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What is the Role of NGO in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic?

We just can’t deny the role of NGO in combating COVID-19 pandemic. The calamitous impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the suffering of underprivileged people living in India and worldwide. Loss of human lives at an alarming speed and economic activities has come to a near-standstill due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

In order to restrict the increasing COVID cases and prevent the fatalities from taking place amid the deadly second wave, all the states in India have imposed lockdown, and the result is that many people have become unemployed, migrant workers and labourers have returned to their home town, many less privileged kids have lost their breadwinner, and there are poor street vendors, hawkers, labours, and others from backward communities who are not capable enough to pay their medical bills and manage medicines and medical kit for COVID-19 survival.

The second wave concerning the Covid-19 pandemic is responsible for claiming the lives of millions of loved ones in India, putting uncontrollable pressure on healthcare professionals as well as infrastructure in the Nation. Even though the government, as well as healthcare authorities, are trying their best to bring the situation under control, some individuals, as well as organizations, are moving mountains to help by reducing the struggle that the general public is facing, pulling up resources as well, as ensuring they are delivered to those folks who are in need of them the most.

At Hindrise Foundation, we are extending on-ground support to sufferers of COVID-19 and their families who failed to manage the basic requisites for fighting against COVID-19.

We are arranging all the requisites such as medicines, oximeter, thermometer, hand gloves, sanitizers, face masks, ration kits, PPE Kits, and oxygen cylinder for the less privileged ones.


 Mission O2: Saving Precious Souls

  • As India is battling the resurging of cases pertaining to COVID-19, Hospitals, as well as healthcare providers, are running out of valuable resources in the battle against COVID-19, and the position on the spot is dire.
  • Hospitals instantly need more oxygen cylinders along with concentrators to protect as many lives as possible.
  • Oxygen has become the critical requirement to treat patients hit with COVID, many of whom need hospitalization due to varying oxygen levels.
  • Nonetheless, there is a critical shortage of oxygen availability in most of the hospitals in India.
  • Hindrise Foundation has taken an overnight initiative, Mission 02, to help and support people across the different states of India such as Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and the entire Delhi NCR in getting immediate access to oxygen cylinders & life-saving concentrators in order to protect maximum lives.
  • On 30th May 2021, India registered about 1, 65,553 new cases of the COVID-19 & 3,460 deaths took place due to the infection.
  • Even though the number of fresh cases has witnessed a significant decrease, the increasing death rate is a matter of concern for the government and social welfare organizations actively working to bring things under control.
  • Oxygen concentrators utilize oxygen from the air and transform it into medical-grade oxygen.
  • A patient, after receiving a concentrator, should be on it for 5-7 days.
  • After that, the Concentrator can be passed to & re-used by other patients as well.
  • Oxygen concentrators are small pieces of equipment that are easy to set up.
  • At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we have delivered oxygen cylinders as well as concentrators to thousands of people in Sitamarhi, Bihar and different parts of Delhi NCR.

Role of NGO in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic: Free Medication Program

  • The role of NGO in combating COVID-19 Pandemic is something to look out for.
  • Our Free medication program is a way through which we are aiming to reach COVID sufferers and suspected ones with our strengthened healthcare support system.
  • Through our chain of volunteers, we are fulfilling the medicinal requirements all over India, primarily in Sitamarhi, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi NCR.
  • More than 3, 74, 596 COVID infected folks have received medical kits by us so far.
  • At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we are supporting gaps in healthcare as well as other critical demands. 
  • Under our free medication program, we are providing a COVID care medical kit costing 1800 Rs. Each. 
  • Our COVID care medicalkitentails an oximeter, sanitizer, digital thermometer, face mask, and other necessary medical items.
  • Besides this, we are serving free prescribed medicines based on doctors’ prescription, symptoms, and lab report.
  • Our sure-shot formula against COVID-19 encompasses medicines such as Doxy capsule, Vitamin Tablets, Zinc, Paracetamol, Tablet Azithromycin, Ivermectin, Tablet D3 60K, and Multivitamin Tablets.
  • Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is leaving no stone unturned in supporting the less privileged ones who are suffering amid the existing COVID-19 crisis. 

