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Donate Dry Ration Kits through Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation

Millions of daily wage earners & migrant workers went through major suffering due to the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the last year, the lockdown due to COVID was the reason behind the movement of migrant workers to their villages and houses as they lost their jobs. In the year 2021, despite the severe challenges induced by the COVID-19 second wave, most of them decided to stay and continue with their jobs. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has taken the noble initiative to donate dry ration kits to lakhs of underprivileged families.



1.      Donate Dry Ration Kits through Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation

2.      Why it’s important to Donate Dry Ration Kits?

3.      Maintaining Social Distancing is Next to Impossible

4.      Donate Dry Ration Kits as Daily Wage Earners are in Deep Water

5.      Free of Cost Meal Program under COVID-19 Relief Campaign

6.      Donate Dry Ration Kits in Bihar and Delhi NCR

7.      The Final Words

Why it’s important to Donate Dry Ration Kits?

Why it’s important to Donate Dry Ration Kits?

The pandemic has degraded the lives of millions of folks all over India. Many people have lost their job, while locks on the gates of schools and colleges have affected the education system of the entire country. Amid all these, the most significant matter of concern is that if migrant workers, labourers, street vendors, hawkers, and other small-scale employees have lost their respective jobs, how will they manage to feed their family members? Why it’s crucial to donate dry ration kits in the current scenario?

Street vendors, migrant workers, and daily wage labourers are mostly dependent on their daily income or low income to feed their family members. As many of them have rolled out to be jobless, the hunger wave with a blend of COVID-19 second wave will bring more destruction to their lives. Thus, it’s important to donate dry ration kits to such people so that they can tackle hunger issues with ease and at least their family members can survive till things become better and they move back to cities. Don’t you think it’s our responsibility to come ahead and donate dry ration kits in this darkest phase? Well, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has taken this responsibility.

Maintaining Social Distancing is Next to Impossible

  • It’s challenging for the migrant labourers and daily wage earners to survive amid the existing COVID-19 pandemic.
  • If they become successful in defeating hunger, they may lose the battle of life due to COVID-19 severe infection.
  • Since their makeshift homes are located not very far from each other, it will be an uphill task to avoid contact with people living in their surroundings.
  • Social distancing is still an alien concept and is next to impossible to follow, especially for those who are living in backward and congested areas.
  • Their living conditions are disgraceful as they are deprived of hygiene as well as sanitation facilities.
  • In such a condition, we must keep questions in front of ourselves about what we can do in order to support the needy and helpless ones during this COVID-19 pandemic.
  • It is not reasonable or attainable for individuals to venture out on their own and disseminate food and ration kits.
  • Apart from the security perspective, there are also various constraints in place that will deter us from venturing out to assist someone who is waiting for someone to come and offer help.  

Donate Dry Ration kits as Daily Wage Earners are in Deep Water 

During the COVID-19 Pandemic first, as well as second waves, many businesses lost their existence and a large number of shops were closed. All these events have increased the suffering of daily wagers and migrant labourers, and they have started facing difficulty in surviving and make ends meet throughout the lockdown. Curbs imposed by most of the states have affected their livelihoods in a severe way. The purpose behind the lockdown was to stop the growth and rapid movement of the fast-spreading viral infection caused by Coronavirus.

Daily wage earners are facing the twin burden of standing firm with hope against the life-threatening COVID-19 as well as arranging food for themselves and their family members on a daily basis. The children of most of these folks were able to get healthy food under the midday meal scheme by the government at their schools in the past course of time. Nevertheless, we must say that this option has become too far from reality for them, with schools being closed for an indefinite time period. The COVID-19 crisis has made hunger a gloomy truth for a major chunk of daily wage earners residing in rural or semi-urban areas[1].

As daily wage earners are not in the condition to manage two-time meal for themselves on a regular basis, it’s the responsibility of every privileged individual and all the NGOs to leap forward and donate dry ration kits to street hawkers, vendors, migrant workers, and entire daily wage earner community so that their survival won’t get affected too much amid the Pandemic.

Free of Cost Meal Program under COVID-19 Relief Campaign

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has given wings to the largest meal programme in Bihar, Delhi NCR, and other parts of India to eradicate hunger and feed the less privileged ones from marginalized communities.

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic wreaks havoc all over India, children from the poorest communities and environment are having a tough time battling against hunger. Most of the daily wage earners, including hawkers, vegetable sellers, and labourers, failed to serve their family members as they have reached the state of unemployment and they don’t have enough savings to spend on a daily meal. Thus, at Hindrise, we felt that it’s our priority to extend free of cost meal to these less privileged people from diverse fields, and that’s how the Free of Cost Meal Program came into existence.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation advocates for several policies for better nutrition as well as feeding for elderly ones, children with disabilities, and poverty-stricken families. It works in alliance with policymakers in order to fabricate guidelines and push for policies to make sure that all children are well-nourished. Free of Cost Meal Program by Hindrise considers nutrition, growth, as well as feeding techniques, which ultimately leads to better health and supreme quality of life for children.  Hindrise volunteers have been actively involved in distributing foodstuff and have been granting supplementary feeding to the vulnerable ones.

Donate Dry Ration Kits in Bihar and Delhi NCR

  • Through our Free of Cost Meal Program, we have been striving to donate dry ration kits to the lakhs of migrant labourers, daily wages labourers, as well as the unfortunate folks living in the slum area & inaccessible backward areas.
  • Dry ration kits provided by Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation encompass rice, spice, flour, lentils, sugar, oil, etc.).
  • In order to ensure the better health of these souls, they will be bestowed with protective hygiene kits, including masks, handkerchiefs, sanitizers, and more.
  • From the above-mentioned ration kits, around three weeks of food will be ensured.
  • Hindrise is maintaining a record of villages and areas where basic COVID-19 relief facilities have been provided.
  • Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has distributed more than 5, 00,000 dry ration kits in different parts of India.
  • Each kit entails 15 days of food supplies.
  • Under the Free of Cost Meal Program, food is also being delivered in the backward regions to the daily wage labourers and the poorest ones sitting at home during the COVID-19 second wave.
  • Recently, the distribution of free meal and dry ration kits took place among thousands of villagers in Olipur as well as in surrounding regions of Runnisaidpur.
  • Apart from Dumra block, supreme quality dry ration kits were also distributed among the needy families and individuals in Pupri, Bokhara block, Nanpur block and Bajpatti block in Sitamarhi district.
  • In Delhi NCR, we have covered the slum areas of Noida, Delhi, Faridabad, and Gurgaon.

The cost of one dry ration kit served by Hindrise is Rs 3300, which includes dal, rice, oil, salt, suji, spice, lentils, onion, potato, turmeric powder, sugar, biscuits, and more. Donate ration kits in Bihar and Delhi NCR, and let’s win the battle against hunger together.

The Final Words

In order to reduce the suffering of underfed and less privileged ones in terms of hunger, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has initiated the Free of Cost Meal Programme. After the lockdown, hunger has become a root cause of suffering in the lives of economically backward individuals and families. People are unable to make the arrangement for rations, and thus, they are putting their families in a grave-like situation. At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we are urging the privileged people to donate dry ration kits through the gateway of Hindrise and be a part of our mission of zero hunger.