Hindrise Vriddh Pension Card: An Initiative to Support the Needy Elderly Citizens of Sitamarhi

Hindrise Vriddh Pension Card: An Initiative to Support the Needy Elderly Citizens of Sitamarhi

Senior citizens living in rural parts of Sitamarhi, Bihar are unable to get pension benefits under pension schemes by the government. As they fail to get benefits under the schemes, they fail to meet their healthcare needs and other basic needs necessary such as food, clothes, shelter, etc. for survival.

At the Hindrise Social Welfare Foundation, we are going to issue them a Hindrise Vriddh Pension Card through which we will be providing them financial assistance in the form of pension amount. Hindrise Founder Narendra Kumar is determined to keep supporting the senior citizens of villages in the Sitamarhi District till government looks into the matter. 

We are aiming to uplift the senior citizens who may become the victim of social negligence if left unsupported.

A pension is a form of significant financial aid in which the applicant receives a fixed amount every month. Monetary support is a way through which senior citizens can live their life with an essence of happiness and hope. Hindrise is moving ahead with the mission that nobody in Sitamarhi will sleep empty stomach, especially the senior citizens who deserve love and respect in the family. Under our pension-based initiative, we are going to extend financial support to elderly ones, widowed women and differently-abled citizens. Giving a respectful life to senior citizens is an act of generosity.

Objectives of Issuing Vriddh Pension Card. The main objectives of issuing Vriddh Pension Card are mentioned below-

  • To provide financial assistance to helpless citizens living in villages of Sitamarhi
  • To prevent them from reaching a state where begging is the only option left for survival
  • To make the senior citizens self-reliant so that they don’t have to beg in front of their grandchildren and son
  • To help the elderly ones meet their healthcare, financial and other basic needs 
  • To make them stand firm during a natural disaster

Benefits of the Initiative 

After receiving the pension amount via Hindrise Vriddh Pension Card, senior citizens and the other beneficiaries will become financially strong and self-reliant. For meeting their small daily needs, they don’t have to beg in front of anyone. They will be living their life with the utmost respect in society. Financial problems will not arise as they will have sufficient money to pay for what they want. Their life will become smooth and hurdle-less. 

No battle can be fought alone. Thus, we need your support in meeting the basic financial needs of senior citizens in Sitamarhi. Be a part of our Hindrise Vriddh Pension Card initiative, and let’s serve the poor and needy elderly ones in living a self-sufficient life.

Feed love and respect to the senior citizens and get their blessings.


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Donor`s Comment

Sankalp Gupta 10 Days, Ago

I think it’s a great move by Hindrise. It will be helpful for senior citizens. I’m blessed to contribute to such a wonderful initiative.

Dinesh Pandey 2 Days, Ago

Everyone knows about the pathetic condition related to pension distribution. Kudos to Hindrise Foundation for taking this step and helping elderly people.

Prakash Purohit 2 Days, Ago

Hindrise Foundation always stays ahead when it comes to supporting needy people. People in Bihar are fortunate that Hindrise is bringing change on a daily basis.

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