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Cow Shed Construction: Help us with the cow shed construction for 500+ Indigenous cows

Millions of cows in our country are wandering on the street due to a lack of shelter and housing facilities. They are deprived of the basic necessities, and that’s the reason we come across the news of the death of stray cows every now and then. Our religious and spiritual beliefs are associated with the mother cows, and thus, protecting and making the cow shed arrangement for them is our prime responsibility. Being an NGO for cow protection, Hindrise Gaushala is determined to construct a cow shelter place for 500+ abandoned desi cows roaming on the road. We won’t let them reach the slaughterhouses and cattle smugglers.

What is a Cow Shed?

A cow shed (Barn or Cattle Shed) is a building or shelter designed to provide protection and a roof to mother cows. It serves as a comfortable and safe space for the divine moo creatures. By living in the premises of a cow shed, they will get a secure place to live, eat, and seek shelter from troublesome climatic conditions such as snow, rain, or extreme heat.

Features of a Cow Shed

The significant features of a cow shed are- Roof and Walls

  • The shed must have a solid roof as well as protective walls to safeguard the cows from wind, rain, as well as other external elements. Some sheds are designed in such a manner that they have open sides for the purpose of ventilation. Besides this, other sides are properly enclosed in order to provide additional protection.

Bedding Area

  • Cows look out for comfortable bedding in order to take proper rest and stay in a relaxed mode. Common bedding materials consist of sawdust, straw, and rubber mats.

Feeding and Watering Areas

  • The shed entails designated spaces for feeding organic green fodder, oats hay, garlic hay, bran, barley, jaggery, and other nutritious feed to mother cows. At cow sheds, cows get access to fresh water.


  • Cow sheds must have a proper drainage system to eliminate waste as well as remove excess water. It’s a way to maintain a clean and hygienic environment for the Gaumatas.


  • In order to ensure fresh and good air quality within the cattle shed and control the buildup of harmful gases & moisture, proper ventilation is required.

Cow Comfort

  • Modern cow sheds are designed in such a manner that cow comfort is not compromised at any point. The cooling system is one of the essential features that mitigate heat stress and ensure comfort for mother cows.

Open Grazing Space

  • Cows need open grazing space so that they can roam freely. The stress-free environment helps the cows yield nutritious and healthiest milk for mankind.

Feed Storage

  • There should be a specific place in the cow shed for feed storage. The feed served to mother cows must be fresh and 100% organic.

In gentle and innocent eyes, compassion thrives, Cow protection, where devotion derives.

Cow Shed Construction: Key Reasons why Cow sheds are Necessary

Cow shed construction is essential for numerous reasons. It primarily revolves around providing a secure and comfortable environment for the cows and encouraging efficient farming practices. Besides this, it is needed for the welfare of the mother cows. Given below are the key reasons why cow sheds are necessary-

Shelter and Protection

Cow sheds are created to offer protection to mother cows from adverse and unexpected weather conditions such as snow, extreme heat, rain, and cold. Cows can rest and get shelter, minimize their stress level, attain a state of happiness, and reduce the risk of health issues.

Improved Nutrition

Farmers can provide a balanced, nutritious, as well as controlled diet for the mother cows in cow sheds. It ensures that the cows get all the significant nutrients for milk production, optimal growth, and they will stay fit and fine.

Disease Prevention

Keeping cows safe away from unsafe and unhygienic places will help us keep diseases at bay. Cow sheds are the way through which the health of the animals can be managed and monitored properly. Thereby, the risk of spreading contagious diseases in the herd can be minimized.

Cow Rescue

After rescuing cows from the slaughterhouses and cattle mafias, we will need space to store mother cows. Even though we have two gaushalas, we feel that’s not sufficient for managing the housing facility of 500+ cows. Thus, we are working on the construction of a cow shed in Gharbara village, Tappal, to help the rescued cows live in a flourishing environment.

Cow Comfort & Well-being

The comfort and well-being of mother cows are taken into consideration while designing and preparing the structure of the cow shed. Space for open roaming, ventilation, and adequate bedding facility contribute to happier and healthier cows.

Proper Breeding and Reproduction Management

Cow sheds support better breeding and reproduction management. Farmers can take care of the cows and facilitate better breeding and reproduction arrangement.

Sustainable Land Use

By housing cows properly in sheds, farmers can focus mainly on managing their livestock in a limited space and utilize the additional areas for agricultural purposes or conservation efforts.

Housing Facility for Injured Cows

Injured cows wandering on the street are unfortunate as there is nobody to take care of them and equip them with healthcare facilities. At Hindrise Gaushala, we are ensuring housing facilities for those injured cows.

Objectives of our Cow Shed Construction

The objectives of our cow shed construction are mentioned below-

  • To provide the housing facility for abandoned, stray, and rescued mother cows
  • To revive the faith among folks regarding beliefs pertaining to the conservation and protection of mother cows in Sanatan Dharma
  • To help mother cows survive during natural calamities and defeat the cruel side of the nature
  • To minimize the risk of disease transmission in mother cows
  • To fulfil our duties and responsibilities toward mother cows and seek blessings of Lord Shri Krishna
  • To give wings to our mission of transforming India into a Gaurashtra and build a sustainable desi cow conservation model that will act as an example for society
  • To connect youth with mother cows by conducting cow cuddling and Gaubath activities within our premises
  • To encourage youth to come ahead and support cow protection initiatives

Let’s come together and create a living paradise for mother cows. With your contribution, we can transform the lives of amazing moo creatures.

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