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COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund Management by Hindrise

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is a humanitarian NGO with a big heart that is consistently working to bring a revolutionary change in the NGO space via our selfless and sustained support system to revive the lost dignity of marginalized societies. Hindrise Foundation has developed a universe concerning COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund to uplift the lives of folks and families under reduced circumstances so that they can live a COVID-free life.

COVID-19 has increased the sufferings and has swallowed many lives across the globe. The Indian government is coming up with a wide range of solutions that can take a stand for humanity throughout the challenging period. Lockdowns, as well as social distancing, have been put in place. The Indian government is leaving no stone unturned in spreading awareness and taking required actions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic second wave. It is equally crucial for organizations such as the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation to contribute to winning the battle against COVID-19.

The situation is gloomy in India, with rapidly increasing cases being reported every day. The prosperous sections of society have secluded themselves in their rooms after the government’s lockdown. However, we have conveniently neglected the backbone of the country – the daily wage earners as well as migrant workers. COVID-19 has hit hard their regular income, and the lockdown has reshaped their mobility.



1.      COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund Management by Hindrise

2.      Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is Uplifting the Underserved Ones

3.      COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund To Curb the Spread of COVID-19

4.      Utilization of COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund

5.      Arrangement for Oxygen Cylinders

6.      COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund: Distribution of Food Kits

7.      Face Mask and Sanitizer Distribution

8.      COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund: PPE Kit Distribution

9.      Distribution of Medical and Ration Kits

10.  Bottom Line


Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is Uplifting the Underserved Ones

Around 80% of the workforce in India belongs to the unorganized sector. Even though the country has observed a massive economic jump post-liberalization period, these workers have not attained any coverage by any social security schemes. We can say that it’s one of the greatest economic tragedies in the modern scenario. Their plight brings tears into one’s eyes.

  • The lockdown has paralyzed the transportation base across India.
  • Hiking long distances from their workplace to their indigenous place is not only a vital barrier but also can break down psychologically even the most powerful minds.
  • On the traditional ground, India’s ethos has always been “Atithi Devo Bhava.”
  • In the past course of time, we have greeted outsiders with a clear mind and given them a spot in our hearts, helping and encouraging them to settle down and thrive well.
  • Tragically, now, the sons, as well as daughters of the soil, are helpless, vulnerable, without access to daily meal and life-saving water; they have become outcasts in their country.
  • Their position must melt everyone’s heart; it unquestionably has touched every volunteer associated with the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation.
  • Your contributions to the fund will aid long-term relief for the affected souls. Individuals can also proceed ahead and make non-monetary contributions in the form of milk, bread, wheat, biscuits, rice, hand sanitizers, masks, etc.
  • Civil society must come ahead and raise the daily wage earners as well as migrant workers at this critical period.
  • Hindrise Foundation has successfully delivered more than 18,70,000 meals as well as more than 25 lakh masks as well as sanitizers to the daily wage workers, differently-abled, Senior citizens, and single parents families in order to support them with well-cooked foods and vegetables, daily rations, etc.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund to curb the spread of COVID-19

In recent time, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs of the Government of India has made it very clear that any form of expenditure concerning corporate social responsibility funds for COVID – 19 pandemic is entitled to be deemed as a CSR activity. The factors concerning this decision by the Indian Government consists of the COVID – 19 infection spread across India, the declaration made by the World Health Organization that COVID-19 is a pandemic, and the various steps taken by the Indian government as a response to a notified disaster.

Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has joined hands with companies and organizations to deliver relief as well as rehabilitation to less privileged individuals affected by COVID-19 with their COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund Management. As a Nation, we must be socially responsible while we also build our economy. Through our COVID-19 pandemic relief fund management, we are working on extending full-fledged support to the sufferers and victims of this pandemic.

Utilization of COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund

At Hindrise, our volunteers are utilizing COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund in increasing the supplies

Of oxygen cylinder, distribution of daily meals, face mask and sanitizer distribution, PPE Kit distribution, distribution of COVID-19 medical kits, ration kits, and more.

Utilization of COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund

Arrangement of Oxygen Cylinders

  • Amid the first wave of Covid-19 outbreak the previous year, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has served more than 570 tons of healthy and nutritious well-cooked meals among migrant workers as well as labourers.
  • Besides this, the foundation has taken crucial steps in making arrangement for oxygen cylinders.
  • Now, amid the most severe wave, i.e., the second wave, it is procuring oxygen cylinders on a regular basis for those who are financially and socially not capable enough to manage the big amount.
  • Last year, they would receive around 100-200 calls in a month for oxygen.
  • In the year 2021, they are receiving around 800 calls a day from all over India. 
  • Hindrise Social Welfare foundation has procurement as well as backend teams available round the clock looking for the vendors and factories. 
  • The volunteers at Hindrise insisted on test results of patients in order to deliver the cylinders, but in the current scenario, since even testing is an uphill task, they check the oxygen level of the patients.
  • Even though the volunteers at Hindrise know that most cases are genuine, they want to make sure that the cylinder is reaching those who feel the genuine need.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund: Distribution of Food Kits

