Pritam Bull

Meet Pritam Bull, India’s No.1 Champion Bull worth Rs 1 Crore

Pritam bull is a popular Indian bull from Bhavnagar, Gujarat. He belongs to the family of the established Gir breed bloodline of Bhavnagar. Furthermore, the presence of such a powerful and capable bull depicts the rich cattle heritage of India. Pritam Bull has garnered the attention of folks due to his well-proportioned body and remarkable attributes. Recently, due to the joint efforts of NDRF (National Disaster Response Force) and Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, the bull has successfully survived the severe and massive Yamuna flooding in July 2023.

This magnificent and eye-captivating bull stands as a testament to India’s passionate approach to preserving desi indigenous cattle breeds of the country. Pritam bull is the epitome of breed purity, strength, and courage. The cattle breeding community is fond of this bovine specimen. Currently, he is residing in the lap of Hindrise Gaushala.

Early Life of Pritam Bull

Pritam Bull came into existence on 1 June 2016. His birthplace is notified as Bhavnagar, Gujarat. Born in the reputed family of Bhavnagar Gir breed bloodline, he has been addressed as playful, fun-loving, and courageous since childhood. It is said that his forefathers were loved and taken care of by Lord Shri Krishna. So, we can say there is a connection between the family of Pritam Gir Bull and Bhagwan Shri Krishna.

In the village, Pritam was lost once, and his parents and caretakers were unable to find him despite consistent efforts. However, after a few days, Pritam reached his house without receiving any help. He was trapped in the forest region and unable to find the right path. So, it’s not wrong to say he is a born survivor. Pritam was very close to his father, Baldev and followed his father’s footsteps and contributed a lot to the agriculture field and dairy industry. He is known for his toughness as well as his incredible ability to tolerate heat.

Family & Breed History

Pritam Bull is the son of Baldev and Kapila. His father, Baldev, is a known name in the cattle world of Gujarat. Also, his mother, Kapila, has a massive fan following due to her grace and charming personality. His father and mother belong to the recognized Bhavnagar Gir breed bloodline. Pritam has a brother and sister too.

Despite numerous articles and videos, people are not much aware of the family of this popular bovine specimen. His grandfather, Pradyuman, was admired and appreciated by the people of Bhavnagar for his mating potential. The legacy of the reproductive capacity of Pradyuman is taken forward by Pritam Bull.

Pradyuman bull was the result of natural mating that takes place between his father, Gondaliyo, and his mother, Sagvadi. The power, bravery, and strength present in Pritam are the properties inherited by him from his father and grandfather.

His son's name is Bhagat. Pritam Bull mated with Radha cow and brought Bhagat into this world. He is still in the growth and evolution phase. As an offspring of legendary parents, Pritam Bull inherited the finest qualities present in the Gir breed.

Pritam Bull

Pritam Bull Bloodline: Description

The popular Gir cattle breed, Pritam, is a prominent and renowned breed with loads of potential and excellent reproduction capability. Due to his ability to tolerate heat and survive against all the odds, he has gained a massive fan following. Due to his strong immune system and fighting spirit like a warrior, he is less prone to diseases and health complications stay away from him. He prefers to stay active and never shows a lazy attitude. He is capable of adjusting to changes in the climatic conditions.

It can be utilized in a wide range of soils for carrying heavy loads. Pritam Bull is humble, polite, and cute and tries to maintain a calm approach, but if he loses control, it’s almost next to impossible for people to control him. However, he rarely switches to an aggressive mood. This bovine specimen establishes healthy as well as sound relationships with the visitors or cuddlers, even in the initial meetings. He is sociable in nature, and that’s the main reason why most people like and appreciate him a lot.

Physical Attributes

The weight of Gir cows and bulls may lie somewhere in the range of 400-600 kg and 500-825 kg, respectively. On average, the height of the indigenous Gir bull falls in the range of 1.35-1.55 m. Usually, the Gir cows and bulls are recognized on the basis of their Pure red colour. It can be named as Gir red colour. Gir cows and bulls are observed and seen with red, yellowish red to white patches and large red spots on their body as well. Brown patches are also widespread in some cases.