Free of Cost Meal Programme

  • We are dispensing over 10, 540 free food packets on a daily basis to Covid patients and their family members in the backward communities of Sitamarhi Bihar[1], Delhi NCR and different states of India and helping people out during the pandemic.
  • Furthermore, volunteers associated with us are distributing food grains.
  • As we understand the role of NGO in combating COVID-19 pandemic, we are providing around 2075 free tiffins every day to quarantine home patients.
  • At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we are meeting the rapid Covid lockdown-induced food demands of the abandoned and homeless ones, daily wage labourers, migrant workers as well as other vulnerable populations in different parts of Bihar and Delhi NCR region.
  • Also, we have shared about 10 lakh biscuit packets with the less privileged ones.
  • In the current scenario, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is conducting the largest meal programme to bring a reduction in people’s hunger amid the ongoing lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • So far, we have served the meal as well as food baskets to more than 8, 52,481 homeless as well as needy families in Bihar, Delhi NCR[2] and different parts of India.
  • COVID-relief ration kits encompassing atta, rice, oil, salt, red chilli powder, chana dal, turmeric powder, sugar, & other vital food items are distributed to at-risk communities.
  • In recent time, we have started providing around free homemade tiffins on a regular basis to home quarantine patients at their door.
  • Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation ensures that everybody will get food to eat amid the pandemic, and through this, we will be giving wings to our zero hunger mission in India.

Role of NGO in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic: Mass Sanitization Drive

  • After observing the role of NGO in combating COVID-19 pandemic, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has introduced a mass sanitization drive in order to sanitize and purify slums, public places situated in Sitamarhi along with different parts of Bihar.
  • From police stations to slum areas, religious places, and other offices, the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation volunteers have shown wide participation throughout the mass sanitization drive.
  • All these efforts are being made with the assistance and supervision of pest control experts.
  • Hygiene, as well as social distancing, is the most significant ways to keep oneself safe from COVID-19 infection.
  • Through mass sanitization drive, we can put check on the expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic to a large extent.

Hindrise Foundation is Familiar with Role of NGO in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic and Working Tirelessly

Keeping in mind role of NGO in combating COVID-19 pandemic, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has commenced the COVID-19 relief project 2021 with the hope to make the situation better and bring substantial transformation by investing all the efforts.

Hindrise Foundation is Familiar with Role of NGO in Combating COVID-19 Pandemic and Working Tirelessly

Arrangement of Oxygen concentrators and oxygen cylinders for COVID patients- Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is working in collaboration with around more than 200 COVID care & treatment centers in areas of Bihar, Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, and districts in other states. We are arranging high-flow oxygen concentrator machines as well as oxygen cylinders to empower them to lend support to COVID patients who need supplemental oxygen on an urgent basis for survival. 

Food aid action- In order to assist 1, 00,000 poor as well as vulnerable families affected badly by the COVID, we are ensuring food baskets and nutrition security for the forthcoming period and till the time situation come to a normal state.  

Safeguarding COVID-19 warriors- Hindrise Social Welfare Organization is helping frontline health workers, police personnel, doctors, nurses, sanitation as well as other workers with the distribution of PPE kits to ensure that they can continue performing their duties by enhancing the lives of COVID patients.

Mass awareness campaign- Through mass awareness campaign, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation will be supporting millions of adolescent girls, boys as well as young women in 1,600 villages to raise awareness with respect to how to prevent the rapid spread of Coronavirus, entailing tackling stigma along with various myths surrounding vaccinations.

At Hindrise, we penned down the role of NGO in combating the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore, we are setting up temporary COVID care centers in different areas of Bihar and Delhi NCR where we can ensure care, treatment as well as proper nutrition[3].

To Wrap Up

The volunteers at the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation have felt the need to understand the role of NGO in combating COVID-19 pandemic. In the COVID second wave, our organization has reached out to 24,40,000+ families with dry ration & hygiene kits, meeting the immediate demands of 1 in 12 states, including Delhi NCR, Bihar, Jharkhand, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand encompassing many districts. To ensure that learning activities keep going for girls’ during the Coronavirus crisis, Hindrise Foundation distributed 4,24,578+ education kits. Each of these kits consists of textbooks as well as reference books on the basis of the girls’ grade, notebooks, pencil and pen. To ensure learning doesn’t stop for girls’ throughout the pandemic, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is proactively playing its role.