Join as a Gaushala

Join as a Gaushala

Our house is the most comfortable place to live in for human beings like us. It’s a place where we can adjust to diverse climatic conditions. We can’t think of a more safe and secure place than our house. Unfortunately, a significant number of Indigenous desi cows in our country are deprived of a place to stay where they can feel comfortable & safe and where cattle mafias and butchers can’t reach easily. Some of them are abandoned after they join the league of non-milking cows, while some of them are dragged into slaughterhouses.

Our Hindrise Gaushala is a National initiative taken to protect mother cows and help them live in a safe and peaceful environment. We are creating an ecosystem to connect all the Gaushalas present in India and help the homeless, abandoned, and stray cows survive against all the hardships and challenges. In our ecosystem, we bring stray cows from the streets, ensure they live in better conditions, and get natural and organic fodder to eat. The Gaushalas working in association with our Hindrise Gaushala are responsible for providing shelter to abandoned street cows in their nearby areas and making arrangements for healthcare facilities and natural feed. As Gaushalas are the only hope left for these cows, we are striving to become the same ray of hope.

How can we help Gaushala Community?

  • Since a significant section of the population in our country is not familiar with the spiritual, religious, and scientific importance of mother cows, our goal is to reach upto such people either physically or via social media platforms and enlighten them with in-depth knowledge about indigenous cow breeds and let them know how their products and byproducts can transform the society and uplift the health and well-being of folks residing in India.
  • We are encouraging all the Gaushalas to become a part of our Indian Cow Breed Improvement Mission, and with their participation, we can boost the milking capacity of our Desi cow breeds and also help the Gaushala community members in seeking the blessings of Lord Krishna.
  • Furthermore, we are all set to help the Gaushala community members sell their dairy products into the market and also assist them in making their Gaushala model sustainable and viable.
  • Gaushalas are the medium through which employment opportunities can be provided for Gausevaks as they can utilize the products made by using cow dung and urine and sell them to make their livelihood. Products such as cow dung cakes, organic Vermicompost, eco-friendly Diyas and Murtis, Dhoop sticks, flower pots, carry bags, biofertilizers, etc., are made by using cow dung. Besides this, products such as floor cleaner, Panchgavya soap, Cow urine shampoo, Cow urine toothpaste, skin cream, eye drop, etc., are made using cow urine.
  • Besides this, we are bridging the gap between Gaushalas and veterinary doctors and ensuring that none of the cows will die due to lack of medical treatment, and timely healthcare assistance will be provided to them. We are increasing our network of Veterinary doctors in different parts of India, eventually benefiting the Gaushala communities all over India.
  • From increasing awareness about the diseases in cattle to throwing light on the preventive measures and treatment options for the same, we are assisting you in every possible manner.
  • For the processing of cow dung and urine, we will provide effective training to Gau-caretakers associated with all the Gaushalas in our network.
  • With the core members of Hindrise Gaushala and our Gau-community people, we are planning to organize workshops, camps, and seminars to provide a platform to dairy farming enthusiasts and help them evolve as Next-gen dairy farmers.
  • We ensure that a significant number of the female population will also become Aatmnirbhar (self-reliant) by learning how to make cow dung-based and cow urine-based products. Proper training will be provided to them. It will be an added advantage for the families involved in the Gaushala community network

Criteria to be a member of Gaushala Community

Given below are the criteria that must be fulfilled in order to join our ecosystem as a Gaushala-

  • The key intent should be the desire to work for the protection of abandoned cows and breed improvement
  • The burning passion in your heart to revive the religious beliefs of Sanatan Dharma associated with Mother Cows
  • Lack of knowledge about diverse ways to make the dairy farming model sustainable and livelihood-driven
  • The urge to rescue cows from the chain of slaughterhouses and cattle mafias
  • The deep desire to support our Bharat Gaurashtra Mission and create a happy and peaceful space for them
  • Maintenance of cleanliness factor and positive & nice gesture towards the visitors visiting the Gaushala and enlightening them with facts about Gaumatas

If you want to join our Hindrise team as a Gaurakshak, reach out to us at- 7303409010

अगर आप अपने ह्रदय में स्वार्थरहित भाव रखके गौमाता के जीवन को बेहतर बनाने और गौसंवर्धन मुहिम को गति प्रदान करने के लिए काम करना चाहते हैं तो हिंदराइज संस्था से जुड़ें और हमारे साथ मिलकर गौवंश की रक्षा करें।