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Maximizing the Number of Computer Literates is the Need of the Hour

With the advancement in the realm of science and technology, the demand for technological skills has gained pace. In recent time, making people literate is not enough as attaining utmost literacy is about embracing computer literacy. In addition to this, we can say that the rise in the number of computer literates can usher a Nation on the path of accomplishment and prosperity.

Digital literacy is equally important for men as well as women. In India, the need to impart digital education and teach fundamentals and advanced lessons of the computer to women in particular & men, in general, can’t be left unnoticed. In our country, women are exploited at every stage. They have faced humiliation and disrespect since the beginning, and even after receiving education, they encounter the same due to unemployment and lack of skills. Thus, the dire need of the time is to transform women as self-dependent by imparting meaningful computer skills and other training needed to uplift them in diverse fields.

Basically, digital literacy has been referred to as the capacity and potential of individuals as well as communities to comprehend and effectively utilize digital technologies for executing meaningful tasks. Any individual familiar with the process of using computer/ tablet/ laptop/ smartphone/ & using various IT-related books is deemed digitally literate. In the current scenario, upgrading the skills of all age groups is extremely crucial. Rural youth living under difficult circumstances fail to gain easy access to computer classes, and thus, they find themselves back in the race that demands computer literacy a mandatory skill to attain success.

Computer Literacy in Brief 

Computer literacy is concerned with the awareness of the concepts, terms, as well as operations related to the basic use of the computer. Gathering fundamental knowledge concerning the basic applicability of computer helps an individual operate a computer without any dependence on others. In the digital sphere, upgradation in computer literacy and transformation of normal literates into computer literates has become one of the significant needs. There is a need to increase the accessibility regarding computer lessons and basic subjective details in marginalized communities and backward regions of India.

Computer literate is a person who is well versed with the techniques and ways to use a computer and who knows how to use MS Word, MS Excel, and other Microsoft office tools. Transformation of people as computer literates may be advantageous in the future.

Computer and the internet are known for providing new access and a wide range of approaches for rural development and rapid progress. Different sectors such as education, agriculture, health may get benefit from various technologies. There is a significant gap between rural people and technologies. Thus, it’s the right time to provide learning opportunities for rural people so that they can increase their knowledge concerning the latest technological advancements and computer-related skills.

Rural youths are not in a situation to learn and obtain higher education, mainly computer education. By taking the help of computers, the process of teaching & learning can be made interesting. Even if students find some subjects boring, such subjects can be transformed into interesting ones by using presentations, graphics, videos, animations etc. In order to groom the rural students, some expert lectures can be organized. Some entertaining methods can be adopted in rural schools. If students are interested in acquiring knowledge, then they can grab it from different directions with the help of computers and the Internet.


Computer Literacy- The Fourth Basic Need Concerning Making People Computer Literate

  • Maximizing the population of computer literates in our Nation can sort out various existing problems in our country. Food, shelter, and clothing are the three central needs for survival.
  • Throughout human history, the fundamental needs concerning human life have generally been assumed to be simple.
  • Food to eat, clothing to wear, and shelter concerning the stay and protection are three basic needs that everyone craves on this planet.
  • Without sustenance & a proper place to sleep, it is almost impossible to live.
  • In the last few years, Computer literacy has emerged as the fourth basic need.
  • When we look at the broad picture of rural areas, we feel that a major chunk of the population residing in rural areas don’t know about the proper usage of the computer system.
  • The reason why folks residing in backward regions or under reduced circumstances unable to make their mark is due to the scarcity of sufficient digital or computer knowledge.
  • The entire picture of the rural areas or economically backward regions can be revolutionized if we can bring much-needed transformation by managing an ample amount of computer services penetration there.
  • Moreover, it is a major form of discrimination against the underprivileged ones in rural areas as they are not well versed with the functional knowledge related to computer.
  • Most of the services are computer-based today, and you can’t even think of the smooth functioning of your professional life without meaningful computer education.
  • Hence, it is crucial that every male and female, married or unmarried, is conferred with sufficient opportunities to widen the horizon of knowledge with respect to computer operations and take complete benefit of the situation.
  • Creating computer literates is the need of the hour.