  • In the present scenario, the whole country is taking hopeful steps ahead in the second wave of COVID-19.
  • Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is running a “Food for Everyone” drive in order to distribute food kits to needy and less privileged people here whose livelihood has been severely affected as a result of the lockdown.
  • Beneficiaries of the “Food for Everyone” drive are primarily dependent on regular business activities entailing labour work as well as selling vegetables.
  • Through the “Food for Everyone” drive, we are providing food to needy people amid the COVID-19 pandemic meeting their daily stomach need.
  • At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we realized that it’s going to be a hard nut to crack for those who reap their livelihood on a regular basis.
  • After that, we started delivering high-quality food packets for COVID-19 attendants performing their duties in different hospitals.
  • As the lockdown gets extended, the NGO started getting the queries-based call for dry ration, and thus the NGO come up with the ‘Food for Everyone’ drive.
  • The volunteers associated with Hindrise have dispensed food packets in large quantities to the people who are starving at different places all over India.
  • The organization has distributed food packets to millions of families across the geographical boundaries of India and has also been dispensing food packets to those families who belong to a different place.
  • We believe that on the ground of serving lives, location, caste, religion, nothing matters at all.
  • Serving humanity is our priority.
  • Furthermore, we have also distributed food kits to thousands of migrants workers as they don’t have enough money to return to their hometown.
  • Beneficiaries of the “Food for Everyone” drive are thankful to Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation for providing them with food kits on a daily basis.

Face Mask and Sanitizer Distribution

  • So far, the Covid-19 crisis has affected around 180 countries across the globe and is particularly more challenging for India due to its population density as well as stressed public health systems.
  • Our NGO, Hindrise, came forward and is engrossed in distributing Food Packets, Face Mask, Dry Ration, Sanitizers, and Real Juice to migrant workers as well as financially weak families to deal with instability caused by COVID-19.
  • Effectively dealing with this pandemic is possible by maintaining social distance, ensuring quarantining for probable cases, using sanitizers, wearing a face mask as well as following good hygiene.
  • Also, with the distribution of face masks and sanitizers, we have been organizing an awareness programme in order to disseminate awareness about Social Distancing guidelines, using sanitizers as well as wearing a face mask to reduce the COVID infection risk.
  • Through face mask and sanitizer distribution drive, we have dispensed lakhs of face masks as well as sanitizers in Bihar, Delhi NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, and other states.

COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund: PPE Kit Distribution

  • Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is effectively using its COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund.
  • Thus, it has mobilized efforts to fabricate and distribute Personal Protection Equipment Kits(PPE Kits), gloves, as well as other safety materials to Corona Warriors readily serving all day and night without fear.
  • The organization is working continuously hard to mitigate the hardships and sufferings faced by people living under the roof of pain and poverty.
  • We are marching ahead and standing for the people with a different form of disabilities in India by granting PPE kits, grocery, among others, to them throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 
  • Most vulnerable ones in Indian society – people with disabilities (adults or senior citizens or children with disabilities) – have been hit badly in terms of the death toll due to the Coronavirus infection, loss of economic activities, as well as the struggle for survival.
  • Relief efforts are being regularly carried out in Sitamarhi Bihar[1] and other parts of the state without any break.
  • By utilizing COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund, we will be able to accelerate our efforts in the direction of PPE Kit Distribution all over India.

Distribution of Medical & Ration Kits

  • Covid-19 patients, their family members as well as migrant workers are facing various obstacles due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • They render not only wholesome food free of cost but also all the required medical kits to patients staying in home isolation.
  • It rose by furnishing curd mixed with grapes as well as pomegranate seeds to the needy ones in order to boost immunity.
  • Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has rendered food as well as accommodation services to the orphans, aged ones, and migrants during the first phase.
  • This year, during the deadliest second wave, with Covid cases extending more quickly, Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation restarted its noble work.
  • Immunity food that covers banana as well as buttermilk is being contributed to about 1,000 people every day.
  • At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we are providing a medical kit to the Covid-19 positive patients. Most importantly, our volunteers are distributing ration & medical kits to villagers all over India.
  • After the Coronavirus outbreak, we originated our emergency response where we are utilizing COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund for the welfare of folks amid the existing second wave in India.

Bottom Line

With the optimum utilization of the COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Fund, the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is enthusiastically working and fulfilling its responsibility towards the poorest as well as backward communities residing within the geographical boundaries of India. From food distribution to reusable face masks and sanitizer distribution, supplying oxygen cylinder and concentrators, distribution of PPE Kits, distribution of prescribed medicines in rural areas of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR, and other states, we are giving our best. At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we are determined to transform the condition of the entire country in every possible way so that people can live healthy and COVID-free life.