Their ears are incredibly beautiful, long, in a pendulous form, and look like a leaf-like structure with a proper knot. The udder is round as well as well-developed. Have you noticed the tail of this wonderful creature? It’s long and near about 3/5th of the height of this divine animal in general. They rule the heart of masses due to their peculiarly curved. The spheroidal, domed forehead is a unique attribute.

Pritam Bull is known for his excellent eyesight. It’s firm, flexible, and exhibits a powerful appearance. The loose fold of the skin that actually hangs from the neck is widely known as Dewlap. It is also assumed to be a substantial physical attribute to recognize the Gir breed. Talking about the feet, heels, toes, pasterns, hocks, knees, scrotum, and sheath of Pritam bull, it’s perfect in every way.

Fodder Information: What Pritam Bull Enjoy Munching?

The organic eatables that Pritam Bull enjoys consuming very much are mentioned below-

  • 100% Organic, Natural, and Fresh Green fodder: Senji, Ryegrass, Garlic, Berseem, Jowar (small), Napier Bajra, Guar, Bajra, Maize (small), Sudan grass etc.
  • Grain as well as Other Foodstuffs: Corn husk, Oats, Maize, Gram, Jowar, Bajra, Rice polish, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Peanut skin, Cotton seeds skin, Sesame skin, Linseed skin, Crushed guar seed, Tapioca, Triticale etc.
  • Dry Fodder & Pickle: Berseem hay, Oats hay, Garlic hay, Straw, Maize pickle, Oat pickle, Sugarcane fire etc.
  • Other Significant Eatables: Drops of rice/ wheat/corn, rice polish, bran, soybean/ peanut skin, the skin of cotton seeds/ mustard skin, oil-free polished rice, etc.

India’s Most Expensive Bull, Pritam Bull, Rescued from Flood-hit Area in Noida

The National Disaster Response Force (Popular as NDRF) of India got well-deserved praise and appreciation after sharing images as well as videos of their commendable effort in rescue operations on social media platforms. The combined efforts of NDRF and Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation led to the successful rescue of a large number of precious innocent lives, including a bull named 'Pritam’. The estimated worth of the bovine specimen is Rs 1 Crore ($121,836) because of the reputation and goodwill associated with the Bhavnagar Gir bloodline.

Due to the Yamuna Flooding, near about 550 hectares of land got affected along with the riverbank, and the displacement of thousands of people took place along with a rescue operation conducted that saved the lives of around thousands of animals. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation has deployed 40+ team members to save the cows and received good support from the NDRF team. It is being said that the worth of the bull is more than Audi or BMW. Several parts of Noida are still grappling with waterlogging as well as flood-like circumstances due to heavy rainfall & excessive release of water from the Hathnikund Barrage. Our team is consistently performing the rescue work after saving 200+ desi indigenous cows from the web of the flood.

Founder of Hindrise Gaushala, a unit of Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, Narendra Kumar, told in an interview with Kisan Tak that Nandi Pritam is from a reputed family in Gujarat. This bovine specimen belongs to the family of the famous bull, Gondaliyo. One of the points that make Pritam Bull bloodline special is that out of all the children born from its contact, around 80% are heifers. This ratio is very much less in other bulls. He also added that the Hindrise team is providing free-of-cost services to other Gaupalaks.

What are the Factors that make an Animal Number 1, as per the Animal Experts?

The factors that make an animal number one, as per the animal experts, are mentioned below-

  • Background of the Family
  • Family History
  • The Health of the Mother
  • Weight of the Mother
  • Milking Potential of the Cow at the Time of Giving Birth
  • Health and Weight of the Father
  • Details pertaining to the Breed
  • How many Heifers Came into Existence after Physical Contact with the Father?
  • Diet Chart of the Father
  • If a Calf was born, what was his Weight after 1-2 Years?

Pritam Bull Price

The official Pritam bull price is Rs 1 crore and it has been quoted by different media houses in their articles.

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