Margesh Rai / Nov 12, 2020

Schools in Rural India – Seeking Immediate Attention

Education plays a crucial role in shaping an individual's personality and future. The right to education is the primary right of every citizen of India, irrespective of caste, creed, religion,...

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Margesh Rai / Nov 03, 2020

Rural Poverty in India Has Become the Matter of Concern

Rural poverty in India tends to be increasing with passing time due to specific factors responsible for it. On the one hand, India aims to create a milestone in the...

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Margesh Rai / Oct 31, 2020

Enhancing Sustainable Rural Livelihoods for a Better Tomorrow

The need for constructing sustainable rural livelihoods has heightened due to the return of daily wage Laborers and migrant workers from locked-down cities also bringing unemployment, poverty, and hardship in...

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Margesh Rai / Oct 27, 2020

Feeding Hungry Families to Eradicate Issues Related to Hunger

India is known as the world's largest food producers feeding hungry families. Ironically, the country is also home to the largest number of hungry people going to bed every night...

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Margesh Rai / Oct 05, 2020

Hindrise Foundation, Agriculture NGO in India uplifting the farmers

Hindrise Social welfare foundation is one of the most prestigious Agriculture NGO in India. India being the developing Nation, the majority of the population belongs to the rural area, and...

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admin / Mar 18, 2020

Dreams leave them with peace-less days and restless nights!

This visit to Khora Village, Ghaziabad (Uttar Pradesh), where we had gone as a volunteer of Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation was a completely different experience. In this Outreach which was astonishing as...

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