Feed a Cow Movement: 5000+ Cows Die Every Year due to Scarcity of Food, Seeks Help

Driven by the desire to protect mother cows and establish Gau-culture in our country, we have formed a team of 1000+ gausevaks and a network of 500+ veterinary doctors. We have established two gaushalas in Delhi NCR where we are providing shelter, healthcare facility, and healthy organic fodder to 500+ Desi cows, including cow breeds such as Gir, Sahiwal, Rathi, Tharparkar, etc. Besides this, we are working in coordination with 120+ gaushalas in India. We started rescue cow operations to save cows from slaughterhouses, cruel cattle owners who leave cows to roam on the road once they stop producing milk, and heartless street, stone pelters. Our vision is not just confined to serving cows at our Gaushalas, but we are supporting desi cows all over India.

Hindrise Gaushala is a national initiative to improve the lives of mother cows, protect them, and help them get the love and respect they deserve. Besides the feed a cow movement, we aim to establish 100+ gaushalas to revive the Gau-culture and make this country evolve into a Gaurashtra. Thousands of cows are roaming on the street as they don’t have a roof. Our intent is to provide them roof and a safe environment.

It is reported in Livestock Census 2019 that the number of stray cattle in India is more than 19.34 million. 5000+ cows die every year in India due to scarcity of food and consumption of polythene. Feed a Cow Movement is connecting people all over India to come ahead and make our mission of serving the maximum number of cattle a successful one.

A Look at Our Efforts

  • Rescued & Saved 20,500+ cows from slaughterhouses and owners unwilling to take care of them
  • Delivered over 40 Lakh Kg of Fodder till now
  • Organized Campaigns and awareness camps in 10+ states to make people aware of the religious and scientific importance of cows
  • Medical Aid to 12000+ injured cows in Delhi NCR & other parts of India
  • Established 2 gaushalas and joined hands with 120+ gaushalas of India to support cows

We feel that our mother cows deserve to be respected and worshipped. We are striving to meet the medical, emotional, and other needs of the cows and create a peaceful and blooming environment for their survival. Through Feed a Cow Movement, we are providing a perfect mix of fodder consisting of wheat, green grass, jaggery, organic husk (Bhusa), silage, legumes, etc.

20 Lakh Kg of Fodder is required to fill the stomach of Mother Cows. Join our Feed a Cow Movement, and let’s feed the hungry Cows. Your one-time contribution can transform the lives of innocent, unheard Mother Cows.


raised of 3, 60, 00,000 goal


Top Donor

  • Swarit Advisors 14, 00,000
  • Pulkit Vats 8, 68,000
  • Manohar Sharma 5,00,380
  • Vinod Mittal 2,25,800
  • Rakshit Anand 1,13,750
  • Lakshya Kumar 85, 999
  • Divyansh Singh 65, 000

Donor`s Comment

Pulkit Vats 4 Days, Ago

I have been associated with Hindrise as a donor since COVID Pandemic-1. Feed a Cow Movement is a great move for cows. You guys are doing amazing work. Keep it up.

Vinod Mittal 2 Days, Ago

Thank you Hindrise, for providing me with an opportunity to do something for our Gaumatas. I hope this movement will draw the attention of a good number of people. Jai Gaumata!

Rakshit Anand 2 Days, Ago

Hats off to the devotion and commitment shown by Hindrise team members. It was one of my dreams to do something for mother cows. I’m glad that I got the chance. Thank you Hindrise.

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