heinous crime such as malnutrition, molestation, feticide, infanticide, rape that are imperilling the very existence of female children.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is an NGO that extends to work in the six poorest states of India (Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand & Orissa) to send the most helpless and destitute children back to educational institutions and empower them to win against the poverty-related issues of life.

Like other NGOs, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation works via contributions, and you too can extend your unmatchable support to us and change a child’s life forever. By standing with us to assist in a cause, you will also save tax.

How Donating to an NGO can be Helpful in Uplifting Poor Child Education?

When you donate to an NGO like Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, you help in the upliftment of poor child education in the ways showcased below-

How Donating to an NGO can be Helpful in Uplifting Poor Child Education?

Enrolment of Children

At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we give our best in recognising the most unprotected children in the most distressed states of India.  Children miss out on school because of poverty and inaccessibility to the essentials of life. At Hindrise, our associate members help enrol children in different schools under the RTE (Expanded as Right to Education Act). For children who have left and booted few significant years of schooling, Hindrise equips them with gap classes under our Mission Digital Literacy Program that help them get registered in their age-appropriate category.

Management Committees: Encouraging Poor Child Education

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation builds school management committees covering teachers, students as well as parents to help them take responsibility for children as well as school’s progress. Encouraging poor child education is crucial in modern time.

Awareness & Counseling Activity

Through workshops as well as several activities, awareness is created amongst local communities and parents about the worth of digital education in the modern scenario. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation also manages monthly counseling sessions to inspire parents to send their children, primarily girls, to schools in villages and in semi-urban areas and help them engage in different activities.

Skill-Development Workshops to Strengthen Poor Child Education

Training activities, sports as well as school committees will be helpful in the personality development of the children in personality development. Also, they evolve as a leader through lessons imparted at workshops.  Hindrise conducts various activities in schools that support them discover their rights, develop skills and cultivate the confidence to survive against all the hardships of life.

Meaningful Education

To gain a meaningful education, other key elements play a significant role. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation aids in the proper and timely implementation of Right to Education Acts in different schools across all over the poverty-stricken regions in India, train teachers, establish school infrastructure, present books and other learning stuff to children and schools entangled in the web of problems and issues.

Supporting Poor Child Education: Digital Literacy is the Next Big Thing!

Leaping forward with the flowing desire to accomplish 100% digital literacy in India, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is all set to launch a well-equipped school armed with modern facilities. Our aim is to deliver meaningful computer knowledge to less privileged people from different age groups. Empowering less privileged folks with digital skills and basic and high-level knowledge concerning computer and digital tools has become the dire need of the hour.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is also striving to organize computer literacy awareness workshops in order to build awareness among the folks with respect to the increasing demand for computer education. Thus, it’s crucial to acquire at least fundamental computer knowledge in the current scenario.

The Final Words

Everything is possible to accomplish if we work together in a team. You can join us and be a part of this revolutionary change. Your little contribution can help poverty-stricken families break the glass of poverty. When crores of less privileged children are out-of-school, contributions from kind and generous individuals like you can turn their dream of moving to school for acquiring education a reality. Through our Mission Digital Literacy, you too can help children fabricate a better future for themselves as well as for our nation. Donate to an NGO for poor child education like Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation and be a part of a movement. You can sponsor a child education by joining our mission.