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Adopt a Cow Program

Adopt a Cow program refers to a program or initiative where individuals or a group of individuals support the well-being and care of a cow, often in a Gaushala or dairy farm, through financial aid and healthcare assistance. The concept of ‘adopt a cow’ is based on the idea of establishing strong rapport between cows and humans while also embracing sustainable as well as ethical practices at the same time.

Without the protection of cows and offering love and care to them, Brahminical culture cannot be maintained. Furthermore, the aim of life cannot be accomplished without Brahminical culture.

If you reside in a place where you cannot look after the well-being of cows personally, you can immerse in cow protection activity by marching ahead with adopting one of our resident cows, calves or bulls. You can donate for one month or year or even for lifetime feeding and care. For one year as well as lifetime adoption, you can perform worship of the adopted cow by taking the help of a Gaushala priest provided by us. In case of lifetime adoption of a mother cow, you can perform the worship every year on the date of your choice. Take a lifetime adoption membership and receive regular updates and photos of your adopted cow.

If you adopt a cow, you will receive photos and updates about the adopted cow being taken care of in your name.

If you are interested in similarly sponsoring one or more cows, please pick the name of the cow, and you can set up an automatic monthly donation option for the mother cow you would like to adopt.

“Cow is known for bringing well-being and purity in the house. She is a source of wealth as well as prosperity.”- Atharva Veda

Concept of ‘Adopt a Cow’

The concept of ‘Adopt a Cow’ is deeply rooted in the practice of serving and protecting the mother cow of your choice. It’s a way to attain the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna, the real Gausevak and Gaurakshak. The welfare of cows and the environment is taken into consideration while embracing the practice of adopting a cow. By adopting a cow, cow lovers are actually providing financial support to cover the costs associated with the nourishment, care, feeding, as well as well-being of mother cows.

“A Guru, a teacher, a father, a mother, a cow, a brahmana and a Yogi should never be killed.”- Manu Samhita


The significant features pertaining to the concept of ‘Adopt a Cow’ are mentioned below-

Financial Aid

Cow adopters contribute a significant amount on a regular basis, which is spent on the welfare and betterment of the mother cows. It may include expenses such as shelter, food, veterinary support, and other requirements of the mother cows.


People who take part in Adopt a Cow Program often get the opportunity to learn about mother cows, traditional and modern farming practices, and related topics. Cow adopters promote awareness about animal welfare and agriculture methods that will eventually transform the lives of mother cows.

Regular Updates and Engagement

Our Adopt a Cow program offers updates to the cow adopters about the health of the adopted mother cow or calf, activities taking place in the premises of Gaushala, and overall condition. It establishes a layer of deep connection between the cow and the adopter.

Ethical and Sustainable Support

Our Adopt a Cow program supports fair and ethical treatment of cows and eco-sustainable farming practices, which will eventually lead to a positive impact on the environment and society.

Benefits of Adopt a Cow Concept in Hinduism

Adopt a Cow program is viewed as a way of showcasing gratitude to these fabulous moo creatures for their extraordinary gifts. It is also believed to bring good luck and divine blessings of Lord Shri Krishna to the cow adopters.

The benefits of Adopt a Cow Concept in Hinduism are mentioned below-


It is deemed as a Meritorious Act in Sanatan Dharma

Adopting a mother cow is believed to place the adopter in the league of folks involved in Good Karma, and cow adopters eventually get a place in heaven after death.

It is Believed to Bring Good Luck and Prosperity

The concept of Adopt a Cow is believed to ward off evil spirits and negative energies. Embracing this concept brings good luck, prosperity, and divine blessings to the life of the cow adopter and his family.

It is a Way to Protect Mother Cows from Negligence and Abuse

Many cows in India are roaming on the street, mistreated, and abused by people. Our Adopt a Cow program ensures safety and protection for the mother cows and gets rid of the web of ignorance and abuse.

It is a Way of Attaining the Blessings of Lord Shri Krishna

Participating in Adopt a Cow program is considered the right and most proven way of attaining the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna. Get rid of the sins of several births by adopting a mother cow.

It is a Way of Expressing Gratitude to Mother Cows for their Gifts

By adopting the moo creatures, you express gratitude to mother cows for the gifts of health and well-being provided by them, such as A2 milk, urine, and cow dung. They provide everything to us in abundance.

It’s a Way to Extend Support to Local Communities

Adopt a Cow culture is a way to extend support to farmers and local communities involved in dairy farming or Gaupalan.

If you plan to adopt a cow, you need to ensure that you have sufficient time and resources to care for the cow properly. Cows must be fed, watered, as well as groomed on a daily basis. They must be vaccinated and dewormed from time to time. Express your love for amazing dairy creatures.

Meet our Cows



Vineeta belongs to the league of the famous Sahiwal Cow Bloodline. Born on August 1, She is one of the most adorable and dearest family members of Hindrise Gaushala. She is known for her endearing personality, friendly nature and ability to express emotions without hesitation. Her kindness and wisdom gain the attention of a significant section of visitors coming to the Gaushala


Rameshwari belongs to the league of the famous Gir Cow Bloodline. Born on July 5, she is one of the prettiest members of Hindrise Gaushala. She is kind, sweet, curious, and amazing at remembering the face of people for a long time. Most of the cows in the Gaushala premises are her close companions. She is very soft-hearted and emotional, and that’s why she always looks out for true companionship.


Monisha is a Tharparkar cow breed known for her gracious look and natural charm. She is one of the best moo creatures in our Hindrise family. When she gazes at the cow cuddlers or visitors, it’s as if she peers into their hearts, offering a glimpse into her kind and tender spirit. Her heart-touching voice resonates with the melodious rhythm of nature. She wins hearts with her innocence.

Maa Durga

Maa Durga belongs to the family of the White Kapila Gir Bloodline. The capability of Maa Durga to develop a special bond with the other Gau-members of the Hindrise family gains attention, and her fantastic chemistry with moo creatures in the Gaushala is a sight to behold. Her divine presence can offer solace and peace to troubled souls. She is recognized for nurturing her calves with unwavering devotion.


Reddy belongs to the tribe of desi Gir cow breed. She loves attention and getting hugs from cow cuddlers, visitors, and caretakers. She is harmonious with all the other cows of the Gaushala. Born on September 10, she is known for her determination and courage, just like her mother. Her horns are like a natural crown, making her look like a dignified, royal queen. She is gentle to those who care for her.


Laccha is a Sahiwal cow. She is adorable and loves to be loved by the folks around her. Observers and visitors find a sense of peace in her close companionship. She possesses the ability to make new friends in a short period. Due to her kind heart and charming appeal, she is mostly in demand for cow cuddling therapy sessions at our Gaushala. She is a living symbol of unmatchable grace.

Amount for Cow Adoption

# Cow Adoption Period Amount
1 Adopt a Cow for 3 Weeks Rs. 1500
2 Adopt a Cow for 1 Month Rs. 2000
3 Adopt a Cow for 3 Months Rs. 6000
4 Adopt a Cow for 1 Year Rs. 22000
5 Adopt a Cow for 3 Year Rs. 66000
6 Adopt a Cow for a Lifetime Rs. 3,99,000

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