Let’s Come Together and Address the Challenges Faced by Elderly Ones in Bihar

As the pandemic hit the Nation, people were not only more concerned about their health but also for their well being. Drastic fall in income and increased unemployment forced many individuals to abandon their old parents. Thus, there is a rise in the number of admissions and enquiries at Old Age Homes in Bihar.


Elderly citizens are at high risk for COVID infection, and in many cases, they are facing poverty, ignorance, and isolation. Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation is reaching out to the older adults in rural and urban areas with free meals, masks, sanitizers, free medicines, hospital transportation, and everything else they want during the tough COVID phase.

Shri Narendra Kumar, the founder of the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, said, “Since April 2021, we started receiving calls seeking admission for elderly ones of the family. We even had an enquiry from a 60-year old father who lost both his sons due to a Covid-19 infection. It’s unfortunate that millions of people have lost the breadwinner of the family.’’

Can you think for a moment how an elderly person can survive without his wife, whom he has lost four years back and now has lost his both sons? There are many cases in which parents are being abandoned, and this thing has broken us from within and pushed us to do something for the welfare of elderly people in Bihar.

After observing the condition of elderly ones, Hindrise Founder Narendra Kumar came up with the great idea of building old age homes in Bihar under the mentorship of Swami Paripurna Anand Ji. It should be the duty of every individual to hold the hands of our parents in their old ages.

Your contribution can help an elder survive and bring a ray of positivity and hope throughout this uncertain time.

Objectives of our Elderly Support Campaign

  • To ease the distress of elderly ones during the lockdown
  • Raise funds to provide grocery, food, medicines, and other essentials to the abandoned and needy elder ones
  • To spread awareness on the various forms of abuse elders face in society
  • To extend support to senior citizens by distributing protective hygiene kits including masks and hand wash, free meals, family survival kits, free medicines & healthcare facilities
  • To help the elders deal with the mental health issues
  • To showcase the value of inter-generational bonding and to spread the message that by being together with our family members, we can defeat the Coronavirus

How are we going to utilize the Raised Amount?

  • Basic Ration Kits including Dal, Atta, Sugar, Spices, and other essentials
  • Hygiene Kits including Mask, Handwash, Sanitizer, and more
  • Providing support to Elder-Self-Help-groups who have no source of earning and have lost their savings during the pandemic
  • Free Medicines and Healthcare Support


raised of 3, 60, 00,000 goal


Top Donor

  • Monisha 1,21000
  • Corpbiz 70,000
  • Vikas Khanna 62,300
  • Upendra Mishra 50, 500
  • Sujit Kelkar 38,000
  • Rakshit 26,500
  • Abhishek Shukla 19,000

Donor`s Comment

Rajeev Chauhan 4 Days, Ago

Hindrise Foundation is working towards uplifting those families who have lost their breadwinner amid the COVID-19 pandemic. I am honoured to devote my time and effort to this great cause.

Nakul Das 2 Days, Ago

The greatest gift one can give to fight against Coronavirus is serving the less privileged ones. I am glad that I get the chance to contribute in the noble mission of this organization.

Divya Dhamija 2 Days, Ago

The organization has conquered my heart with the selfless efforts & commitment of the entire Hindrise Foundation team. Thank you for giving us this incredible experience.

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