Be a Gaurakshak

Be a Gaurakshak

The word ‘Gaurakshak’ is derived from the combination of two influential words ‘Gau’ and ‘Rakshak.’ The Gau depicts cows, the most respected and worshipped divine creatures in Sanatan Dharma. The ‘Rakshak’ depicts the one who is the protector or the saviour. Combined together, the word Gaurakshak means a person who is selflessly working for the protection of cows. Gauraksha refers to the protection of divine cows.

As per the Vedic scriptures and religious books, people who get the opportunity to become a Gaurakshak are very fortunate. It is assumed that they have received the blessings of Lord Krishna to protect the mother cows. Hindrise Gaushala is an initiative taken by Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation to offer protection to 500+ Indigenous cows that belong to the breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Rathi, and so on.

Besides rescuing cows from the India-Bangladesh border and protecting Gaumatas from slaughter, our Gaurakshaks are leaving no stone unturned in providing a sense of security and relief to the mother cows.

Lord Shri Krishna, the Protector and Guardian of Mother Cows

Lord Shri Krishna was the Brand Ambassador of Gau-culture. The divine relationship and unshakeable bond between Kanha and moo creatures have gained prominence in recent times. As he used to hold the greatest courage in his heart to save mother cows and perform the tasks of Gausevaks and Gaurakshaks, he got the name ‘Gopala.’ As quoted in the Vedic scriptures, once he found some kids throwing pebbles at a group of mother cows and calves. He punished those kids for their notorious behaviour.

The Vedic society focused mainly on desi cows and motivated people to participate in cow protection activities. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna mentioned how the mercantile community (Also known as Vaishyas) used to stick to their natural inclination pertaining to the protection of cows and safeguarded their interests. As he was engrossed in stealing butter from other people’s houses during his childhood days, people started calling him Makhan Chor.

The Supreme Lord Shri Krishna and Lord Balarama helped people understand the importance of mother cows and why protecting and serving them is necessary for mankind.

Meet Shri Narendra Kumar Ji, the Gaurakshak who is planning to open 100+ Gaushalas and Provide a Secure Place for Cows

Shri Narendra Kumar Ji formed a team of the Gaurakshaks who are living with a desire to transform the lives of mother cows and create a safe and secure environment for them. We ensure that cows must feel protected and valued and that happiness should prevail in their lives. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation was commenced to provide food to the poor and needy people battling against hunger and education to the happiness-deprived children, manage healthcare facilities, organize vocational training programs, make strategies pertaining to disaster management control and set relief camps for disaster victims, etc.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hindrise team members established COVID War Room and delivered 3,00,000+ grocery kits, 10 lakh+ food packets, 50,000+ medical kits, and much more in the rural and semi-urban areas of Delhi NCR and Bihar.

After realizing that there is a consistent decrease in the number of desi cows and the deteriorating health conditions of folks, he started Hindrise Gaushala for the welfare of cows and humanity. From starting one Gaushala to running three Gaushalas and marching ahead with his vision to open 100+ Gaushalas all over India, he is emerging as the flag bearer of the cow revolution in India.

“As per the report published by Union Fisheries, Animal Husbandry, and Dairying on the basis of 20th Livestock census during 2018-19, there is a considerable decline in the number of native cattle by 6%. The report suggests that, the registered number of indigenous cattle in the year 2012 was 15.12 Crore. A major downfall in the population took place and the number stood at 14.21 Crore in 2019. The fell in share to 73% from 79% amid the overall population of Indigenous cattle is a sign of worry. In order to increase the population of desi cows and provide them protection, we are developing Gau-ecosystem that includes desi cows and a family of Gaurakshaks and Gausevaks working for making cows’ lives better and creating awareness among people regarding its religious and medicinal benefits. A nation that is involved in slaughtering of cows won’t be able to attain prosperity and growth. A cow must never be beaten or tortured. In the Vedic scriptures, Cow has been given the status of mother. The one who is involved in killing a cow is considered to be guilty of the same sin as the one who is involved in killing a mother. Such people have to suffer for several years in severe hell. They are born as animals in next birth. In the religious books it is mentioned that Gautam Muni accidentally hit the cow with a stick which lead to the death of that cow. As a punishment, he had to do penance for many years in order to get rid of this sin. As a true Sanatani, we should serve mother cows and work for their protection. By protecting Gaumatas, one can directly seek the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna,” Shri Narendra Kumar Ji quoted and signed off.

Criteria to be a Gaurakshak

Given below are the criteria that should be fulfilled in order to become a Gaurakshak-

  • The desire in your heart to protect Mother Cows and create a safe environment for them
  • If you are someone with genuine love and deep concern for cows, you can be a Gaurakshak
  • If you are willing to save cows from cattle mafias and butchers, we wholeheartedly welcome you to our team as a Gaurakshak
  • If you wish to participate in the cattle protection movement and make it a National revolution, you should join our team as a Gaurakshak
  • If you consider cows as the precious assets of the god’s creation and want to preserve them, you should think of joining our team as a Gaurakshak
  • If you strive to liberate cows from the world of pain and spread happiness in their lives, you can be one of our Gaurakshaks

Key Points of Differences between Gaurakshak and Gausevak

No. Point of Difference Gaurakshak Gausevak
1 Definition Gaurakshak refers to an individual working proactively for the protection of cows. Gausevak refers to an individual who is dedicated to serving and tending to mother cows.
2 Focus Gaurakshaks mainly focus on protecting cows by prohibiting illegal cow slaughter and saving cows from cattle mafias. Gausevaks mainly focus on caring for cows and serving them by making arrangements for feeding, cleaning, and medical facilities.
3 Role in Society They are often viewed as cow welfare activists or protectors of the cows. They are usually viewed as servants or caretakers of the cows.
4 Religious Connection They concentrate on the religious significance of the mother cows and their protection. They stick to their religious beliefs and fulfil the needs of mother cows and serve them.
5 Legal Standing They may perform their tasks within legal frameworks or as a component of authorized organizations. They are mostly associated with Gaushalas and religious institutions and perform their tasks as per their religious practices & beliefs.
6 Activities They engage in a diverse range of activities, such as conducting cow rescue operations, joining and leading cow protection movements, and advocating for stricter laws in favour of cows and against slaughtering cows. They engage in a wide range of activities, such as feeding cows, cleaning cow sheds, taking care of the general needs of the cows, and ensuring their well-being.
7 Skillset They may require specific skills pertaining to law enforcement, Gau-activism, or legal advocacy to manage their tasks in an effective way. They may require a set of skills in veterinary care, cow shed management, animal husbandry, and general farm management to perform their tasks.
8 Approach They employ confrontational or direct techniques to protect mother cows, such as intercepting cattle smuggling at the India-Bangladesh Border or restricting the activity of illegal cattle transportation. They employ a nurturing and compassionate approach and meet the daily needs of moo creatures.

If you want to join our Hindrise team as a Gaurakshak, reach out to us at- 7303409010

एक सच्चा गौरक्षक वही है जो गौमाता को अमानवीय हिंसा से बचाने, गायों की रक्षा करने एवं बेसहारा गौवंश को आश्रय प्रदान करने के लिए प्रतिज्ञाबद्ध है।