The four basic needs in context to the modern scenario are mentioned below- 

Computer Literacy- The Fourth Basic Need Concerning Making People Computer Literate

Computer Education is the Right of Less Privileged Children

Regardless of economic and social status, computer education should be a priority for one and all. Reading, writing & arithmetic have been considered as the primary level skills taught in all the schools for centuries. But in current time, there is a demand for one more essential skill: computer literacy. Unluckily, despite the progress of India in all the realms and technological advancement in the country up to a great level, this computer-based skill remains far away from the reach of millions of impoverished children in India.

Computer education is considered the right of less privileged kids as this skill will set the road for their further movement and growth. From conceptualisation to execution, everything should be done in a well-planned manner. A discouraging ratio of teachers to students, along with a lack of proper infrastructure as well as proper training, has been an impediment to the computer literacy of rural children.

Transforming a Major Chunk of Population as Computer Literates

  • The increasing number of computer literates in India will lead to the all-round development of the nation.
  • When the majority of our people are familiar with computer use and other related things, the better outcomes will be visible in the form of well-equipped resources.
  • Digital literacy sessions, together with life skills training, push the rural youth in villages beyond the boundaries of their comfort zone to reap exposure to concepts above and beyond textbooks as well as theory.
  • With the proper blend of group activities, theory, exercise, practice sessions, videos as well as other interactive discussions, their learning power & thinking abilities are triggered.
  • Such types of interventions are validating that computer literacy is an empowering tool to wage war against low literacy rates.
  • The exposure that young people hold concerning the craft of using computer devices and Internet applications will help them develop their vocabulary as well as their knowledge.
  • Digital literacy is a tool of empowerment for adolescents, youth, women, and adults.
  • It has the right potential to uplift the graph of literacy in rural areas and bestow the young individuals with the functional knowledge concerning computer to be aware and responsible citizens.
  • In the modern setting, the global economy extends a wide array of economic opportunities for rural, less privileged folks living below the breadline all over the globe.
  • With adequate training as well as meaningful education, folks in these communities will start working remotely via online outsourcing.
  • The purpose of Hindrise Foundation Computer Literacy’s Program is to lay a robust foundation of computer literacy in the rural parts, subsequently working our way up to paid online outsource-based jobs.
  • At an initial level, our digital literacy programs organized in our Hindrise School will provide exposure to computers, the internet as well as the advantages that this technology can ensure in the rural communities.
  • After the establishment of a basic to intermediate computer literacy knowledge base, we will commence our rural computer training program for uplifting the skills of rural children, women, and unemployed youth.

Role of Hindrise Foundation in Empowering Less Privileged Ones as Computer Literates in India

At Hindrise Foundation, we are equipping less privileged individuals from all age brackets in backward societies by empowering them with the basic and in-use knowledge of computer operations that will help them survive the digital competition. In brief, we can say that we are aiming to produce computer literates in India. Well-educated women and children can help to form an educated as well as upgraded society, and therefore, they can pay their contribution to the progress of the nation.

We believe that not all women are economically stable to managing their finances for education to thrive in today’s time. NGO Hindrise Foundation is all set to run a computer learning program under Hindrise School to support and encourage those women who have realized their dream of acquiring computer-based knowledge and secure a flourishing career. Hindrise Foundation provides free computer-related training to less privileged ones. These people receive training from experts of the different fields who deliver them practical training in order to let them gain hands-on experience. Expert trainers, as well as volunteers at Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, make sure that the students receive the basic and advanced knowledge of computer.

We are striving to bring digital literacy instructors on board to teach the teachers as well as health professionals with respect to the basics of computers & the internet. At Hindrise Foundation, we are endeavouring to drag down the computer illiteracy rate by dispensing in-depth information concerning the fundamentals of computer as well as advanced computer skills under our brand-new initiative, Hindrise School. The core objective of Hindrise School is to make the underprivileged one a valuable resource for the nation.

Winding Up

By increasing the number of computer literates, we can open the door of ample opportunities for the number of underprivileged ones residing in marginalized societies. Furthermore, it has become an urgent need of the time. At Hindrise Foundation, we are all set to initiate our Hindrise school project and with a passion in heart to bring revolutionary changes in the boundaries of the nation in terms of increasing computer literacy and transforming a significant section of the population into computer literates.